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Just the pick me up I needed All the ObamaBiden bromance and mystery that I ve come to expect from this series I m already Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, hoping for a third book Hope Rides Again is the follow up to Hope Never Dies which is a mystery told from the viewpoint of Biden and featuring Obama The first book used romance tropes toighlight a bromance the second book turns that aspect down a bit but is still funny Look it s not Shaffer s fault that Biden is going around telling young girls that their brothers Cult Science Fiction Films have to watch out for them That s Biden being a man ofis generation I m not excusing the ick factor or the sexism in the statement I m just noting that it isn t Shaffer s fault And there is a line in the book that will raise an eyebrow because of the unwanted touching That said it is a fun read There are several laugh out loud places Like about Air Force Two Several no Crime and Punishment he didn t just write that dide places And when I read the author s bio bit to my friend as Sailor Moon Episode Lists he was cutting up chickene laughed so Attentions Throbbing harde almost cut imself So read this away from sharp objects Or at least don t use sharp objects while you reading this Dull knives might be okay though why you would be cooking with a dull knife is your business In this installment which is in a blue book and the first was red so we are missing a white one just saying Biden is catching up with Obama in Chicago to talk to a donor What begins as a uest for a missing phone becomes a mystery involving local Chicago politics but also addressing violence urban issues and societal evils In other words Biden is being schooled to a degree about what it means to be a black man in Chicago Is it a true social commentary No but it is definitely of one that was in the first book There is also a brief riff about the uestion of change and urban "development Steve also returns if you re curious The specter of the Orange Sprayed one is less eavy in "Steve also returns if you re curious The specter of the Orange Sprayed one is less Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 heavy in one which is probably while the book feels lighter If there is a specter it is Oprah who goes to brunch with Michelle whoas a great line directed at Biden Yep Michelle is in it too As the ridiculousness of the 2020 election season kicks into gear it s apparent that we ave not learned from our past mistakes Case in point the Democratic nominees at last count I believe there were 25 a mixed bag of leftists and loonies woefully unaware of their mirror image similarity to the Republican candidates in 2015 Things are shaping up to be of the same ol same ol Democrat styleLeading the pack of liberal as beens never wases and wanna bes is of course the former Vice President Joe Biden who at 76 is strangely enough the current front runner In July 2019 Almost a year and a Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity half before the electionNeedless to say I ve been staying away from most news feeds these days Believe me it pains me as a recovering news and political junkie to remain so uninformed and aloof to this Washington DC dog and pony show but it s for my own good My blood pressure thanks me and my family thanks me too I m less stressed because I frankly don t give a shit about these candidates mainly because it s way too early to give a shit about themWhile Iave nothing against Biden I do The Doughboys hope that Biden ends up dropping out and givingis endorsement to some new blood because "Biden represents the same old Old Guard that a lot of voters fought against in 2016 resulting "represents the same old Old Guard that a lot of voters fought against in 2016 resulting the election of an orange asshole Just say it ain t so Joe Let someone younger smarter and appealing to the millenial voting demographic take on the Drumpfster In the end and deep down Joe you know you don t really 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] have a chan. In the seuel to the New York Times best selling novel Hope Never Dies Obama and Biden reprise their roles as BFFs turned detectives as they chase Obama's stolen cell phone through the streets of Chicago and right into a vast conspiracyFollowing a long but successful book tour Joe Bidenas one stop before Futurity he can returnome Chicago His old pal Barack .
Beyond Integration Shadowland (The Immortals, God Incarnate Leo the Magnificat Two Years Before the Mast We Own the City
CeI could be wrong of course I was wrong "in 2015 along with almost everyone else in the world in thinking that there was no chance in Hell "2015 along with almost everyone else in the world in thinking that there was no chance in Hell a TV game show The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green host with a fake bake and an ungodly golden toupee would ever become president That was fucking weirdWho knows Biden may surprise meIn the meantime I ll stick to fictional representations of Biden The fictional Joe Biden is a lot entertaining anyway especially when partnered withis fictional BFF and bromantic partner in stopping crime Barack ObamaAndrew Shaffer a competent writer with an odd sense of The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice humor published Hope Never Dies in 2017 a murder mystery featuring a bored retired Biden who decides to play detective after an Amtrak engineere once knew dies under mysterious circumstances In that book Practicing History he reunites with Obama and tackles the opioid epidemic as well asis own inner demons mainly pertaining to jealousy of Bradley Cooper who seems to be spending a lot of time with the Obamas lately Hope Rides Again is the latest Obama Biden Mystery book two in a series that could potentially become as popular as the Hardy BoysIn this book Biden is in Chicago visiting is BFF during an economic forum Bored out of is gourd Biden slips away to Some Thing Black help find Obama s Blackberry which was stolen from the green room Bidenas McClellans Other Story his suspicions about who the thief is andis search leads Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? him to the trainyards wheree inadvertently gets involved in an attempted murderBiden with the Leonardo da Vinci help of Obama and Obama s trusted Secret Service agent Steve encounters crooked cops gun runners and Mayor Rahm Emanuel These books are fun than good Shaffer does a decent job of keeping the politics pretty light bute does manage to interject some relevant social commentary Still This Book Is Played For Laughs Nothing Diplomatic Attempt At book is played for laughs nothing Diplomatic attempt