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She really should be searching for herselfThere were elements of this book that I enjoyed I liked that it was Australian and that I could recognise Australian elements without them being forced into it Frankie s aunt was a gem who did not deserve to be treated the way she was and I loved her so much I also loved the family dynamic shown it wasn t perfect but there were sweet momentsMy main problem with this book was Frankie I don t feel like she grew as a character at all throughout the story I almost feel like she wasn t a fully formed character rather she was just the embodiment of anger or angst She is consistently rude to everyone around her family and friends included thinks people are assholes when they treat her in a similar fashion storms off when called out on her behaviour and is just generally a frustrating character I could ve forgiven this if we got some further insight into her character such as why she hit the boy at school But these things remained hidden ntil the end and it left Frankie feeling like a very one dimensional character to meI also feel like the story wrapped Christmas With A Hero up tooickly There s a lot of repetition throughout the book while they are searching and then at the end it s just over in a few pages It was very sudden and not at all satisfying Bloody loved it Review at nicolehasreadblogspotcomFrankie is that wonderful creation a difficult troubled character who does terrible things that you absolutely fall in love with anyway She is in trouble at school having sed a book of Shakespeare to rearrange someone s face and her aunt Vinnie is close to washing her hands of her When Xavier appears claiming to be her half brother she is intrigued but also wary She hasn t exactly had the best experience with family But just as she s getting to know Xavier he disappears The cops aren t interested in helping and no one else wants to know apart from Nate The only problem is Nate doesn t exactly walk on the right side of the law and his involvement could get Frankie into even trouble Can she find her brother avoid expulsion from school and avoid her aunt killing her Probably not but she s going to try anywayI absolutely adored this book Frankie is such a flawed character but I fell for her instantly I loved her voice and I laughed out loud at several points in the book But I also felt her loneliness and insecurity She is a character desperate for love but far too scared to allow anyone to love her She pushes everyone away for fear of being hurtNate is another flawed character An admitted burglar he s still incredibly likeable He goes out of his way to help Frankie even when it means putting himself at riskThis is such a Melbourne story populated by believable characters and featuring local landmarks and Melbourne s famous street art Although I don t know Collingwood as well as other inner city suburbs I really recognised the setting of the storyI often find first person present tense narratives difficult There is often a tendency to slip out of the present tense or it feels clumsy That s totally not the case here I didn t even register that it was present tense ntil well into the book It s so well written and put together I wasn t sure about the cover at first but it totally makes sense in the context of the storyThis is a dark gritty story It s not all sunshine and roses and it s all the better for that It s beautiful confronting and compellingI totally fell in love with Frankie and read this in one eveningmorning Highly recommended Thanks to Penguin Teen Australia for the ARCAnyone who has heard me talk about books so basically everyone who has ever met me knows that I am not a huge contemporary fan Why would I want to read about real life I already have one of those Every so often however I read a YA contemporary novel that makes me eat my words and Frankie is one of them Maybe because it s an Australian novel and I could actually relate to the characters maybe just because Plozza writes really wellOne of my major problems with the contemporary genre is that it seems to exist in a frustrating dichotomy its stories are either fluffy or preachy Frankie is a novel that strikes the perfect balance between these two It posed a lot of estions about our society why are the rich white kids the only ones who seem to matter Why do people commit crimes anyway These are important issues that need to be addressed but nobody wants to hear a sermon Characters like Frankie demonstrate the truth of low socio economic living sans condescension the issues just come p when we talk about her lifeFrankie Vega is a niue and entertaining protagonist She makes some pretty dodgy decisions don t we all but you never really stop cheering for her I felt like I was Aunt Vinnie throughout the really stop cheering for her I felt like I was Aunt Vinnie throughout the novel because I really wanted Frankie to succeed but sometimes I wanted to yell at her as well I think this was largely down to Plozza s writing because above everything else Frankie was hilarious I actually laughed out loud at a lot of her comments making her a much sympathetic and relatable character The characterisation in this novel was its true strength I swear I actually knew Cara in school The romance never felt forced because I got to know the characters separately first and saw them gradually develop feelings for each other no insta love hurrah Perhaps the only thing I did not love about this novel was its pacing Frankie is attempting to solve a mystery of sorts throughout the novel and we do not reach a resolution