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country and conditions make life a Great m nage sex makes Grant realize he loves her but doesn a struggle Great m nage sex makes Grant realize he loves her but doesn tell her til they get her back from being abducted and beaten There is a lot going on in these series stories and they are full of suspense action some violence and lots of loving Highly recommend E N J Ight to get her back Nothing will stand in their way The others in the area agree that they need to work together to keep their women safe Grant and Luke are eager to join forces for the protection of the woman they love Note There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the siblings A Siren Erotic Romance Marla Monroe is a Siren exclusive auth. Excellent instalment of the men of the border lands series If you enjoy reading futuristic menage romance with a post apocalyptic story line then you will love this series Wow I liked this terrific story wonderful anticipation slow development of the m nage romance Deeply emotional characters we like right away With an interesting story and hot sex you can t go wrong Valerie had to le. Siren Ménage Everlasting Erotic Futuristic Sci Fi Cowboy Ménage à Trois Romance MFM HEAThis is the seventh book in the bestselling Men of the Border Lands series The Border Lands are a dangerous place but love and passion are often the keys to survivingvalerie needs someone to take keys to survivingValerie needs someone to take of her and she thinks she’s found it in Luke and Grant But will they take her in or. ,
Finding Her Men

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Ave the home she was in and has been searching for a in and has been searching for a of men to make a home with Luke and Grant find her in the cold and take her in She s honest right away and they decide to take her in awhile ntil she decides what to do or see if they can work out for her Grant has romantic hesitation because Of A Bad Relationship a bad relationship is already on board with Valerie She contributes by cooking. Must she continue looking Luke and Grant are surprised to find a woman on her own out in the Border Lands How can they turn her awayShe can’t help but fall in love with them but Grant needs a little convincing than Luke and she struggles to prove to him that she is worthy of his loveWhen someone tries to take her away from them they realize how much she means to them and .

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