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Evergreen Rebecca Rasmussen s second novel is a deceptively simple story about three generations of a family living among the forests and rivers of Evergreen Minnesota There are four parts each focusing on roughly a ear in the life of individual characters Eveline Sturm n e LeMay her daughter Naamah Eveline s son Huxley Hux Sturm and Naamah s daughter Racina Runk As the narrative leaps forward in time from 1938 to 1954 to 1961 to 1972 Rasmussen reflects the changes in her characters through changes in the environment a ramshackle cabin with no running water or electricity becomes a real home with glass windowpanes Once silent forests become crowded as human settlements increase placing pressure not only on the landscape and animals but the Sturms and Runks as wellSurvival and the balance of its costs and rewards are key to each of the characters though in vastly different ways Eveline must adapt from city life to a far rougher life in the woods showing a remarkable amount of inventiveness her husband Emil gathers the components for a water barrel shower but it is Eveline who assembles a gravity feed which makes the contraption viable When given the choice between living alone in their cabin or moving back to town with her parents Eveline stays tending a small garden and learning to hunt and fish with the help of her friend Lulu Runk After a horrifying encounter with a stranger Eveline leaves the resulting daughter on the doorstep of an orphanage in the desperate hope that someone will be able to look upon the child s face without seeing his eyes his dimples his leering smile It is a choice which haunts and torments her for the rest of her life and Rasmussen makes the difficulty of Eveline s decision plain to the reader there is no perfect answer nothing she can do which will not affect generations to come That said Rasmussen clearly feels sympathy for her characters she never passes judgement on Eveline or any of the others opting instead to present them as deeply flawed human beings who are each trying to do the best they can under difficult circumstancesThe daughter Naamah is raised until the age of fourteen in a painfully strict orphanage under the watchful and disapproving eye of Sister Cordelia The Hopewell orphanage itself is not uite Dickensian no mildewed walls or mutilated groundskeepers here but neither are the girls smothered in love and encouragement Sister Cordelia firmly believes in the power of punishment to cleanse the soul of sin when ten Language and Linguistic Diversity in the Us year old Naamah lost a tooth during Communion she was sentenced to a diet of only stale bread until she repentsShe has so much potential but sometimes I have to hurt her just to see itShe doesn t understand what a kindness this is Naamah is a brilliant girl determined to find the mother who gave her away so manyears before but a lifetime of isolation within Hopewell s walls does not euip her to make good choices when Sister Cordelia thrusts her out on a wintry night While her story doesn t end here her narrative does and the distance from her thoughts and motivations for her actions is one of the few frustrating aspects of the book As her mother did before her Naamah does her best to make good decisions but I really would have liked to see of her perspective once she reunites with her to make good decisions but I really would have liked to see of her perspective once she reunites with her "brother and tries to create a family of her own I especially would have liked some insight into "and tries to create a family of her own I especially would have liked some insight into thought process during the last night she spends with Gunther and their infant daughterA few Die Bischöfin von Rom years after his mother s deathbed confession of his sister s existence and her command to do the right thing Bring her home Hux manages to do just that Not knowing what her childhood was like and rightfully infuriated by what he discovers he tracks her down to a logging camp and convinces her to come with him in the cabin in Evergreen Hux is less of a compelling character than the women of Evergreen and a spiritual successor to men like Henry David Thoreau rather than Daniel Boone but this makes him a perfect compliment and foil to Naamah who prefers to sleep outside and can catch a fish in mid stream His familial love for Naamah and his desire to help her given his knowledge of her past and the truth of her conception is admirable without ever drifting into saccharine sweetness or nausea inducing lust A character like Hux or his friend Gunther Runk Lulu s son men who respect and appreciate the wildness of the natural world around them without ever idealizing it is absolutely necessary in a novel which relies so much on the internal lives of its charactersRacina who is nearly elevenears old when her narrative begins is a charming oung woman with the best of her parents ualities and than enough curiosity to spare Her efforts to find her mother echo Naamah s own desperation to know her mother though of course their childhoods are very different Despite the love and care she receives from her father Uncle Hux and Aunt Leah Racina still feels that something is missing from her life Knowing that her mother had a very hard life that made her sick isn t enough she needs to see her mother s face sueeze Naamah in her arms In the interest of avoiding spoilers all I ll write is that I was very pleased with the resolution to Racina s story indeed with the resolutions of each character that was still alive at the endThere is little physical conflict in Evergreen characters wage emotional battles with themselves or one another but it s all so beautifully written that I didn t mind in the slightest The most devastating or important moments in a person s life aren t always accompanied by dramatic events or loud fanfare Sometimes a small action like offering a stranger a hot meal or taking off a piece of jewelry can have significant and unforeseen conseuences Somehow I don t feel like I ve written enough about what makes this book so good but if I don t wrap this review up soon I don t know if I ll be able to stop eitherBooks like Evergreen are why I put in bids for titles through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway system There s a certain pleasure. A BookPage Best Book of the Year It is 1938 when Eveline a oung bride follows her husband Emil into the Minnesota wilderness Though their cabin is rundown they have a river full of fish a garden out ba. Which is usually what I like to convey in a review