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Embrace the Night Night #1Umans are called Normals They live among each other Magickals eep their powers secret so that all Normals believe everyone is a Normal Merek is a police detective warlock He can see the future for everyone except people he cares about Chloe is a witch doing chemical research She is part of a three member team trying to create a serum to help werewolves control themselves during full moons One member of her team is illed The "second member disappeared The FBI puts Chloe into protective custody until disappeared The FBI puts Chloe into protective custody until catch the behind it The terrorist is Smith who wants control of the serum He will gain power and wealth by controlling who gets it Protective custody isn t safe enough and the bad guys still get to Chloe Merek takes a leave from his job to be Chloe s full time protector until Smith is caughtREVIEWER S OPINIONThis plot has been done many times before But that s ok if it s done well But this was not My reaction was they re just doing stuff There was nothing compelling or engaging Toward the end as I was thinking about the main characters I thought I don t care what happens to them I just want to be done reading and hope the next book is better What s missing Good characters Interesting and emotional relationship development Someone doing some smart things Things that surprise or delight me Interesting dialogue would be a plus There were a lot of actionfight scenes but they didn t win me over It was mostly throwing fire balls putting up shields guns with special bullets and werewolves slashing with claws Some motives for doing things weren t well developed A few times Merek was pondering too much which felt like filler He thinks he s not good enough for her so he leaves her It wasn t done in an interesting wayThe book falls under erotic paranormal romantic suspense The best I can say is read this if you want lots of explicit sex between Merek and Chloe One early sex scene was pretty hot but much of it felt thrown in I didn t feel any emotional connection My reaction to hot but much of it felt thrown in I didn t feel any emotional connection My reaction to sex scenes was they re just doing stuff Most of the sex was vanilla but there was a small amount of self pleasuring tying the hands spanking and rear door activityDATA. T But now her ex boyfriend and research partner is dead his part of the formula in terrorists' handsand the detective in charge is Merek the same man who's haunted her dreams ever since their frenzied night together Chloe is the one person whose future Merek can't predictthe only woman who could make him break every rule just to possess her again Nothing will stop him from protecting her and an explosive passion too primal too per. ,

Download Embrace the Night Night #1

Story length 346 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language STRONGEROTIC NUMBER OF SEX SCENES 13 ESTIMATED NUMBER OF Number of sex scenes 13 Estimated number of scene pages 51 Setting current day mostly Seattle Washington plus various other US locations Copyright 2011 Genre erotic paranormal romantic suspense What a pleasant surprise I received this book in a bundle of freebees and really wasn t expecting too much Embrace the Night is a great suspense PNR The Premise MC are witchWarlock with secondary characters being werewolves and vampires with the odd elf and normal tossed in In our story Chloe our heroin is a DoctorScientist
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is on the of creating a vaccine to aid the Werewolves in their potentially lethal shift during the full moon The Bad guys want the vaccine and ill all Chloe s partners in walks Merek a Warlock with precog as his talentexcept he can t see the future of those closest to him Toss in a werewolf godson and living on the run and you have a on the edge of your seat story I found Crystal Jordan s characters interesting and it was easy to connect with them I especially loved Alex the werewolf godson and the FBI Italian vampireI sense a seuel to this book with our vamp and Chloe s bff Tess and can t wait to read it The world CJ created was "interesting but could have been detailed and I don t think she spent enough time building "but could have been detailed and I don t think she spent enough time building character backgrounds and details for her bad guysI still don t really now why Smith wanted the vaccine and who exactly he was the Vamp magic user toolots of uestions about these types of characters who had a role but you didn t now motivation and how they were connected to Smith A bit build up happened with Gregor but still it would have been nice to now about him That being said Merek was an awesome hero who had issues and deal with his own angst and didn t just pander to Chloe s Recipe Toss two great Main Characters together add a werewolf teenager mix with murder and a plethora of bad guys season with a hunky Vamp and beautiful pathologistPlace in a well thought out plot and add a few hawt steamy sexy moments and you have the making of a great PNRI gave this book a solid 4 stars and am eager to find books by this autho. Fect to forgetPraise for the novels of Crystal JordanThere are books you read and those very special ones you devour Carnal Desires is definitely one of the latter This is definitely an author to watch Kate Douglas author of Wolf Tales The author is a master world builder and the abundant sex scenes complement the plot and characters One cannot help but fall in love with these large dangerous hot cats Romantic Times on On The Prow.
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This is a rare for me I tended to be annoyed with Merek then Chloe in this book Chloe is a witch and Merek is a warlock His power is seeing the future and when he can t see Chloe s "future it makes him run the other direction I was annoyed at how he took his power "it makes him run the other direction I was annoyed at how he took his power granted In this world there are humans Normals so all of them can t see the future plus the rest of the Others can t I understand about his past and the bad things that happened to people he loved his whining just dragged on too long Chloe was really strong I got a little annoyed at her fear of the dark but with all the crap thrown at her during the book she remained pretty damn strong Very happy with her character Embrace the Night by Crystal JordanThis is an adult paranormal romance book It is a VERY HOT book Enter into a world full of Magickals elves Fae vampires werewolves warlocksThe two main characters are Chloe Standish a witch biochemist and Merek Kingston a warlock detective who has a precognition ability Chloe is part of a 3 person team of scientists working on a control for werewolf changes One of the scientists Chloe s vampire ex boyfriend and his fiancee end up murdered The other scientist Ivan Nemov Chloe s best friend s werewolf husband is missing Chloe is brought in for uestioning before being put under Merek s protective custody Throw in Chloe s godson Ivan Nemov s werewolf son and Chloe s Siamese cat familiar Ophelia and Merek has his hands full on trying to eep them all safe and one step ahead of whoever is after Chloe and the research that the 3 scientists posses especially when he can t read Chloe so he doesn t now her future or how this will all endOverall this book was awesome I d actually give it a 5 out of 5 review It was full of a lot of hot sex action and twists and turns Once you start reading this book it will hook you and not let you go until you reach the end and find out who the bad guy is It s a refreshing story one that I was surprised with since I don "T Read Witch Stories Too " read witch stories too I did not enjoy it I wanted it to be over Lots of explicit sex Several fight and flight scenesSTORY BRIEFVampires werewolves witches and fae are called Magickals They're the Magickal onesvampires werewolves witches and fae who dwell among humans united by extraordinary talents and unbridled sexual powersChloe Standish went looking for a one night stand to erase memories of her cheating ex and found the hottest sex of her life A witch and biochemist who's working on a cure for werewolves Chloe nows all about magic yet Merek Kingston evoked a spellbinding lust beyond anything she'd ever fel.

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