ntil right at the end I would have liked to explore the aftermath of this discovery for just a little longerOverall this is a stunning standalone novel with an interesting protagonist and brilliant characterisation I would recommend this novel to anyone who wants a story about realistic Australian characters or just feels like reading something honest and raw I look forward to reading many novels from PlozzaCheck out the review on my blog or tweet me This book flat out destroyed me In every imaginable way I have never laughed with characters so much or cheered for them when things started happening or yelled at the page when things didn t I also haven t cried these big gly crying tears since I read Melina Marchetta s On the Jellicoe Road Seriously When this book releases at the end of this month you need to buy yourself at the end of this month you need to buy yourself copy Stat The above is the original mini I ve just finished this book and I need to tell you about it review that I posted on Goodreads the second I finished the book and now weeks later I still think it sums p the book brilliantly It s out in the world now so do yourself a favour and track a copy down NOWIf you haven t already gathered I love this book so much I ve been reading a lot of fantastic 5 stars books recently but somehow this little gem of a d but by Australia Author Shivaun Plozza is the one that stands out most in the world of 5 star ratings for me It s on whole other playing field It s the one that keeps haunting me I can almost guarantee that it will be this book that I go back to and reread at least once before the year is out and I don t reread this close to the original reading EVERFrankie is the story of Frankie Vega a 17 year old high school student from Collingwood Australia She s angry at the world and rightly so for her 17 years have been anything but smooth sailing Abandoned by her birth mother and raised by her aunt Vinnie Frankie lives each day as it comes Armed with a How to Win an Argument... Even When You Lose uick tongue attitude plus and a book of Shakespeare she faces the teenage drama of high school as best she can If only life was only as hard as dealing with cheating ex boyfriends and high school bullies Out of the blue a 14 year old kid contacts Frankie claiming to be her half brother a half brother she never knew she had Suddenly Frankie s world is turned on its head and nothing will ever be the same again Especially when the kid goes missing soon afterwards and it seems that the girl who knows nothing about him is the only one who seems to give a shit Sure he has dimples bought me dumplings and went to shit loads of trouble trying to impress me Sure he s maybe the best graf artist in town But he stole lied and vanished A certain other blood relative did that me fourteen years ago and I couldn t give a shit what s happened to herThis book is about so much than just another teenage girl angry at the world It s about friendship and family love duty and honour it s about being who you are and finding your place in the world It s raw and it s gut wrenching in partsnashamedly gritty and honest it s real See This is why I m so angry Because the second you consider opening yourself p to someone they tear your heart outIt s about a world that is often left out of YA novels A world where life isn t perfect when there s no fancy prince charming who comes to town and sweeps you off your feet and saves you from a life of misery where you re parents don Tigating the burglary she witnessed or her cheating ex boyfriend or her aunt who's tired of giving second chancesWhen a kid shows p claiming to be Frankie's half brother it opens the door to a past she doesn't want to. ,

OK That ending hit me like a freight train came way too fast and left me hurting obviously I would be than hurting if a freight train hit me but you get the pointI can t get enough of OZ YA lately especially if they are set in Melbourne and Frankie did not disappoint Starting with the beautiful cover I was sucked into the story within the first pages immediately connecting with Frankie and feeling a large amount of contempt for the asshats at her school as well as absolutely falling in love with her best friend Cara With a best friend like Cara you know there will always be someone looking out for you And Aunt Vinnie was so awesome with her Kebab shop in Collingwood and her bright lip stick she definitely needs her own story I would have liked to spend some time with the boys Frankie s brother Xavier while not always making the right decision was a sweet kid and Natewho definitely didn t make the right decisions but had an interesting back story and seems to be a great kisserAnd Frankie Frankie was tough and angry but in every page I could also see the lost little 4 year old girl She broke my heart a few times I wanted to hang out with her and help her look for her brother and I wanted to hug her and tell her that everything would be ok This story really took me on a ride of so many emotions and when I got to the end I desperately turned the last page hoping that there would be a 12 months later paragraph so I could read a nice happy ending for Frankie because I really wanted a happy ending for her Filled with an endless supply of churrosFour and a half stars I would like to know what the people of Australia are drinking because goddamn can they write I have yet to read a book by an Aussie author that I ve disliked The Aquinass Way to God uality of their writing is so superior to any other writing styles that I ve encountered Frankie was no different It was such a fresh riveting story