So I have decided to just make a list of a few of my thoughts This book is so well written that even though I knew some of what would happen having read the description the story was no less gripping You can only grasp the incredible sadness of this story by immersing ourself into it which happened to me with little effort Parts of this book are very difficult to read but it is well worth the pain in our gut There are some wonderful characters in this book that Declaration of Purposes of the Patrons of Husbandry you will love especially Lulu The b 45 Stars I remember tears streaming downour face when I said I ll never let Die Reisenden you goWhen all those shadows almost killedour lightI remember Undercover Pregnancy you said don t leave me here aloneBut all that s dead and gone and passed tonight Just closeour eyes the sun is going downYou ll be alright no one can hurt ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 you nowCome morning lightou and I ll be safe and sound Safe and Sound from the Hunger Games Soundtrack Taylor Swift Songwriters T Bone Burnett John Paul White Taylor Swift Joy Williams Yetton Tell me the landscape in which Hummer you live and I will tellou who With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you are Ortega Y GassetA beautifully written story about nature wilderness siblings and the people who choose to live a solitary life this story has a fairy tale feel replete with birds flittering about and the hovering darkness before the light The story begins with the arrival of Eveline to Evergreen Eveline LeMay came after the water She arrived on a cool morning in early September asleep in a rowboat without paddles as if she knew the river currents would carry her past the tamarack and black spruce forest around Bone Island a fen and a bog all the way to Evergreen and her new husband Emil who was waiting for her on the rocky shore They are no longer newlyweds having lived in the home of her parents before Emil decided they should move Life is simple not easy filled with hard physical labor Emil is used to the hum of mosuitoes in his ears and the mud coming up to his ankles but they have love and a woodstove and might even have electricity in aear or two Home is a remote cabin in this forest wilderness big enough for two Soon to be three A son Hux will be born to them There s such a sense of isolation and a dream like uality to the days as they seem to merge into weeks and soon a ear has passed and Emil receives a letter calling him back to Germany His father is dying It is supposed to be a somewhat brief visit It is 1939 With Emil gone Eveline decides to stay on rather than return to her parents and draws strength support and friendship from neighbors across the riverThere are additional characters that play a role in this story as the ears go by some The Alcohol Experiment you love to hate and someou just love Sister Cordelia is a memorable character Lulu is wonderful and Naamah s story will steal Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah your heart as will Racina What really pulled me in to begin with though was the lovely prose describing this life lived within this forest primevalA story about the road taken the choices made the cost and continuing impact of those choices sometimes to our detriment about motherhood about the mercy we offer and the absolution we seek and the wisdom in the words And a little child shall lead them Isaiah 116 Every timeou think ou need to hold on let go Many thanks to the Public Library system and the many Librarians that manage organize and keep it running for the loan of this book Eveline fell in love with Emil precisely because of watching him tip people monarch butterflies It didn t take long to feel Eveline s sadness and loneliness She was a new bride away from her family friends civilization loneliness She was a new bride away from her family friends civilization moved to the forest deep in the woods the biggest change of her lifeIt s no accident that I started reading this book esterday the day our ounger daughter made the biggest change in her life She moved to another country Canada I honestly hadn t even realized the correlation until today Eveline and Emil s new home was a shabby cabin in the wilderness of Minnesota A beyond shabby cabinI don t think Eveline s parents slept sound at night Their daughter was pregnant Emil was gone long hours each day He was a taxidermist or he was out cutting wood or killing a rabbit or suirrel to bring home for dinner Everyday chores were demanding Cooking was difficult without proper layout of running water Eveline had to heat blocks of snow on the woodstove at the beginning of each meal The food pantry was threadbare Life was hard and isolating The forest was beautiful but living in the woods narrowed happinessLife was about to get harder et Emil left for Germany to visit his dying father Eveline and their baby Hux stayed behind sink or swim I m not sure I could Have Faced What Eveline Was About To faced what Eveline was about to with minimum resources and a baby I was nervous for Eveline Turns out I had good reason to be As for Emil still in Germany prewar days of WWII thoughts of him never left me Rebecca Rasmussen s writing is gorgeous and visual I couldn t help but feel affected The gorgeous and visual I couldn t help but feel affected The is a combination of simple and complex The plot moved in a directionI didn t see coming I had no idea it would be as much about Namaah and HuxEveline s separated siblings as it was about Eveline and Emil Even the minor characters are than minor Lulu is a great friend to EvelineCullen O Shea is to fear Sister Cordelia a nun at an orphanage will challenge Demonica your thinkingTuna the Sparrow will warmour heart The themes for me are many love marriage motherhood separation survival friendship tragedy adversity new beginnings hope and redemptionEndearing charactersThe woods nature the birds other animals the seasons stillness added beauty and power against the upheavals and sadnessA very fitting uote at the beginning Tell me the landscape in which Buckley and Wilberta you live and I will tellou who ou are Ortega Y GassetI m also reminded of RobertFrost s famous uote Two roads diverged in a wood and I I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference This uiet novel is really lovely great book club choice Thank You Cheri for bringing this to my attentio. F the past can ever be mended  Set before a backdrop of vanishing forest Rebecca Rasmussen has written a luminous and emotionally charged novel about how one defining moment can echo through generation.