at support for Biden or opportunity missed I ll let you decidePersonally I enjoyed it although it probably doesn t change my views about Biden or the current state of the Democratic party Just as much fun as the first book with an uptick in the bro banter much less mopey Biden and a twisty turny mystery for the dynamic Executive Branch duo to sleuth Surprisingly the book grapples with uite a few relevant topics affecting the US today including truth corruption poverty guns and violence And it asks the most pivotal uestion of our time Will Enkätboken he run in 2020But first there s a mystery to solve and Joe Cool won t stop for nobody not evenis best pal Barack Delightfully fun perfect read if you need to escape the current political landscape Another Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy hit out of the ballpark Prior to giving a speech at a conference in Chicago former US President Barack Obama s Blackberry goes missing Determined to find it foris friend former VP Joe Biden takes to the streets of The Windy City to track down the missing phone It s not long before Biden and Obama get than they bargained for and become drawn into a deadly gang warThe second book in Andrew Shaffer s improbable bromantic crime fiction series featuring Obama and Biden as gumshoes is just as good as the first It doesn t urt that once again the mystery is solid and Shaffer isn t relying solely on the gimmicky premise to move copies The two friends wind up chasing down leads and dodging cars on their uest to find out why the intern that nicked Barack s phone is recovering from two This was Barack Obama The man the myth the legendImagine if you will
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duo as as Obama and Biden but with a twist of adventure daring to go where others cannot and fun beyond wordsIt s that ope that love that flavor of uniueness that gra. Bama Health at Every Size has invitedim to meet a wealthy benefactor whose endorsement could turn the tide for Joe if The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy he decides to run for presidentThe two friends barelyave time to catch up before another mystery lands in their laps Obama’s prized Blackberry is stolen When their number one suspect winds up full of lead on the South Side the police are content to wr. .
Vitates one to explore this bromance closely and examine the mystery in their role as amateur detectivesIt all begins around St Patty s Day weekend in which Joe is tired from Polvere alla polvere his campaigns foris presidential run along with Wyoming Triple Heat his non stop book toursWith one last stop beforeeading An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery home tois love Jill Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy he stops in Chicago to meetis BFF ObamaOf course Obama would love to support Joe in ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე his political endeavors by connectingim to up and coming political leaders to turn those votesHowever it s not always easy to simply I, Claudius hook up with a former prez and so it takes some effort on Joe s part to get arranged especially a Rounding up from 35 starsHaa a If you find the idea of a mystery series starring Barack Obama and Joe Biden kind of sweet and funny this book is for you Basically if you loved all the ObamaBiden bromance memes this is like reading those in long form As a seuel Hope Rides Again lacks the benefit of being new and startlingly charming Here we already know the concept so it s not uite as fresh The mystery part of the book while fun is really just window dressing for the main point which is seeing the former POTUS and Veep living out their retirement by becoming accidental crime fighters It s a little arder to read the 2nd book as pure entertainment given the timing and the fact that Biden is now in the presidential race it makes Chicken Soup for the Soul his gaffes and Biden isms just a wee bit less funny knowing thate s a serious candidate and not as presented in the books merely a retired politician who doesn t Misbehaving have the self awareness to realizeow uncool Blooming Red he is especially in comparison tois buddy BarackStill it s a "Fun Read And Worth Checking Out If "read and worth checking out if enjoyed the first bookThank you uirk for the review copy I am loving these stories and will read each one as they come out You know the real Joe Biden and Barack Obama are safe in their real lives There book characters are racing all over Chicago trying to solve a mysteryJoe does most of the foot work to keep Barack safe who is often waiting in the car or in the shadows to stop Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, him from being recognised Michelle also makes an appearance in this story a couple of timesSteve in Barack s security guard and Joe is often givingim a rough time which is mean and funnyI just find these stories fun and Joe is funny because Forensic Science he talks to much at times and isn t afraid to putimself into danger to solve the case There was not a single chapter where I did not laugh out loud at least once Delightfully campy and a much needed joyride Almost like a Ferris Bueller s Day Off for Barry and Joe But that being said there were also some truth bombs scattered throughout the storyline Truth The Penguin History of Early India had somehow become subjective Whoad seen that coming The country was crumbling in slow motion being dismantled and sold off under our noses in real time Chicago is very much is a real character with revealing its many tragic realities to those that may be unfamiliar with them While Exploring with Frémont having such tough issues as systemic poverty racism and corruption being a plot point in aumorous tale it
*never felt that *
felt that city and its people were being mocked Being from the area I found this second installment even engaging than the first Only one minor irritation United doesn t fly out of Midway Frontier Porter Delta and Southwest are the big ones So Biden couldn t Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out have been dropped off at the United gate to slog over to Delta Thanks to Netgalley and uirk Books for the ARC The seuel to Hope Never Dies Booksellers librarians and bloggers can reuest review copies on either NetGalley or Edelweiss It goes on sale July 9 2019. Ite it off as just another gangland shooting But Joe and Obama smell a ratSet against the backdrop of a raucous city on St Patrick’s Day Joe and Obama race to find the shooter only to uncover a vast conspiracy that goes deeper than the waters of Lake Michigan which is exactly where they’ll spend the rest of their retirement if they’re not careful.

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