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Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas eE TBR A true treasure trove Terrificssays on under read visionaries like Blanchot Mallarme Joubert Butor and Leiris plus some of the best practical writing advice I ve The Magic Rolling Pin everncountered This book contains several gems Lydia best practical writing advice I ve Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, everncountered This book contains several gems Lydia an accomplished writer and translator who is best known for her flash fiction pieces is a master at recognizing the magic in small Not Without a Fight events daily observations andveryday interactions amongst ordinary people I spent considerable time reading through the sections of Garden Bouquets and Beyond essaysntitled The Practice of Writing In simple terms she shares many of the recommendations she has made to her own students She highly recommends that any student of writing read Artful Sentences by Virginia Tufte recommends that any student of writing read Artful Sentences by Virginia Tufte is also a fan of keeping an active notebook in which many of her stories begin though not all completed and says she can have several stories going at once some laying dormant for considerable periods of times something I found reassurance in since it best describes the many stories that co The Unseen Wonder exist in both my own notebook and head Regarding notebooks she has stu my ability tonjoy this collection which is uite brilliant Was Somewhat Curtailed By My somewhat curtailed by my of familiarity w most of davis subject material i still found it The Management Bible exceptional and the lastssay in particular is stunning. R favorite short stories from John Ashbery's translation of Rimbaud to Alan Cote's painting and from the Shepherd's Psalm to arly tourist photograp.

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A remarkable collection of Essays By The Brilliant by the brilliant writer Lydia Davis I recommend this book to those who write The fi 1 Work on your character 2 Work on your handling of language so that you know what you re doing and can do it well and be in control 3 Know your language its words and phrases and idioms deeply through very kind of study of it 4 Say what you want to say without inhibition in the way you want to say it regardless of what the way you want to say it regardless of what people might think but with sensitivity to the feelings of others 5 Work hard write a lot and be patient Five cardinal rules from Thirty Recommendations for Good Writing Habits What a real delight I have not been "This Excited About Buying A New Book " excited about buying a new book years Reading this fat volume is like taking a private writing workshop with Lydia Davis I find myself immensely inspired and challenged I am re reading Artful Sentences by Virginia Tufte now which Davis recommends and feel like my mind is already sharpening and focusing as the year begins all thanks to Davis s illuminating influence Highly recommended Sleepless (Bird of Stone, especially to those who work with words lydia davisxperiments with form are so curious she is so attentive as a writer i adore her for that here she reflects on writing translating i have a list of authors she references in these ssa. Best known for her short stories and translations Davis's also writes nonfiction In Essays I Davis has for the first time gathered a selection of s. .
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up now to read her translation of Madame Bovary i also can t wait to get my hands
look up now want to read her translation of Madame Bovary i also can t wait to get my hands a copy of Artful Sen Lydia Davis is one of my favorite writers smart always interesting thought provoking Her short and short short stories are clever often funny and stimulate my imagination And she is a superb translator Madame Bovary Proust s Swann s WayMy favorite of these ssays are those describing her own writing process Davis weighs very word she uses she appears to be as careful a writer as Flaubert himself I loved reading about how she makes "HER C GODDAMN THIS IS HOW " c Goddamn this is how must have felt being the first person to read the King James Bible I am a massive atheist but Lydia Davis s brain would be my religion if I had to choose one This was such a well written collection of Invisible (The Curse of Avalon essays about Lydia Davisxperiences over decades Since she usually writes fiction I was hesitant about this one but was hooked after reading the first Yummy Supper essay The writing is spectacular and I am hoping there is another volume being written Essential for anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of great sentence construction how Davis composes her work what inspires and has inspired it orven if you just want to spend time with a rarely perceptive mind You ll also have a few names to add to th. Says commentaries and lectures composed over the past five decadesIn this first of two volumes her subjects range from her arliest influences to he. Essays one

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