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Ingly new premise given it Plot Concept Execution Pacing Writing Characters World Enjoyment Cover Pros Bone snapped and flesh parted as hot blood Pacing Writing style Characters World Enjoyment Pros Bone snapped and flesh parted as hot blood out from a jagged wound THAT friends is the first sentence And it successfully it got me excited It had an intriguing beginning The fact that it was meant to be epic fantasy got me excited I m struggling to think of the pros here honestly Uhhhh it has a high average rating so maybe I m missing somethingCons I present to you the reasons why the book took me almost 6 months to complete While the book started out strongly it went downhill really uickly Rezkin s personality lacked depth Yes I understand that that was

The Intention Towards The 
intention towards the but his character did not progress with this LONG book I didn t particularly care for any of the secondary characters either They all felt like generic cookie cutter characters It felt to me like Rezkin s borderline inhuman abilities were given to him simply for the sake of convenience At one point he has blueprints memorised WHICH CRAZY SCHOOLS MAKE YOU MEMORISE THE MOST FREAKING RANDOM BLUEPRINTS He also singlehandedly takes on 15 well trained warriors and is barely breaks a sweat I could go on with these examples all day but you get the idea The female characters had no substance whatsoever No I do not expect them to be powerful warriors but I do think they should have depth to their personalities and NOT ONLY EXIST SOLELY TO SWOON AND HAVE PETTY FIGHTS OVER THE conveniently very good looking MAIN CHARACTER deep breath Zara Having finished the book I still don t now what the plot is supposed to be Hence why I was bored and didn t retain any information from large chunks of the book while reading those are all of my words Overall rating 43 stars Why How This book is terribleDo you like Mary Sue characters The main character is the mother of all Mary Sues I must have rolled my eyes 100 times He is the best in the world by far at everything Knows how to assume any role in society flawlessly despite zero prior experience in the real world Master of EVERY weapon Knows the exact blueprints by memory of every important building in the Nocturna (A Forgery of Magic, known worldthe list goes on and on He fights 15 elite master warriors simultaneously and wins Now anyone whonows anything about fighting Wikipedia U knows that no matter how much training or skills you possess you will not survive being so outnumbered Takes over the entire criminal underworld of thenown world in a sum total of a few hours EtcetcAll other characters are complete incompetent ninnies especially all of the female characters whose only purpose seems to be to drool and cat fight over Mr Mary SueThe writing is awful The characters shallow The story non existent And the book just ends Poof Nothing resolved or explained No mysteries solved NOTHINGHow does this get such high ratings I cannot comprehend I read several reviews of this book before I bought it The interesting thing is that most reviews were strongly positive some all the way to 5 stars On the other hand there were a goodly number of very bad read 1 star ratings There weren t many in the middle Upon reflection I ve decided to go 4 stars on it as I enjoyed the book I plan to give a nod to what annoyed some readers as there are some false notes here But as noted on the whole I enjoyed itYou will have seen versions of this protagonist before He s raised from his first memories in a fortress by elite fighters weapons masters and men he Cannibal Encounters knows as the master teachers He is of course trained up onto the perfect weapon That gives rise to one of the complaints about the book The hero can come across as almost a super man at times No one can come close well one person gives him a mild work out to his skill speed or abilityStill that part of the book isn t too bad if you buy into the premise I mean that he is this one of aind warrior is part of the story so you need to buy into it to follow the author s storyplotFar problematic for me was the effect the protagonist has on femalesthey generally swoon and lose themselves to helpless lust or something This really annoyed some readers as the book went on and on in some few scenes about the guy s sculpted muscles startling face and so onMostly I just found it laughable Instead of bothering me it just caused me a few minutes of oh good grief how silly is this reaction I d say just see if it bothers youNow as I said I like the book Once you get passed the things mentioned above and if you don t find them deal breakers the book is a fun fast moving story brain candy That s what I ve been needing as I have been pretty burned outI can recommend this one with see what you think noteEnjo. Last orders Rezkin extends his protection to an unlikely assortment of individuals he meets along the way often leading to humorous and poignant incidents As if pursuing an elite warrior across a The Chatterbugs Manual kingdom figuring out who he is and why everyone henows is dead and attempting to find these so called friends and protect them is not enough strange things are happening in the ingdom New dangers begin to arise that threaten not only Rezkin and his friends but possibly everyone