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Still am all for Heath I did love Zach and part of me still does But Heath to me is the one who truly loves Rayla and is the only one who seems to not really care about the power she will bringI don t want to say too much I will share a few good teasers for you uadruple crap Why couldn t I control myself Why did he have this ffect on me Are you compelling me right now To my surprise his smile held an Shadow Scale (Seraphina, edge of sadness That would give you a much neededxcuse but I am afraid I am not Curse my body for reacting to his As long as I kept him out of my heart I would be okay I think it a bit too late for that my dear You re using old man speak again I made a face It s creepy He chuckled I ll try to remember that but I haven t been around humans much in the past hundred years It s hard to keep up with the changes in common dialect Let s keep on topic Jett You were going to teach me how to control my mind And this one Once freed from the barrier our souls connected briefly before he pulled away In that insanely short time I knew him It would take me an Claim The Crown eternity to sort through all this information but I couldn t wait that longI flung myself at him and peppered his face with kisses He laughed and pulled me tighter pushing me up against the closed door He braced my back and lifted I wrapped my legs around his waist preparing for the best kiss of my life Ahem I clamped myyes shut and groaned How had I forgotten Grace was in the room I lowered myself to the floor and Heath gave me a look that told me we would finish this laterOh yeah we would Yeah this book has some major great swoon scenes in it and some great suspense twist and turns you won t see coming too This Nerds entire series is very well written and really hopeveryone gets a chance to In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, enjoy the world that Christie createdYou need to try this series It truly is amazing its great along the lines how I think the Iron Fey series is great which is a compliment to this one Nothing is alike or anything just the greatness of it and the only thing similar is that its got the fae in themGive it a try read my reviews of the first 2 as well I hope to get Horizon soon so I can read and review it As soon as I can5 out of 5 stars Highly recommendednote I finished this book weeks ago and did not realize that my review didn t post my computer crashed after I thought I posted but it didn t and my word doc didn t recover all my reviewither so had to start over mostly lolI was provided a copy of this book from the author for my honest review thanks Christie I appreciate it and njoyed it than I can sayCheck out my post at my blog with links to previous Reviews That Have Great Dream that have great Dream in themDirect post to this review with xcerpt is below it has links to the other Dream Cast post Blog Post of book 2 with Excerpt and Dream Cast Links All Books in this series I was given this book to read by the author through the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Fanatics R2R group "for an honest review thank youview spoiler Genesis takes up immediately where " an honest review thank youview spoiler Genesis takes up immediately where last book left off We are swept right back into the ceremony that will link Rayla to five Fae Lords In this book we are given a better look at the personalities of the Fae Lords who are vying for Rayla s affections and the Realms they govern We are also introduced to some new characters that I found very intriguingPositivesRayla Meets the Angel Very cool He said he wasn t an angel I wonder if he s a Nephilim The next curious thought is I wonder if he s the one who is Rayla s father She is supposedly part Fae but I m wondering if Rayla is than thatRayla s Interaction with the Borderland Creatures I love that Rayla goes against what the Fae believe in At the beginning she s fearful of the creatures she works past that and helps them Maybe it s all by accident but she doesRayla s Positive Personality Traits There were some positive personality traits I liked about Rayla when she chose to use them First she stood up for people who couldn t stand up for themselves because of their circumstances She chose to see past the rumors and legends that surrounded a person or creature The other trait is that she defended her family Sometimes she could be forced to be courageous only because she couldn t get out of a situation she had to face it Naming the Borderland Creatures This was a great idea by the author I love the concept that by giving names to the creatures they no longer are terrifying but can once again become who they were truly meant to be Mysteries The author is doing a good job of weaving in mysteries and slowly revealing the answers to those mysteries throughout the booksLords and Their Realms I liked learning about the Lords and their Realms Finally we get some answers about their personalities and how they live Although a couple of their personalities are uestionable since we find out some important information about their behavior later on I just wonder how long the influence on these two lords has really been going onNegativesRayla s personality is annoying I d th. Ey turns into far than a simple choice of the heart Rayla comes face to face with the underhanded dealings of the fae political system where good is a matter of taste and On Such a Full Sea evil lurks under beautiful shells Long held judgments crumble when she discovers the heart beneath the men she has come to count on Rayla must overcome long held fears discover the truth behind the creatures of the dark realms and conuer her greatest weakness befor. I m not sure why I like