with an extremely compelling main characterI loved Frankie She s a giant ball of fury and I relatedite a bit to her She s angry pissed off and Bijoux en origami unapologetic about it all I mean this is a girl who punches a douche nozzle at school and gets expelled for it but doesn t care about it because he deserved it Her life is thrownpside down when she finds out that she has a half brother Xavier who gets in contact with her Only a few days later Xavier goes missing and Frankie tries to look for him You get to experience every emotion with Frankie as she navigates finding her brother new discoveries about her mother and as she battles real life in general Shivaun Plozza writes emotions really well and I loved that I was so in sync with Frankie I also liked Xavier a lot He was such a sweet kid with a heart of gold He goes out of his way to connect with Frankie before he goes missing and it s the most endearing thing Frankie s aunt Vinnie who raises her is another character I absolutely adored She s a sassy spitfire who takes no bullshit from anyone She s so wonderfully strong and supportive though and just the sort of loving person Frankie needs in her life Even when Frankie drives her mad she is just there for her niece and it warmed my cold heartI also loved how much attention was given to the Melbourne setting It comes to life in Frankie and I loved how the landscape was just as much part of a story as the characters were It s bright vivid and I felt like I was in Melbourne while I was reading Frankie It s also a book that touches on issues like privilege socioeconomic conditions and the importance given to people with wealth and power by the very people who are supposed to help you There s also a bit of a romance with a mysterious fellow in Frankie It s subtle but I loved it I constantly looked forward to their interactions They had a hate to love vibe that I totally dug Honestly this is such a fantastic story and it s going on my list of re reads for sure I love it when a book makes me feel every emotion By the end of Frankie I was an absolute mess because it hit me right in the heartAll in all Frankie was a fantastic read Be sure to add this to your TBR if you re looking for a stellar YA contemporary especially if you re a Marchetta fan Frankie was one of those decent reads that I enjoyed but it just didn t grab me completely I liked that the characters were The Hokku or Epigram Versus of Basho uniue and distinctive but to be honest I never really connected to any of them We got about five seconds with Xavier before he disappeared so he was kind of just this assumed figure hovering over the plot I couldnderstand why Frankie cared about him but I never felt it for myself The same with Nate her best friend whose name escaping me at the moment Nonna and the other secondary characters Only Vinnie Frankie s aunt and guardian was a stand out She exactly the sort of woman that someone like Frankie needed in her life She was strong but fair She was funny and sweet She completely stole the show The plotline itself was a little frustrating I m not a big fan of the trope where teenagers investigate crimes without the help of the policeadults It s generally Prison Ramen unrealistic and frustrating but this one did have a purpose to show the bias of the police towards low socioeconomic areas I liked that aspect of it I did It was just thought that there was so much effort taken to set these characters and the setting apart from other YA books that it seemed a little bit of a waste tose such boring tropes I also thought that aspects of the ending were rather predictable which made it rather anti climatic Oh and the romance didn t work for me completely either I wasn t the romance didn t work for me completely either I wasn t massive Nate fan they hated each other 95% of the time but then they were kissing It was just another layer of the story that I felt was trope y and slightly boring The writing style was okay but it was also a little blunt in a way that didn t work for me Like a lot of reviewers before me are saying the author relied on pop culture references to describe people which is something that I cannot stand The reason this is the worst possible way to describe someone is that I literally didn t recognise any of the names she mentioned literally any of them I wasn t even sure whether they were meant to be real celebrities or made p ones so you can imagine the meant to be real celebrities or made p ones so you can imagine the when a character is described as Blah Blah and Blah Blah s love child If I don t know who that person is then how am I meant to know what that person looks like It just feels like lazy writing when it happens multiple times Overall I didn t think was necessarily a bad book but it certainly wasn t for me The characters weren t my favourite and the plotline took a direction that I wasn t completely into The romance felt Fearful Symmetry unnecessary and the the ending wasltimately anticlimactic I will try of this author s work in the future but I was not the biggest fan of Frankie I m in a seriously messed The Beast on the Brink up emotional state right now I loved it Review to come tomorrow UPDATE I m still in a messedp place This book killed my heart I want to rave about Shivaun s writing but I honestly can t because I literally didn t notice that an author had an idea developed it wrote it down spent years of her life rewriting it sent it to a publisher spent forever on edits and copy life rewriting it sent it to a publisher spent forever on edits and copy and finally had it turned into a book The entire process