In discovering an author whose work is unfamiliar to me spending hours with the characters and places she s created and wishing that at the end the book just went on and on forever following those characters through the rest of their lives Evergreen is one of those rare books that having devoured the ARC I will absolutely purchase a copy for myself once it s been published I received a free ARC of this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway This did not affect my review in any way uotes were taken from an uncorrected proof and may be subject to change upon publication of the completed text Oh Rebecca Rasmussen ou did it again You reached in and wrapped The Franciscan Book Of Saints your hand around my heart withour lovely but heart breaking story I loved most of the characters and the ones I didn t Sperm Gone Wild you made me understand why These characters leapt off the pages as did the settings which played as big a part as the main characters I should have been tipped off by the uote before the story begins Tell me the landscape in whichou live and I will tell Live and Online! you whoou are It s a story about the need for love and acceptance and what happens when those are missing in one s life The uestion of nature versus nurture ran through my mind with each generation I loved what a minor character says at one point in the story Every time All Clear you thinkou need to hold on let go Without spoiling the story I ll just say I think book clubs would find a lot to discuss with EvergreenEarlier I mentioned the story is lovely but heart breaking I turned the final page feeling uplifted and hopeful and so glad to have read EvergreenI received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for my opinion I m so glad I noticed this wonderful book after reading recent reviews from Elyse Cheri I was drawn in from the beginning and savored every chapter of this lovely book I enjoyed the descriptive words of the forest the characters and the magical uality of the little bird named Tuna I enjoyed this much in the same way I enjoyed reading The Snow Child This is a perfect book to curl up with on a cool fall weekend Add it to To Be Continued your reading list I loved this book and can t wait for everyone else to get a chance to read it It s definitely plot driven and I would have liked to have seen some characters stick around a little longer but Rasmussen s sense of space and suspense made it hard to put this one down I devoured it and now I need to go see what else she has written Beautifully written and a very enjoyable and evocative read I loved the descriptions of the country and the way of life and many of the characters were just remarkable However I struggled with the way it wrapped up I wanted to know what Naamah was thinking view spoilerwhen she left especially regarding what she did to the baby hide spoiler Loved the characters the scenic descriptions the heart of the story It s no surprise to anyone who knows me that novels with natural settings are my thing The title of this book alone suggests an outdoorsy feel The wonderful pine trees stamped on the book jacket the bird they speak volumes Yet this book is SO much than a novel with an outdoor setting filled with wondrous creatures scents and sounds This is character driven fiction as its best a story of love identity tragedy forgiveness andearning Spanning generations of two close knit families from 1938 to 1972 it is a treasure And I will concur with others if Chinas History (Sinopedia Series) you loved The Snow Childou will love this book as well While it is similar is some ways it also is uite different and so very lovely in its own rightI thoroughly enjoyed Rasmussen s debut The Bird Sisters but I loved Evergreen even She writes with such an assured style one that is at once filled with simplicity et also luxurious sophistication For example Lulu came marching through the forest and up to the cabin her coonskin coat unbuttoned and flying behind her like a feral cape and her child flying in front of her to avoid being swallowed by it imagery in Evergreen pops the emotion ignites et prose is still as accessible as it is drink worthy To me the author s style is reminiscent of Louise Erdrich and Rachel Simon The ease with which Rasmussen braids symbolism theme foreshadowing and metaphor into the story is admirable Birds articles of clothing trees light they all come to mean so much than their physical identity And perhaps this is one of my favorite aspects of the book Through the sensibilities of the characters Eveline Emil Hux Lulu Gunther Naamah all living in the wilderness of Minnesota Rasmussen is able to subtly weave environmental themes throughout avoiding a preachy affect Somehow she presents such a balanced view of the tug and pull of humans on the natural world highlighting human ignorance but also human respect for the outdoors and its inhabitants Yes if Like the Roman you have an environmental conscience this book will makeou think or have ou saying aloud like I did Yes Yes Yes For instance Hux takes note The second logging camp was remote than the first There were still forests that hadn t been touched by the blade of a than the first There were still forests that hadn t been touched by the blade of a up here a sight almost harder to bear than the forests that had Hux was part of the destruction but he didn t ever use of anything than he needed Even the smallest details of the physical printing of this book wowed me for Parts I IV each told through a different character s point of view the icons at that start of each chapter change Maple leaves are used for one character oak leaves for another a fern for one a flower for another Loved this little detailThis is one of my favorites of 2014 If mother daughter Mother Son Relationships Interest You If You Ve Ever Found son relationships interest ou if The Sage in Harlem you ve ever found in the singing of a sparrow or the hooting of an owl or the sound of wind whistling through a tree ifou want to better understand people with earthy connections this book is for ou Read it Read it I have been trying to write a review of this book for the last couple of days and it s just not working very well For some reason I found myself writing about what the story is about than my feelings about it. Ck and a baby boy named Hux  But when Emil leaves to take care of his sick father a dangerous stranger arrives fracturing their small family forever and leaving Hux to grow up wondering if the wrongs ,

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