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Murder in the Mews

Agatha Christie ☆ 5 Summary

I gave this collection of Hercule Poirot stories 5 stars I thought that the stories were interesting although I uibbled about the ending on two of the four stories Murder in the Mews 45 stars Japp asks Poirot to assist when a woman Mrs Barbara Allen is found dead in an apparent suicide After arriving on scene both men are starting to lean towards murder Mrs Allen oommate Miss Plenderleith seems largely unaffected by the scene she sees or so it appears Japp wonders if Miss Plenderleith had something to do with Mrs Allen s death Poirot is intrigued by the scene he has found and ealizes that something here is amiss I thought this was a very good showing of Poriot s little grey cells I also liked seeing how well Poirot and Japp worked this one together I do often find the stories that are absent Poirot s side kick Captain Hastings to not be as fulfilling as a eader but thought this one was very well done The solution to this one was interesting especially because I think there s a lot of logical leaps I didn t see straight on The only eason why I didn t give this one 5 stars is that the ending was not 100 percent satisfying I did laugh though since there is some dialogue between Japp and Poirot and murder and I started thinking about Curtain Poirot s Last Case The Incredible Theft 4 stars At a big country house I love stories with big country houses are the setting Lord Mayfield has invited Sir George Carrington his wife Lady Julia and their son Reggie There is also Lord Mayfield has invited Sir George Carrington his wife Lady Julia and their son Reggie There is also Mrs Vanderlyn who is a beautiful brunette American woman with a very suspicious pastpresent Mrs Macatta who is a forthright MP Then we also have Mr Carlile Lord Mayfield s assistant and Mrs Vanderlyn s maid Christie sets the stage so to speak when we get to follow around the oom and see how some of these characters feel about the other ones Eventually everyone leaves the dining oom and Lord Mayfield and Sir George are left alone to discuss the design of the new fighter Later on that evening they are about to put the plans away when they hear a scream and leave the study Coming back they find the plans gone Poirot is called in and honestly you can tell that ight away he knows what happened but we go through a whole back and forth with him interviewing people Once again the ending was not that satisfying because we find out who the guilty party is and the easoning behind things made me oll my eyes Dead Man s Mirror 4 stars Sir Gervase Chevenix Gore writes to Hercule Poirot to come to him at once Poirot of course is not someone who likes to be ordered around However after a conversation with someone
he knowstrusts about 
knowstrusts about Gervase he decides to go and visit He arrives and it seems that Sir Gervase has killed himself Poirot of course interviews everyone present and it seems there are a lot of warring interests going on between certain people present Sir Gervase s adopted daughter Ruth was being pressuredbullied by him to marry a distant elation Hugo Trent Due to Ruth not wanting to marry Hugo we find out that he intended to ewrite his will disinheriting her We get led on a merry chase via interviewing suspects but once again Poirot seems to know almost immediately who the guilty party is and why they did what they did I just thought it was a little far fetched in places Triangle at Rhodes5 stars We have Poirot on holiday in Rhodes There s not a lot of people around so he s made friends of sorts with some of the other guests All of them are agog though at the goings on between two married couples the Gold s and the Chantry s The Gold s consists of Douglas and Marjorie The Chantry s consists of Tony and Valentine We find out that Valentine has been married 4 or I think maybe even 5 times before she has wed Tony and that the woman seems to have a has wed Tony and that the woman seems to have a of having men fall in love with her Tony is possessive of his wife and doesn t like other men coming near her However on a beach day Douglas Chantry lays eyes on Valentine and it appears that is all he cares about during the vacation Soon the whole place is wondering when Douglas and Valentine will un off And we have the dreaded triangle between a married man his wife and mistress When Valentine dies though everyo. Haast ontelbaar zijn de zaken die Hercule Poirot in zijn lange en oemruchte carrière tot een oplossing heeft gebracht In dit boek wordt verteld van vier geva. Ne wonders who did it and whyThis was my favorite story in the collection and I loved how we are given the solution It makes you go back and e ead the story you just finished which I always enjoy I ead back and e ead the story you just finished which I always enjoy I ead book for the Amateur Sleuth suare Who am I kidding in writing this eview None or one of my Goodreads friends is going to ead this book 440000 eviewed And Then There Were None More than 100K people or have eviewed Christie s each most popular
poirot works such 
works such The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Murder on the Orient Express or Death on the Nile Murder on the Mews is one of the Little Engines that Could of Christie lore eviewed by as few as 8000 It features four stories three that might ualify as novellas published in 1937 maybe perfect length for tv serialization but nothing much to write home about having been there One thing to observe about Christie generally is that she makes scant eference to a eal world outside of her fictions In general she occasionally admits that The Great Depression may have affected her characters In Murder in the Mews we open on Guy Fawkes Day with some kids begging Penny for the guy sir but Chief Inspector Japp brushes him off and there are begging Penny for the guy sir but Chief Inspector Japp brushes him off and there are only a couple other eferences thereafter about he fact that the need for money might be a motive for the crime Poirot himself is a little egg headed dandy he loves pretty girls and oyals He s generally espectful to all classes in his investigations but he and his author don t much apologize for being pretty escapist even elitist In The Incredible Theft which is not all that incredible Agatha come on we have our first mention that England may have to face the challenge of involvement in WW II Murder in the Mews The best and most developed story is the title story Is it a murder disguised as a suicide or a suicide disguised as a murder That s the uniue angle here 4 stars The Incredible Theft See above but it s about a theft and no one even dies What s the good of eading about that Agatha At least kill somebody Though the