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I turned around and pulled it back off the shelf because I knew I had to have my own copy Because I had to share it with other people so I could watch them enjoy the genius that is MoI took it home and handed it could watch them enjoy the genius that is MoI took it home and handed it my sixteen year old daughter She laughed out loud At least three times Then she posted the line I typed above as her latest Facebook status Proof positive that Mo knows how to appeal to all ages The words are funny ie the titles of the books Amanda checks *Out From The Library *from the library pictures are funny ie pouncing alligator wearing his Old Thinking Cap annoyed alligator staring down new panda with one word Whatever I should ve ordered three library bound copies of this one because kids will never let it sit on the shelf I can hardly wait to share it with kids and to see what s next for Amanda and her alligator Long Live Mo Hooray for Amanda Her Alligator by Mo Willems has 6 stories about 2 friends Amanda her stuffed Alligator There is a definite Calvin and Hobbes vibe here as you follow the tender story of two friends as a third character enters the mix It s in a picture book format but nearly a beginning reader tooThere is waiting impatience suprises tickles thinking caps boredom head chewing silly songs dressing up discoveries friendship and new friends in this very funny book The dialog is clever there is repetition and some very funny action and words The titles of Amanda s library books are hysterical Climbing Things For Fun and Profit and You Can Make it Yourself Jet Packs are my favorites Books beat boredom is a phrase to carve above libraries and schools across the landThe illustrations are very expressive Text and illustrations are surrounded by white space to focus the reader s or listener s attention Among my favorite illustrations are Alligator scaring his reflection Alligator chewing on Amanda s head and the three pages of Alligator and Panda singing dressing up and discovering The endpapers that show the characters dancing are excellentThis should be a great read aloud although one on one reading will be fun too Transitional readers will enjoy the antics Getting a copy of this autographed at BEA really made my dayFor ages 3 to 8 read aloud transitional readers separation anxiety humor friendship ealousy themes and fans of Mo Willems 4 starsI was tempted to put this book on my books about books shelf but even though Amanda is almost constantly reading all sorts of books they re not the core of this book not really though I particularly enjoyed those parts of the storyThis is a sweet and funny story a 69 page picture book containing 6 chapters each chapter with the words surprising or surprise in their titleWhat was delightfully amusing for me now would have had me laughing in stitches as a young kid throughout much of the bookI love how this story speaks *So Honestly To How Children View Their Stuffed Animals Regarding * honestly to how children view their stuffed animals regarding to them directly and imagining their lives when on their ownThe pictures are wonderful particularly those illustrations of the alligator and its expressiveness also that of another character PricelessThis is a terrific friendship story I found it thanks to the Children s Books group Well what do you know books do beat boredom YES Not one of my favorites by Mo Willems The other books that he has written Knuffle Bunny The Pigeon were much captivating It s ust exceedingly ok. Ight be unexpected indeedBeloved author illustrator Mo Willems has created a funny and tender portrait of friendship that readers of any age will love.

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Munching, Crunching, Sniffing, and Snooping
Hooray for Amanda Her Alligator45 stars After reading so many of Mo Willems fantastic books like Knuffle Bunny A Cautionary Tale and Don t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus I was lucky to stumble upon this book called Hooray for Amanda and her Alligator and I must admit that this book is probably one of Mo Willems cutest books ever writtenAmanda and Alligator who happens to be a stuffed toy are best friends and they love to surprise each other Whether Amanda surprises Alligator or Alligator surprises Amanda back they are inseparable But one day Amanda brings home a surprise that Alligator does not seem to like Will Alligator love this new surprise There are a total of six and a half stories that details the adventures of Amanda and her AlligatorSO CUTE Those are the two words that would most likely describe this book Mo Willems has done it again in writing books for children and making them so intriguing and creative all at the same time I loved the way that Mo Willems portrayed the friendship between Amanda and her Alligator as they truly care for each other and I love the little banters between them like this memorable exchange I have a surprise for you said Alligator Would you like it He giggled some Is it you yelling BOO asked Amanda Uh said Alligator not any I really loved the personalities of both Amanda and Alligator as they are both snarky but in a good way I loved the fact that Amanda enjoys reading books and in each chapter she is always seen reading something different whenever Alligator tries to surprise herI also loved Mo Willems artwork as the artwork is simplistic yet cute at the same time I loved the images of Alligator himself as he is shown to be bubbly shaped and has a blue color which really makes him stand out in the story I also loved the appearance of Amanda herself as she is shown as a small girl with short black hair a pink t shirt and green pants and I loved her facial expressions whenever she is mad or happyThe reason why I took off half a star for this book is because I felt that the book lacked the witty banters that Mo Willems normally put into his children s books even though there were a few here and there I do think that many children will This Book But *this book but child who the usual snarky comments made by the characters in most of Mo Willems books might be a bit disappointed to not find much in this