these books so much If I had to pin it down it probably stems from the fact that I love the developmental stages of a relationship which this series is chock full of due to the fact that Rayla connects with five different men This has been my favorite book of the series thus farFinally some of Rayla s powers develop and actionnsues not a great deal but the first glimpses at the possibilities to come Visiting the various realms and kingdoms was intriguing as well as getting to know Jett better ven though it was brief Although there are still some plot holes they are less than the previous books Rayla s inability to choose between the men is still preposterous and gives her a negative uality that inhibits a good connection with her as the main character I understand that she needs to struggle with the decision so that the storyline can unfold in a prescribed order but sheesh She vacillates so much that I feel bad for the one she finally nds up with the poor fellows hanging on her fishing lineAll in all I sped through the book finding myself flipping through the pages Cannibal eager to figure out what happens That said Injoyed it Mastered (The Enforcers, enough to loose sleep The whole series is totally captivating I havenjoyed Man, Son of Man each book and could not wait to start the next 35 stars Probably the best of the three so far I rathernjoyed it compared to the other two Though one of my biggest pet peeves about this series and others like it is the constant We cant Alter Ego explain that to you right now but continue to blindly shuffle through the next few weeks of your life because the information I could have given you but refuse to give you for some ODD or its not time reason could have saved you a bunch of heartache and time So yeah that crap drives me up a WALL At least have a VALID reason for keeping the MC in the dark clearly ALL these people have ALL these answers but never share crap with her Ugh Anyway other than that pretty decent I was honored to have read an advanced copy of Genesis from the Author Christie Rich is a gifted writer and her latestdition to her Elemental Enmity Series was fabulous Rayla continues to flex her lemental muscles in this latest book I was sooo not in favor of Heath at the nd of Dark Matter Book 2 I Uncommon Wisdom even tweeted to the author But when I m wrong I m wrong Throughout Genesis I found myself rooting for Heath the whole time Characters that I thought were good showed their darker sides and the whole story was full ofxcitementI HIGHLY recommend this series to any Young Adult New Adult fan of paranormal romance You won t be disappointed I am really njoying this series Rayla has grown from a naive young girl to a woman who makes the best of her situations and forges ahead regardless of the costs to her Some may say she is crazy and impulsive but I love that she stands up for those she cares about Everyone seems to have their own agenda and she is finding it hard to discern who really cares for her and her wants her power The Council suggested she bond with all of the Fae "lords to thwart ainessa from trying to bond " to thwart Ainessa from trying to bond her Whilst that is a band aid solution to her problem it does buy her some time to get to know the Fae Lords in their own nvironment and she can then ascertain if they are willing to bond with her for the right reasons Having been so close to bonding to Heath she feels almost cheated been so close to bonding to Heath she feels almost cheated does not understand the reasoning behind why she feels that way Heath has gotten under her skin and for better or worse he is almost constantly in her thoughts Despite being assured that this method of bonding would keep her safe outside forces are at work and Rayla feels that she is not safe anyway Time is running out and Rayla does not know who she can really trust but she must learn to trust herself first before she can make that ultimate decision Hellhounds wraiths and trolls become her champions as she refused to treat them as lesser beings because of what they are Styx was one of my favourites who wouldn t love a winged horse to whisk them away at a moment s notice The Fae realms sounded so magical with crystal palaces and Atlantis style living like something out of a dream Any little girl who has Art ever wished that she was a Fairy princess would benvious of such a life Will Rayla get her happily God Is in the Crowd ever after or will she have to sacrifice herself to save those she loves I loved this bookach book in this series just gets better and better and now I really need to get book 4 Horizon I was left wanting I hope to be able to get it soon I really fell in love with Heath in this book He is the ultimate hot guy that has it all In my opinion I won t say why I like him so much beyond his hotteness but that is not all there is to this complicated manI feel so bad for Rayla and what she has to go through in this book I felt like I was on an motional roller coaster along with Rayla How is she supposed to choose when She Spends Time With Each Fae Lord spends time with ach Fae lord gets to know them that they all have some ualities that touch her I myself. Having just The Matriarchs (The Family escaped the nefarious plans of the Order Rayla Tate thinks all she has to do now is rescue her family and sort through her feelings but bonding with five men might just be her undoing Not only does she have to deal with all of them reading her mind Rayla must choose a bondmate before she will be allowed to venture into the mortal realm to save those she loves mostShe has three weeks to get to knowach lord but her journ. ,

