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Right on the cover this Book Says It Is A says it is a of Suspense And Mystery The Only Mystery The only I uncovered is the mystery of why this book was ever published The book starts off good for a suspense story A murder But the Sheriff doesn t get her first clue in the case until page 260 The whole est of the time she s involved in a bunch of meaningless subplots that don t add to the story and are marginally Liar, Liar resolved Finally about 20 pages from the end of the book Janceealized that she had better wrap things up so a whirlwind of activity unearths countless clues that lead to the actual killer who commits suicide in an attempt to elieve the state budgetary problems that would have arisen from a long drawn out trial Very well. The heat is killer in Cochise County Arizona and in the suffocating stillness of an airless trailer a woman is lying dead a bullet hole in her chest Who would murder a harmless loner and why did the killer
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an eighty five old bullet fired from the same weapon that slaughtered two. ,

Written mystery It deals with some painful topics to ead about animal
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hoarding and how often times the person who takes too strays in has deep emotional problems stemming from an abused past Really good story as always However I did find an annoying error which I hope was corrected in publications which followed the one I ead More than onceI believe a total of three times if not fourthe which followed the one I ead More than onceI believe a total of three times if not fourthe in Arizona was misspelled It s Mohave County It may be the Mojave Desert but the county is Mohave I live there so it bugged me No big deal certainly not important enough to interfere with my enjoyment of the story I love JA Jance Gary and I listened on CD s and were actually in the town of Bisbee Arizona where her heroin. Other womenThe slayings are as oppressive as the blistering heat for Sheriff Joanna Brady who must shoulder the double burden of a brutal The Kaya-Girl reelection campaign and major developments on the home front Joanna must now deal with the terrifyingeality that now threatens everyone in her jurisd.
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E esides as the Cochise County sheriff I wanted to go in the Sheriff S Dept And s dept and for her but I thought perhaps they d think me crazy because she isn t afterall eally the sheriff We found all the backdrops in her books the street names the estaurants and it was very fun The story is about sects of bigamists in Arizona and wasn t too complimentary but in The story told here is ultimately a very sad story one of incest and how it affects families and children And how certain cults can be used to cover it up and to even encourage it While it is sad I m afraid it is not all that uncommon It s just covered up and not talked a lot about It is disturbing And the subject of the book is something I found a bit disturbing. Iction a serial killer is in their midstAs personal and professional pressure mounts Sheriff Brady must pursue a sadistic murderer into the shadows of the past to get to the oots of a monstrous obsessionand expose the permanent wounds of a crime far worse than homicide10 hours 27 minutes.

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