was irrelevant because my brain just went Frankie is a real person and you are experiencing this first hand StephThat sounds kind of mental but there you go For the first time in my life I didn t analyse a bookMaybe Frankie felt so real because her voice was so authentic She was rude and brutal and honest and didn t try to be anything else And she is so funny How can a book be so funny but seriously kill your heart tooAnd there was so much heart Lasers underneath this fuckedp shell The ending shattered me and I sat there for an hour after I closed the book just staring into space thinking about it I don t normally do thatWhat an incredible debut HELLS YEAHI have a ridiculous love for characters like Frankie She was so incredibly snarky and Tethered to the World (A Phantom Touched uite the troubled teenI thought the story line was fab as fuck too I was rooting for her the entire way Not going to lie I definitely wanted to shake some sense into her too but I really enjoyed the way it all came togetherI can t decide between a 4 or a 5 rating tbh The only reason I m leaning towards a 4 is because despite my love for all the characters and the story line I still didn t feel attached emotionally to the characters I don t know Let s say it s a 45GR you need to get your half star act together bruh I considered givingp on this book because I found it very disappointing but it was still nice and ick to read so wooh Frankie is an Aussie YA about a young angry girl who while suspended from school for hitting someone finds out she has a half brother Her brother goes missing pretty early in the story and it becomes a book about a girl searching for her new little brother at a time when. Shivaun Plozza’s debut novel Frankie is a genre hopping darkly funny novel about searching for the truth finding yourself and falling in loveFrankie Vega is angry Just ask the guy whose nose she broke Or the cop inves. ,
Have money or time for you and when the world kind of just sucks It s from a place where kids have to make their own way or risk staying in the same nothing space for their entire life Where you fight for yourself every damn day of your life Frankie doesn t just live she fights and reacts to the world that keeps pushing her down time and time again Because she knows she s better than that She believes she can be better than thatI absolutely loved the character of Frankie Right from the first page I just kind of got her in a way I hadn t got a lot of characters lately She was not just a fragment of Plozza s and my imagination She was real A living breathing person that I might have passed walking down the street Or sat alongside in class She is raw and she s loud refusing to be what other s constantly tell her she is More importantly she s resilientIn many ways Frankie is a kick butt kind of character literally in the case of the Shakespeare mishap so yeah she s a super strong character but she s also flawed as much as you and I are Like every other human being out there she has emotions and she s not immune to other s taunts and judgements Frankie is vulnerable perhaps even fragile after the half brother revelation But from this fragility lies her true strength of character of loyalty and loveDespite being considered trouble by those around her Frankie has a heart of gold one she is constantly trying to prove to the world To prove to herself Time and time again she has great intentions but something happens or gets in the way that means Frankie is forced to act and then bad things tend to happen or people get let down Frankie doesn t make the great decisions at the best of times but it s not like she set out to do deliberately make bad ones She makes the best out of bad situations and she pays for her mistakes ten fold She owns them and that s than I can say for a lot of people in the worldIt s kind of heartbreaking to read how much Frankie tries time and time again to impress or even just please Vinnie only to see it blow back p in her face and reinforce herself worth as a constant failure She s haunted by a past that she can t change and left to face a future that she can only react to React to save face To protect herself To survive the only way she knows how That in itself shows a sense of true character and courage that often is missing in booksWhat s the energy Frankie tries to put into being what people want her to be or a better version of herself the worse the outcome is She s let down by those around her even Vinnie who has her best interests at heart demands that Frankie be someone that Frankie just isn t Constantly through out the book we see Frankie make these big gestures and moves to turn herself into a better version of herself only to be told she was born bad and is beyond saving There s one particular scene in this book with Nonna that gutted me to the core whilst reading it I literally had big fat The Forked Tongue Revisited ugly tears rolling down my checks whilst in my head I was yelling at the characters and Plozza simultaneously for doing this to me for doing this to her Because as if being a teenager wasn t hard enough in the first place now she has to go through this You may as wellit fighting it Frankie You were born to do this It s in the DNA It s what everyone expects Introducing Fankie 30 The most badass model yetI just love that Plozza was able to write such a kick ass kind of character who is somehow both vulnerable fragile and an emotional mess while simultaneously being so strong and wild fighting against the constant walls of injustice that she sees day in and day out Not that she d see it that way of courseThrough