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Ought she d grown a bit in the last book but she seems to have regressed to her whiny self again in this book She complains about almost Notes for the Everlost everything if she doesn t get her way I really dislike female protagonists that are drama llamas When Rayla makes a decision she ll back track and say later that it was a stupid idea She has no faith in her own decisions nor accepts the conseuences of those decisions She doesn t think about her actions and what will happen when she does Her mainmotions are whiny and angry with confused antagonistic confrontational and impulsive thrown in Confrontational and impulsive are not always good attributes and I m having a hard time accepting that they are being passed off in this book as being acceptable I was having a difficult time continuing to read this book because of Rayla s personality She was really getting on my nervesWhat I also dislike about Rayla is how she does things like answer the door in her sheer nightgown and not possibly know that a Fae would find it tempting After all her time with the Fae Rayla can t be that blind to her When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) effect on them I find situations like this that the author created for Rayla in order to create some sexual tension to be an obvious manipulation and it s annoying It s the I m so na ve I don t know what to do or who to pick about Rayla s contrived behavior that was only one of many continued annoyancesRayla s feelings of lust for the Fae Lords came across well but I really didn t get a true feeling of her love for Ethan When Ethan shows her his soul she pretty much just says I felt his soulvery part of him That s it That is a pivotal moment and it s something that Rayla has been wanting for so long and the author didn t give us a really intense powerful moment I felt cheated by the lack of depth in the scene Love is very important in this whole series only it s not very well conveyed Lust and desire are well conveyed but not Love which I find odd since Love Virginity and Marriage are such big messages throughout these booksThe next paragraph is a bit of a spoiler so don t read if you don t want to know what happensview spoilerIn the previous book Rayla marries Roger In Genesis she then marries Heath I want to know when Rayla No Biggy! either annulled her marriage to Roger or divorced him before marrying Heath Her marriage to Heath would not have been valid if she was still married to Robert Then later Rayla is bondedmarried to Zach while still married to both Roger and Heath It sven confusing to me when the author s message is to remain a virgin until marriage or bonded but then seems to skip over a very important factor of not being marriedbonded to than one person at a time in the books If bonding is considered different from marriage then that could be used as an xcuse for the Faes being married and bonded But to Be Married At The Same Time As married at the same time as married again This must have been a plot hole unless it s xplained away in the next book But Rayla doesn t seem to be highly concerned that she s married to Two Men At The Same Time And Then Bonded To men at the same time and then bonded to She pretty much shrugs it off that she doesn t like it rather than raise a stink about it like she does so many other things throughout the series The only thing she does say is that Roger did not count But just because she thinks it doesn t doesn t make her marriage to Roger any less legal She can t just brush it away just because it suits her and the author None of this scenario the author wrote makes sense I don t look favorably upon a story when an author conveniently brushes aside an vent because it doesn t suit them later on in the story The situation should be dealt with in a realistic manner if a scenario is written in at all hide spoiler Awesome book awesome series read the ntire series in a couple of days I was hooked After reading and Deep Listening enjoying the first two books in this series I was soxcited to get to beta read for Christie Rich for this book OK so the first book is still my favorite of the three I just really Bird-by-Bird Gardening enjoyed the college bits but this one is a close second I loved the way Christie built on the intrigue and mystery surroundingach of the fae lords and liked getting an inside view of The Works of Saint Augustine each of their kingdoms which areach uniue and have something different to offer I really feel Christie s writing has improved with Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone each book in this series This series is a must read for lovers of faerie books uick reviewCover Love It Rating PG 13 Thumbs Up 5Overall The best book so far in the seriesCharacters AmazingPlot Rayla is forced to make a decision when it comes to her suitorsPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend HeathSUMMARY 50 words or lessThis series just keeps getting better Rayla has a hard choice ahead of her and I didn tnvy her position Five men and she had to chose one and not only by her heart but by her head Because she would be giving one of them power beyond measure To see my full review and likeness of my book boyfriend check out my blog posthttpmybookboyfriendblogspotcom2. E she can take her place as the new ueen of the faeHowever her world crumbles when she discovers following her heart’s desire might just mean the destruction of the world Will Rayla have the courage to choose the man who has risked My Teacher Is a Robot everything to win her or will she succumb to the manipulations of the fae council and those who would use her power forvilOne choice five men The stakes have never been higher but which one will preva. Genesis Elemental Enmity #3

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