bookoverall hooray for 
Hooray for and her Alligator is a truly cute book from the creative mind of Mo Willems and children who loves reading about fantastic friendships and cute little alligators would definitely enjoy this book I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since it is appropriate enough for small childrenReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog I like to thank my Goodreads buddy Kathryn for recommending me this title Popular children s author and illustrator Mo Willems a three time Caldecott Honoree presents 6 stories in this engaging picture book which follows the ups and downs in the relationship between a young girl named Amanda and Alligator her stuffed eusuchian friend Whether Amanda is bringing home a surprise for Alligator or Alligator is plotting to return the favor these two boon companions know how to have fun When a third party in the form of a fluffy stuffed panda won by Amanda s Grandpa at the zoo enters the mix it seems that there might be trouble ahead until the two animals discove. 6½ stories about 2 surprising friendsHaving a stuffed alligator for a best friend can be surprisingSometimes Amanda surprises her alligator with book. R that they have than ust Amanda in commonA cross between a chapter book and a picture book or precisely a longer picture book with chapters Hooray for Amanda Her Alligator is yet proof that this authorartist really knows how to *enter into the pre school mindset I loved *that amanda and alligator have a relationship that * Amanda and Alligator have a relationship that *into the pre school mindset I loved that Amanda and Alligator have a relationship that is loving and taunting go get your thinking cap and try again Alligator as that felt very true to life to me and also elicited a good chuckle The artwork is pure Mo Willems which is to say not my personal favorite from an aesthetic perspective but perfectly suited to the story and story audience at hand Any child with a special toy or doll will appreciate this story especially if they ve ever wondered what that companion got up to when they weren t around Hooray for Amanda her alligator by Mo Willems 2011genre fictionformat picture booksplot summary Amanda and her alligator have lots of fun playing together and surprising each other but when Amanda s grandfather buys her a panda Alligator must learn to make new friendsred flags noneselection source school library Maryland in Black and White journalrecommended ages 4 8 I love Mo Willems and I think Amanda and her Alligator are among my favorites of his creations I don t want to spoil any of the surprises in this book after all wee chapters are A Surprising Surprise An Un Surprising Surprise Chapter 2 12 is An Extra Surprise and oh how I loved it A Surprising Tickle A Surprising Value A Surprising Solution and A Surprising Discovery but as ever I am at once found myself deeply touched and yet chuckling as I read this sweet surprising story The alligator isust so darling the expressions are a hoot and yet so easy to relate to and I love Amanda s wisdom and the great titles of the books she reads The story is a wonderful one reassuring and affirming of the value of friendship and understanding Highly recommended We Teaching Machines just love Mo Willems s books and so when we saw that he had a new book out at our local library weust had to get it This is a terrific story broken up into 6 12 short stories and it seems perfect for the ust out of school what should we do crowd The fact that Amanda reads a lot and gets lots of books from the Amanda reads a lot and gets lots of books from the on a wide range of topics too is wonderful And I also love her imagination and the way she cares for her friends We see the characters experience boredom ealousy the agony of waiting surprises and tickles and children will easily empathize with them We really enjoyed reading this book together and we are anxiously awaiting his next book Elephant Piggie are the Lucy Ethel of beginning readers Cat the Cat has pre readers covered and now Amanda and Alligator slide next to the newly completed Trixie and Knuffle Bunny trilogy on the shelf as Mo s best new read aloud There is no way I can not love a book with a line like this Amanda was reading her library book You Can Make It Yourself Jet Packs when she noticed her alligator chewing on her head Perfect And there is no way a kid can not keep turning pages in a book that contains a line like that I have said it before and apparently I will keep saying it Mo Willems is a children s literature genius I read this book to myself in the bookstore and laughed out loud At least three times I put it back on the shelf because I knew I already had one copy on order for the school and turned to leave Then. S Sometimes Alligator surprises Amanda by eating themBut what happens when Amanda brings home a special and not entirely welcome surprise The result

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