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Full of observances about the human condition It S Really GoodIf I Had Read s really goodIf I had read as a younger man it might have profoundly altered my life s course I read this book because I recently moved to the Czech Republic and was looking to find some new authors The blurb on the back caught my attention because it reminded of themes I came across in other books written by Central European authors such as Kafka Kundera and Hesse There is a fine line between reality and dreams male and female caution and insanityThe author tries to capture all of these dichotomies in an action novel but in doing so just forces the issue and ends p having to tell you explicitly WHAT IS WHAT RATHER THAN LETTING THE READER SUIRM is what rather than letting the reader suirm the The Beast on the Brink unknowing It s a very fast and entertaining read and was probably radical at it s time but in comparison to other authors who have tackled similar themes Klimsa is much less elegant SiderSander its a three letter difference it meansit meanslittle Why can t modern novels be passionatelynhinged like GLORIOUS NEMESIS by Ladislav Kl ma I m sure they re still being written but few of those are championed and most of what is held p as the highest expression of the form are dull and lifeless Not this crazy piece of philosophical madness which seeks rapture and pushes existence to the very edge before taking a great leap into the abyss I want nothing less in my literature Mysterious and philosophical potentially creepy and at times creaky in its execution Klima s short novel is worth reading for its fervid style and the way he keeps catching the reader outUPDATE Some time ago The Review worth reading for its fervid style and the way he keeps catching the reader outUPDATE Some time ago The Review Contemporary Fiction removed its archive of reviews Here s what I wrote there about this novel in the Summer 2102 Vol XXXII No 2 issue reprinted by permissionLadi. S the metaphysics of love and death crime and reincarnation Sider a man of twenty eight is confronted in the Tyrol by a giant mountain named Stag's Head and an ancient hovel standing nder a high black cliff Out one day on a hike he encounters two women who will mark his fate the elder Errata dressed in red and the younger Orea dressed in blue the two colors of the Virgin Mary From this point on Sider is on a est for the All the Absolute. ,

Love death blood horror mountains madness collective consciousness stirb nd werde Deoessence the absolute not just Redbull gives you wings collective consciousness stirb nd werde Deoessence the absolute not just Redbull gives you wings European early 20th century thinking man s ghost story with philosophical overtones and a storyline that turns the screw like the Golem with a bit of Frankenstein and Dracula mixed in This Starts Of As A Ghost Story But Soon Enough You of as a ghost story but soon enough you it is so much Very weird and yet fascinatingly intriguing it subtly deals with some metaphysical concepts like reincarnation karma moksha etc that are all too common in India And Yet To Think These yet to think these coming from a Czech author who wrote this book in the early 1900sWill definitely recommend it It s short crisp fast paced and very lucid Kudos to the publisher for nearthing this rare gem for English language readers Dear gods this looks absolutely amazing Somewhere between Nietzsche and a blind narcotic fairytale is Ladislav Klima writing hard prose that is deeply colored by a sense of the mystical interconnectedness of humanity and the environment but The Forked Tongue Revisited urging you to you know just fuck it and jump off the cliff anyhow if only in order to control your destiny and be like God Suicide horror and madness are constant preoccupations in his work But so is a kind of mystic s sense of the beauty in the randomotidian and the grotesue Fun read Mystical love horror to die for Read it and weep ntil the tears laugh at you Kl ma wrote to expound on his philosophy according to the afterword About The Author A radical subjective idealist he developed metaphysical systems of egosolism and deoessence which according to the afterword is the condition of the subject fully nderstanding his substance and becoming the creator of his own divinityThe story is surreal compelling and. I feel myself to be walking in the footsteps of what Ladislav Klíma wrote and stood for Bohumil HrabalKlima's intense inner life and complex mental state are reflected in his peculiar writings The eccentricity of style and occasional violence found in his prose were intended to convey the deep conflicts attending his thought processes and this is perhaps best exemplified in the novella Glorious Nemesis a balladic ghost story that explore.
Black Bottom Stomp The Ancient Central Andes Geographies, Mobilities, and Rhythms over the Life-Course Lover Extraordinaire (Extraordinaire,
Slav Kl ma Glorious Nemesis Trans Marek Tomin Twisted Spoon 2011 123 Pp Cloth 1450 Only those who have experienced neither dreaming nor waking distinguish between the two and dreaming is the same as vision and as death says a character in Ladislav Kl ma s Glorious Nemesis a fast paced novella full of creepiness and mystery that aims to disrupt every firm distinction we make between not only the real and the imaginary but also curiosity and obsession innocence and guilt mental health and an nbalanced mind A writer of philosophy as well as fiction Kl ma 1878 1928 finished revising this book in 1926 and Twisted Spoon has brought out its first English Translation The Main Character Sider The main character Sider man of some wealth and no family is very soon in an impossible situation and we are given a hint that nothing is going to go smoothly for him from the first paragraph it was just this lack of clarity that made certain sensations so immensely exhilarating The torturous path he takes over several years while trying to establish what are facts and what are myths and rumors leads him to what some readers might call destiny and others Romanticism in its most pungent state What starts in a haze builds to a dissolution of the concrete world and at the conclusion of Glorious Nemesis we a dissolution of the concrete world and at the conclusion of Glorious Nemesis we the porous border that barely separates the past and its crimes and the present where penance is possible The action leads into metaphysics and estions about eternity and the afterlife This book s ideas might seem terribly out of fashion now nless M Night Shyamalan adapted it and At Times The Plot times the plot but estions of harmful actions and their repercussions are never dated and the febrile mind pushing things along assures that this remains a literary work that is also a page turner. And to achieve eternity by atoning for the misdeeds of a past life Willing to risk his entire fortune and sanity he succumbs to his dreams and hallucinations as Orea or her doppelgänger becomes for him the apotheosis of the Feminine a representation of the goddess Nemesis who initiates him into the mysteries of life and death through her attribute of divine retribution Published posthumously in 1932 this is the first English translation. ,

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