theft involves plans for a bomber a war eference and a pretty American former spy no one would care much about this theftNot enough development 2 stars Dead Man s Mirror Features ich and somewhat eccentric Lord Chevenix Gore who for some eason seems to have committed suicide in spite of his massive ego Who would even buy this premise and yet most seem to accept it for most of the story So yeah he was murdered and as Gore gets gored okay by a bullet sorry the mirror in an adjoining oom gets shattered How can this even happen Why should we care This one is a little notable because it ehearses an idea for getting away with murder that appears in a later book The Mirror Crack d It s a solid story 3 stars The Triangle at Rhodes is mercifully short the weakest of the four not included in some editions involving a love triangle though you think it is about one set of characters and that s the interest in this one that the triangle you thought was key is not as important as another Beach scenes 2 stars but the summer scene at Rhodes could have been developed These are pretty early and weaker stories from Christie and yet they are still eadable I kept eading they are pretty well constructed I ead them fast and yet they are good to see her working out some different ideas If you want to ead on Christie though this would not even be close to the one I would ecommend What makes this collection a good ead are the two stories The first Incredible theft is expanded version of Christie s original story The Submarine plans The second story Dead Man s mirror is expanded version of her earlier story The second Gong The other two stories in the collection include Murder in the Mews and Triangle at Rhodes We also get to know that Poirot loves his Sirop de cassis A collection that shows its age culturally speaking Dead Man s Mirror3 starsThe flat was a modern one The furnishings of the oom were modern too The armchairs were suarely built the upright chairs were angular A modern writing table was set suarely in front of the window and at it sat a small elderly man His head was practically the only thing in the oom that was not suare It wa. Llen drie moorden en een diefstal waar de politie voor een aadsel staat maar waar Poirot dank zij zijn geijze cellen ontdekt hoe de vork in de steel zit En in.
Graeco-Egyptian Magick
S egg shapedClearly written in the days when entrance and exit wounds were not a known Thing by all eadersviewers Nonetheless I liked the characterizations The classic locked oom mystery that seems to be a suicide The Incredible Theft 25 starsAs the butler handed ound the souffle Lord Mayfield leaned confidentially towards his Neighbor On The Right on the ight Julia Carrington Known as a perfect host Lord Mayfield took trouble to live up to his eputation Although unmarried he was always charming to womenI never eally grooved much on Christie s attempts at spy stories It s a strange bygone age where people apparently take home Top Secret Plans and have Top Secret Meetings at their country estates Still Poirot and it is intriguing as a period piece Murder in the Mews 3 stars Penny For The Guy Sir A Small Boy the guy sir A small boy a grimy face grinned ingratiatingly Certainly not said Chief Inspector Japp And look here my lad A short homily followed The dismayed urchin beat a precipitate etreat emarking briefly and succinctly to his youthful friends Blimy if it ain t a cop all togged up Christie does a nice twist Inspector Japp and Poirot investigate an apparent suicide discovered by the woman s oommate More dialogue with feel of polish Triangle at Rhodes2 stars Don t ead this if you are going to ead Evil Under the Sun Hercule Poirot sat on the white sand and looked out across the sparkling blue water He was carefully dressed in a dandified fashion in white flannels and a large panama hat protected his head He belonged to the old fashioned generation which believed in covering itself carefully from the sun Miss Pamela Lyall who sat beside him and talked ceaselessly epresented the modern school of thought in that she was wearing the barest minimum of clothing on her sun browned personChristie must have been working out her plot for one of her better known full length mysteries This is uite truncated at a mere 25 pages and loses much of the atmosphere that makes the book so powerfulTwo and a half stars ounding up because Christie If I ate them lower it s probably because I m comparing them to my memories of her at her bestEdition note this is the ight ISBN number wrong cover It s a 1984 eprint by Berkeley Books and features a sihlouette of Poirot on the front Ok this book comprises four novellas so its probably fair that I mark them as I eadMurder in the Mews 45 A great short story that commences on Guy Fawkes night amidst the fireworks exploding so ideal for murder And who did it and why Poirot and Japp go metaphorically hand in hand to solve this complex killingThe Incredible Theft 35 Who was the person seen skulking around the terrace How did they know to steal the plans in that short space of time Poirot interviews all the people at the dinner that night to ascertain who could possibly have stolen the plans and why was the femme fatale Mrs Vanderlyn eally invited for the weekend by Lord Mayfield Dead Man s Mirror 4 Amazingly I ead this short story last year and yet I still couldn t emember who the murderer was Now does that mean I am loosing my memory or hopefully that I ve ead so many books since that this story has been pushed from my mindAnyway its an enjoyable story with Poirot at his most enigmatic best as he investigates the suicide or was it murder of the slightly batty Sir Gervase Chevenix Gore Writing a book about his ancestors and surrounded by his meagre family and staff Sir Gervase is found dead in his locked study when he doesn t "turn up in time for dinner Poirot invited down that day arrives "up in time for dinner Poirot invited down that day arrives the confusionTriangle at Rhodes 4 So this was to uote a friend a Grand story Poirot holidaying on a Greek Island lucky devil is drawn into an incident involving 2 married couples He is concerned that something untoward is going to happen and warns one of the wives that she should leave the island Needless to say she ignores his advice and her husband is then accused of murdering the other wife Poirot seems to have pre empted the murder and makes himself available to the Greek police Truth will come outSo overall this has to be a 4 star ead 4 great short stories that eally demonstrate Poirot s intelligence and versatility. Alle vier de verhalen wordt de lezer tot op het laatste ogenblik in spanning gehouden Bevat volgende verhalenMoord op nummer 14DodemansspiegelDriehoek op Rhod. ,

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