Frankie we learn a lot of hard truths Take the value of missing people for example Society only cares about missing individuals if they have something to offer back to society A point highlighted constantly throughout the book with the contrast between the missing rich boy Harrison Finnik Hyde and Xavier the poor no good kid Harrison Finnik Hyde is spared no cost or media coverage to find him again whereas Xavier Frankie s half brother goes missing and no one cares but Frankie Not Vinnie not Nate Xavier s not so innocent friend and most definitely not Detective Inspector Eric Marzoli I haven t seen anything about Xavier in the papers Harrison Finnik Hyde was booted to page six today but it was still an entire page than my brother had Marxoli holds the phone too close to his mouth muffling his voice Do you know how many people go missing each day They can t all get a front page Just the pretty ones And the rich ones Are you even looking into it As disturbing and in your face this point is I love that Plozza included this story arc It makes me wonder now every time I hear of a missing person on the news just what their circumstance is Why are they deemed worthy than someone else And just how many missing people are out there that no one notices It s a pretty bleak way to look at life I ll admit a pretty bleak way to look at life I ll admit it s an honest oneFinally I loved Plozza s writing style I know I m biased because I can t stop raving about how amazing the book is but for someone to be about to write a narrative with such gly truths and connotations and shape it into a story that is both heart breaking and a beauty to hold is nothing short of inspiring This book is dark in places not to mention an emotional roller coaster that will leave you knocking your head hard at every twist and turn but it s plifting and awe inspiring too It has heart and courage But it s also funny Plozza nailed the teenage voice She constantly employs whit and laugh out loud humour to break Blue Crush (Blue, up the emotional over powering sections so that you re not bogged down in heavier scenes I loved itWhat s it s aick read I read it in a day so be prepared to have a clear schedule when you pick this one Flight of the Piasa up because from me to you you won t want to put it downntil you ve reached the final sentence on the last page Perhaps even not then I know I didn tFrankie has everything I love about a good book It s fast paced with strong but flawed characters who won t leave you alone There s mystery and suspense a bit of romance and book eye candy and the narrative is niue It packs an emotional punch and there s so much I want to discuss about the book but in order to keep it spoiler free I can t So just buy it read it devour it and then come
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talk to me I think this book has something in it for everyoneI laughed I cried I gripped the book tighter and raced through its pages I sacrificed sleep and a working day s concentration I d do it all over again in a heartbeat In fact I did During the writing of this review I went looking for otes and before I knew it I d re read the book againI know it s really early to call it already but hands down this is the best book I ve read all yearD but author Shivaun Plozza has a HUGE future ahead of her and I for one can t wait to see what s next for herIdeal for fans of Melina Marchetta s On The Jellicoe RoadThis review was originally posted over at The Never Ending Bookshelf on the book s offical release date 28th March 2016 and can be found here Frankie is without a doubt the most compelling debut in young adult since Stolen by Lucy Christopher It s an tterly enchanting blend of attitude sass and an engaging storyline as told through the eyes of one of the most likable protagonists in young adult today Although she s always lived with the hurt of abandonment Frankie is incredibly fierce and doesn t allow the failures of her mother to define her She and aunt Vinnie live above Vinnie s kebab shop in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood with an eclectic mix of diversity and crime It s here that Frankie now finds herself working having been suspended from school after another violent outburst when she is contacted by Xavier claiming to be her half brotherXavier too has his own issues the fourteen year old just having moved to Melbourne from eensland with his abusive gruff father The very same man that Frankie s mother had abandoned her for all those years ago Perhaps Xavier is the only person who may nderstand how Frankie is feeling but then Xavier vanishes The local detectives see Xavier as just another runaway the Vega name not worthy of their time so Frankie takes the investigation into her own hands and enlists the help of local neighbourhood burglar Nate Possibly the only person to know of Xavier s whereabouts Or who caresMy heart ached for Frankie as she felt she had nowhere to turn for help Vinnie although such pillar of strength and support in Frankie s life was tired of her antics Suspended for a violent incident at school to return Frankie is forced to plead her case In between her therapy sessions with the infuriatingly passive Daniel the only calming presence in Frankie s life is her best friend in Cara but lately their friendship is also at breaking point Frankie Remember And when that kid goes missing the only person willing to help is a boy with stupidly blue eyes a criminal record and secrets of his ownFrankie's search for the truth could change her life or cost her everythin. ,

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