in Ash. I hate seeing so much potential in a good story reduced to something completely anti premiseThis story is just one of those books I loved the premise of a id training to be very OPOverpowered assassin warrior fighter ish ind of person and the premise of Rezkin s conspiracypurpose and all This doesn t deliver it The whole stage of the training is one chapter which the skills are based on the time skips themselves and not really making them legitOther than that the force of coincidence is heavy with this one Like very heavy I thought the book will be about a badass doing badassery and it does but most of itand really most of it is about Rezkin doesn t now how people act and really perplexed with it is about Rezkin doesn t now how people act and really perplexed with happening making things funnyWhich I liked but it was too overused and his relationship and drama with the females leadand i am not getting into females leadand I am not getting into fact that every female falls for him It got adventure things in itA few fighting bandits scenes traveling but not enough to make the main plot look like it was just Rezkinrisha weird as hellI liked the other plot with RezkinWon t go into details because of spoilers Though it still feeling real not in his character to started itThe ending was really disappointing it doesn t end The book just cuts out in a scene There is no climaxunless you count the last thing that Rezkin did which I don t feel deserve counting No answers and not anything reallyAll of the charactersI m not sure if Rezkin included were 1 dimensionalf flat characters for meRezkin is just helluva OP with no real flaws Like really none And then he does another OP thing in another field which his skills never got establishAgain the author based Rezkin s skills in the time skips of the first chapters With how Rezkin goes around with no social nowledge like he broke like Kvothe it doesn t really does something to the story except making me smile when it isn t overusedThat being said Nick Phodel is the best narrator I have heard Sometimes it seemsor hears actually p that someone else acted a characterSorry for not able to review this right and onlyagain posting my thoughts on the book going to sit on this review for a while mixed feelingsRight so when i read the blurb of this book i expected blood gore blood gore and you Dropsy, Dialysis, Transplant know just younow bad assery all through the book i mean first sentence from the book Bone Snapped and flesh parted as hot blood spewed out from a jagged wound What i got blood gore and a bad ass hero i m thinking cross between James Bond and the Terminator What i did not expect a bad ass hero that made all the women in the book want to drop their pants and go take me i m yours It was uite frankly beyond annoying i mean i Presidencies Derailed know the book hints at sexual innuendo but my lord how is it that the women in this book have no freaking controlWhat i did not get Even a hint of Rezkin s purpose in the book Look there s 483 pages 22 chapters in this book and at the end you still have absolutely no clue like zilch nada zero nothing of who on God s green earth Rezkin really is this is from the blurb what strange things are happening in theingdom and the new dangers that arise which threathen not only Rezkin and his friends far as i could tell Rezkin was ontop of everything Totally enjoyable book though but hopefully get not so much of the women with no self control and just plain Rezkin Creationism in Europe kicking ass Long time ago in a far away galaxy ahem about a year ago in the next room probably I ve read Gavin s review and all I could remember from it was that the hero reminded me of Son Goku from Dragon Balls I had listened to the audible and realised I was not that far away from the mark This book is a lovely mix of Son Goku and Assassin s Creed Eziodreamy sighI ve reread the written version this time to remember what had happened before continuing on with the series And Rezkin is as delightfully confused as I remember I just love his process of thought and reasoning I won t talk about the plot or characters because everything would be a spoiler This is a light and fun fantasy book As such I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy Oh and audible version was great I loved the narrator He did an amazing job giving life to the story And almost all of his character voices were spot on except Frisha that one was just annoying beyond words come to think of it she is just plain annoying anywaysAudio note narrator did a great job especially with frisha she is plain annoying and narrator carries her annoying bratness to the next level This was the most enjoyable new to me fantasy book I ve read all year It was a super fun fantasy adventure story packed with likeable characters plenty of action humour and even. Raised and trained in complete seclusion at a secret fortress on the edge of the northern wilds of the Kingdom of Ashai a young warrior called Rezkin is unexpectedly thrust into the outworld when a terrible battle destroys all that henows With no understanding of his life’s purpose and armed with masterful weapons mysteriously beueathed to him by a dead La mythologie selon Game of Thrones king the young warrior relentlessly pursues his only lead A single elite warrior escaped during the battle and may havenowl.

