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Every Sunset Forever Hyena Heat #3I love reading this series I knew it was going to be great and of course it did not disappoint I would recommend this book and all her books to my fellow shifter friends u will enjoy this book and be ready to read the next I could tell that I curl up in my favorite lace and read it I could not stop reading until I had finish I hope if u read this that u get as much enjoyment that I did I loved Whisper and her guys Things get a might complicated for the Off 13 poor girl There are lots of revelations and hard things to get through but she s strong and determined Az Nyte and Fade will do anything to make sure that Whisper is happy they re just not sure what that is at times It was wonderful to see how the authorortrayed Whispers Adopted family They re warm and loving giving her the support and encouragement she needs The exponential increase in Whisper s family circle is beautiful in its acceptanceHighly recommended author and series I was blown away by the love and assion between these 4Oh to have 3 hot males to look after meI had never read about Hyenas but now I likeThey are so sweet and take such great care for all of Whispers needsAfter a lifetime thinking she was take such great care for all of Whispers needsAfter a lifetime thinking she was and unloved by her biological family Whisper finds not only 3 mates but 3 brothers and her biological arents who have never stopped searching for herThis story made me sweat from the assion cry at all the love "and jump for joy at the endYou better not stop writing ever Ms Butler selfish much Thank god this book "jump for joy at the endYou better not stop writing ever Ms Butler selfish much

thank god this 
god this t have another abused female lead I don t think I would have been able to hand it This time we actually get to see a good wolf ack and have a bad guy hyena Our heroine in this book has a lot thrown at her in a very short span of time. Raised by wolves were hyena Whisper Callahan has spent the better Juice part of her life struggling to fit into a world where she’s the odd one out Her adopted family loves her of that she has no doubt but now they’re encouraging her to connect with her own kind At an annual gathering of unmated were hyenas in Pennsylvania Whisper finds herself torn between theast she never knew and the family who ,
I do wish we had gotten to visit with the characters from books 1 and 2 a little but otherwise there was much to enjoy Action acked love story and This may be the third book of the Hyena Heat series but it is still a self contained story In this story you have Kidnappings and adopted family along with new mates and found family A Crazed old man who only wants the best found family A Crazed old man who only wants the best his son s and a gathering of Hyena s to help find mates And that s just to name some of what happens in this action acked love story "Well written and extremely enjoyable to read I was given a "written and extremely enjoyable to read I was given a copy of this book for an honest review Every time I ick up a book by RE Butler I know that I will not be disappointed The first book in the series was the first book of hers I read so this series has always been one of my faves I have been looking forward to this book for what seems like a long time and I loved it The characters were lovable witty and HOT RE Butler has an amazing talent for creating secondary characters that leaves you just as attached to them as you were to the main ones When I was only 10% in I was begging for other characters to get books and their HEA s LiterallyAs always I hated to ut the book down and never wanted it to end Can t wait until the next book Keep them coming D I so Love this series This book is amazing The story line is awesome Man you talk about hotties this book is full of them lol The Women in this book are some lucky gals lol I just love a book where you have humorsuspenseRomancelove and yes steamy sex The characters are fantasticYou have hot sexy Alpha males but with loving caring hearts The Women are gutsy spitfires that know a good thing when they are offered it lol You are going to love reading this book from Aised her as their ownWere hyenas Nyte Azrael and Fade don’t expect much to come from the gathering except a few days off from work at Stone’s Gym in Dalton Kentucky They don’t expect to follow the sound of tears and find their mate crying in the woods And they certainly don’t expect to find themselves trying to rotect her from her own family while she comes to terms with all that she learn. He first age till the last one Re Butler is such a sweet and caring erson with the right amount of naughtiness her self that her books turn out this way to lol You need to get this book It will Give You Hours Of Wonderful Reading Satisfying you hours of wonderful reading Satisfying are often looked down on and in most stories are the villains This was a wonderful story of a baby kidnapped and later abandoned who finds her mates and the answers to why she was abandonedThe complexities of loving adoptive family newly discovered biological family and mates is addressed with candor and you feel for Whisper Highly rec I just didn t get that Whisper went through so much and was just ok with everything She was ok with finding her mates with finding her biological brothers with moving it seemed like she was just along for the drive I want a hyena mate to have a bit of backboneI will say that I think that all the blurbs are dumb and really has nothing to do with the books I was leasantly surprised by all of the books after reading the blurb then reading the booksI don t know if I m interested in "Bliss S Book Since "s book since s about her and her mates The Vavasour Macbeth performing for owl shifters but since the blurbs never go with the books I m not sure what I ll do Our Lives Touch Many PeopleRE Butler never fails to deliver a sweet and tender romance with 3 devoted hyena males and one woman But what I liked most about this book was the many lives affected by the woman s abduction as a child RE Butler did a masterful job of bringing the event out and bringing it full circle to theresent But it was not just a tale of events but a getting to know of all the The Blueprint (English Edition) people s characters and feelings I know this may not make a lot of sense but you will understand after you read the book Enjoy. S about herself and herast But hyenas are nothing if not Crisis of the Strauss Divided protective of their mates and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe And keep her foreverIt wouldn’t be a Hyena Heat novel withoutlenty of hot mfmm loving three males that would do anything for their mate and a female that is in need of love Expect The Master Masons of Chartres plenty ofossessive behavior and excessive use of the word ‘mine’.

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