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The Unseen Wonder eAwls at themARE YOU ALL RIGHTThey re in no position to be able to say No actually I have a fish leg right through me and I am dying in agony that s why I am twitching uncontrollably or No actually I died some time ago One thing I liked is the soundffects the one above is used throughout GASHUNK GASHUNKSo things go from bad to worse and soon the guy s girlfriend has contracted a germ from the walking fish and this affects her really badly STAGE ONESTAGE TWOWhat With The Dreadful Death the dreadful death the walking fish and the perpetual GASHUNK GASHUNK I guess our guy can be forgiven for shouting ARE YOU ALL RIGHTto his girlfriend But seriously You can see she s not all right I mean anyone can see that Wow So the thing about a nightmare is that it lasts a few minutes you maybe wake up have a glass of water and go back to bed With Ito his nightmares last a really really long time and you just can t get out of them And yes you are IN his nightmare 400 pages of nightmare I have read Uzumaki and Museum of Terror and Ito s cute Cat Diary memoir but that you have to set aside for minute since it has little to do what the scary stuff and now this thanks to Eisnein and Stewart Tame and maybe a couple others I am forgetting at the moment forgive me but I am little creeped a couple others I am forgetting at the moment forgive me but I am little creeped at the moment What is Ito s manga mo I think it s about obsession repetition intensification to the point of spiraling out of control He has an image in his little Nightmare Fantasy Head Starts Small fantasy head starts small then lets it build until you are afraid And you probably will be Or at the v the story itself was plotted haphazardly and over the top but ito s art style was amazing and there was def some pretty gnarly body horror the only thing we have to fear is fear itself Franklin D RooseveltWe have nothing to fear but fear itself and deep sea denizens that sprout legs and come ashore in a frenzied feeding rampage MeIt s both B movie madness and an ichthyologist s wet dream when walking fish roam the streets looking for hapless humans And no they re not into catch and releaseCandygramThis is probably the most disgusting graphic novel I ve The Management Bible ever read It was gross repulsive and I tore through over 350 pages in no time Land sharks Aren t they the worst A uniuely weird grotesue story that creates tension and atmosphere like no other artist out therehighly recommended This is great I should ve read it before Uzumaki because it s not as good but it s still better than the majority of western comics with regards to art consistency and originalit. Iest masterpiece of horror mangaver from the creator of Uzumaki Junji Ito Hold your breath until all is reveale.

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Japanese scientists in WW2 plugged up some animals mouths and anuses and attached them to mechanical legs which operated on the creatures built up gases Years later fish have become fused with this tech and have invaded the mainland Yes That is actually The Actual Story Of This Actual Book SO Many Uestions actual story of this actual book SO many uestions did tech from WW2 survive in working order at the bottom of the sea for so long Who fused them to fish There may be some vague spoilage but it s still perfectly Zu schnell edible Edifying WhateverUndoubtedly the smelliest comicver published specially for any readers with a touch of synaesthesia But don t let that scare you off Light some scented candles or smoke some pot you ll be fine So a young couple are attacked by a dead fish skittering around on an automated spider like prosthesis The stench is almost as horrifying as the sight of it symptomatic OF A DEADLY AND HIGHLY COMMUNICABLE VIRUS EVEN WORSE a deadly and highly communicable virus Even worse s not a freak occurrence well it IS a truly freakish occurrence but it s not isolated More of the plague fish are crawling from the ocean verything from Halibut to Manta Rays from Suids to Great White Sharks moving with a frightening speed rotting and bloated and spreading the intolerable death stench with them inland The virus soon becomes an pidemic moving from the fish to humans with great fficiency and so do the mysterious apparently self replicating machines There s plenty of wutdafu weirdness here because Ito s a black belt in wutdafu Uzumaki fans will recognize immediately wutdafu I m babbling about and probably won t find it surprising that the profound oddness goes far beyond the zombie fish robots As grotesue as it can be Ito never tests his reader s patience maintaining a ballistic pace that partly xplains the universal popularity of such defiantly unconventional subject matter Ito s got some serious narrative talents and his story telling is always remarkably accessible ven though it s coming at you from some very odd angles I won t risk busting my taped together brain trying to Invisible (The Curse of Avalon explain and ruin it for newbsven though ruination is a hobby of mine Junji Ito s greatest work thus far is usually considered Uzumaki and I won t disagree with that assessment But I ve got a soft spot for this wondrous little scribbled scrapbook of craziness Ito has a habit of jamming his narrative steering wheel into the most misshapen strangely constructed stories you re likely to find and somehow coaxing an amazingly fast and smooth ride out of them His razor sharp line work a stylistic. Something is rotten in OkinawaThe floating smell of death hangs over the island What is it A strange legged fish. Confection in which the main ingredient is indubitably Katsuhiro Otomo spiced gently poisoned by horror maestros Kazuo The Drifting Classroom Umezu Hideshi Hellbaby Hino Suehiro Ultra Gash Inferno Maruo makes all the rotting and bloating and stinking so much worse by which I mean better That hellish death stench somehow defies the single sense limitations of the comics medium to survive transcend translations This two volume work wraps up with a surprisingly brisk 500 page count so Yummy Supper even if manga has scared you off in the past with its brevity spurning tendenciesven the flimsiest of stories make themselves comfortable by decompressing across 20 fucking volumes gorging on precious shelf space for horror fans GYO is thoroughly recommended Sushi fans not so much More Art book Reviews More Comic book Reviews More Novel Reviews MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAJunji Ito is a MASTER of B level gross out horror Of course this is manga and xtremely simple in characterization but that DOES NOT MATTER AT ALLWE GO FROM A FISH WITH LEGS AT ALLWe go from a fish with legs a horrible stink freaking out a young couple all the way to THE END OF THE WORLDYep Two volumes Gross out horror Over the top FREAKISHLY delightfulYou remember those classic B Movie horrors from the fifties Do you wish you could forget them Or how about if you could ki This was the first book I ve read by Junji Ito and all I can say is his mIND Blame my daughter now back from university with her degree and her mountain of manga I idly picked up this volume and rapidly found my brain to be dislocated from normal thought processes you may know but I didn t that you have to read manga back
To Front But Than That 
front but than that to left which means that if there are two speech bubbles in a panel you read the one on the right first it takes a while to get fluent with that whilst at the same time having to cope with a dreadful smell of rotting corpses caused by a gas xuded by millions of fish that have started walking yes that s right on little mechanical legs out of the oceans around Japan on some undetermined mission that they are not in a position to be able to communicate as they are all dead Deep Listening even though they are walking walking walking Soon it s not just little fishies it s sharksI like that he says Don t worry it ll go away That sxactly what I would say to my girlfriend if I saw a shark walking past the windowThat reminds me this same guy has a poor sense of urgency He freuently comes across people who ve been impaled by fish legs and who are convulsing or actually dead and he Appears on the scene So begins Tadashi and Kaori's spiral into the horror and stench of the sea Here is the creep. ギョ Gyo

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