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A few touching moments The story followed the exploits of 19 year old Rezkin Rezkin was raised since birth in a secluded old Rezkin Rezkin was raised since birth in a secluded to be the greatest weapon the Kingdom of Ashai has ever seen He learned everything from weaponry to the healing arts and economics and is a master of them all What he is not a master of is other people He was raised in relative isolation and follows a set of rules given to him by his mysterious masters When battle breaks out at his home and only him and one other warrior survive Rezkin is forced from the fortress to discover who gave the orders that Golf by the Numbers killed everyone henew and what his purpose in life is He has only one lead the warrior who escaped and Rezkin sets about tracking him Unfortunately for him he is ill prepared for the realities of the Outworld where no one seems to follow the rules and soon finds himself in all sorts of hilarious mishaps Rezkin managed a few final words with one of his dying masters With his last breath the master Tried To Pass On to pass on final and most important two rules of all Rule 1 protect and honour the ing and Rule 2 ill without conscience Unfortunately the master chocked on his own blood so rule two came out as ill with conscience and he slipped into total delirium moments before death so Rule one came out as protect and honour your friends Rezkin is puzzled by these rules as he has no idea what a conscience is and has no friends Still rules are rules and Rezkin determines to find these friends while tracking the escaped warrior The whole story was fun and hilarious I loved Rezkin s encounters with the Outlanders Most of them were absolutely hilarious and a few were uite touching It really helped the Rezkin and a lot of the other characters we met were very easy to like I enjoyed following Rezkin as he learned to adapt to dealing with real people and loved how that affected his outlook on life This is not a story without flaws It was basically an adventure story and while the world building was OK it did feel like we had only scrapped the surface of the goings on in Ashai and the rest of the world I m sure that will change in future instalments as this one was basically Rezkin s origin story Speaking of origin stories I should mention that Rezkin was basically a superman His skills were so beyond those of normal people that he was practically a superhero I was of afraid of who he would hurt or ill than that anyone could manage to be a threat to him As a lover of superhero books and movies I did not really find that aspect of the story to be an issue Not that Rez is actually a superhero he just feels like one All in all this was a super enjoyable read and the best new fantasy book I ve read in a few years Roll on book 2Rating 5 starsAudio Note This was narrated by Nick Podehl His performance was absolutely fantastic and he really captured the spirit of the story He was so good that he is probably one of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much Wow So there I was work about finished end of the day browsing New Releaseswaiting to get home to I can finish How to Make a Murderer and Mr Robot as I m on the last episodes of both And then I come across thisI ve always said I love me a duel wielding protagonist So I see the cover basic enough but the guys holding two weapons so I click read the synopsis not bad Let s check it outI never got to watch the ending of either show as this book basically took up my night Read went to hockey had some beer read some God damn what a book Reminded me a bit of Weapon of Flesh series by Chris A Jackson mixed with a little Swords Of The Phoenix ueen by AJ Strickler if you liked either of those read this if you liked this I d say check those outBut yes I love how it began I loved how it ended Basically everything about this book give me the feels we have Rez our MC who s nown nothing else in life but the Rules he must follow I thought laughably over powered and flawless protagonists who are phenomenally handsome to boot and are fawned over by everyone they meet were the sole domain of mediocre to bad anime and fan fiction Seems I was mistaken Why the 2 stars then Because even though the book is filled with dialogue that sounds just a bit too silly like you are a master businessman and swordsman at only 19 etc making the story line look even ridiculous and has multiple absurd plot points the protagonist has memorized the blue prints of all the cities and important buildings in the cities througho To find good fantasy seems to be getting ever harder We ve read all the plots have seen all the figures so often that they turned into clich s Even the parodies have become repetitive This book however invites with a seem. Edge of who Rezkin is and who is responsible for the slaughter at the young man’s home Rezkin must travel across Ashai to find the one man who may hold the clues to his very existence His last orders spoken on the lips of his dying Master were to Kill with conscience and Protect and honor your friends Living in isolation from the outworld under a strict regimen of training and education the young warrior has no understanding of a conscience or friends Determined to adhere to his.
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