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Ynopsis but for Svetlana Chmakova s Dramacon I used Tokyopop s The reason being that this is what made me pick up the first volume at Barnes Noble and check it out Unfortunately this one oesn t live up to it s escription The characters aren t very well fleshed out and they seem to jump around a lot For example Derek goes from being kind of a jerk as far as boyfriends go but an ok guy to trying to rape Christie Pretty big change if you ask Me And The Reasoning Behind and the reasoning behind oesn t uite add up for me That said I have to admit it s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me The first two volumes are out and I read them both in BN s cafe one night I think it has to How to Train a Cowboy do with my love for conventions and other people srama which go hand in hand I think the series has a lot of promise but is missing the mark Hopefully the third book will improve the series and I can indulge in some vicarious One Special Moment dramaFor manga and anime reviews please check out Hobotaku This is so cute and funny And also made my sorry ass to wish for Cons This series has not aged wellI read the first two volumes right in the thick of my weaboo stage but never got around to reading the last book A recently made acuaintance forced it on me the otheray and here I amThe biggest flaw in the book is how it expounds the virtue of Original English Manga There s this one particular author who s used as a success story best selling mobs of fanS they re turning her mangas into a movieThis angle is understandable considering A DramaCon is a OEL and B It was published by TokyoPop the only manga company to bother with OELsOh and TokyoPop has since gone bankrupt and shut A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain down operations in North America Other OEL artists who got contracts with other companies suffered similar fatesSo that only shows howated the series is it comes from a time when people genuinely believed they could get into the business Now as far as I know it s if you want your stuff published build up a fan following online and then go from there See TeahouseBut I Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, digressOther low points of the manga includes pairing up the onlyark skinned characters which is just wat overwrought storyline where a mom almost The Mommy Makeover disowns heraughter for wanting to accept a publishing contract that she was offered and the general pocky is the best lol yaoi etc etc silliness of weaboo cultureAlso the romance where she keeps getting mad at the guy for no reason and running away And the awful art where a side profile of her face is just an eye blank space a point that s supposed to be her noseDramaCon is a series with very limited appeal and I apparently fall out of it s target audience Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww It s over This is me thinking about it being over LOL Darn I wish this series thinking about it being over LOL Darn I wish this series a little bit longer But HUZZAH FOR SO MUCH MATT What a studThe third volume was MUCH better than the second one Much stuff happeningand of course WAY Mattso me likey HahaNow to the PICTURESomg I wish I was Christie These next two happen to be two of my favorite non Matt moments p Haha I hope you can read the text especially for the first one because that s what I found most amusin. Out with the wacky crows from Firebird Studios one thing after another keeps her from getting together with Matt Could it be that these two are just not estined to be togeth. Dramacon Vol 3WOWThe first of 2016 Let s celebrateWhy five stars Well it s not an original story but it s told in a perfect way OK I admit that I ve never read about a character with only one eye attending a comic convetion but yeah it all worked perfectly for meI love the art by Svetlana makova her rawings are really good and their chibi versions are very very funny I on t think that the author rushed things towards the ending as other rewievs noted For me it ran towards the ending as other rewievs noted For me it ran to the end I love the part about Bethany and her mom But yeah all considering she was a fantastic side kick to Chrissie I ll efinitely read works by the author I ve already ordered Awkward A good ending to a great series this volume centers around getting important issues resolved Bethany s mother comes to visit that would be nice if to visit That would be nice if First Blood didn t totally hate that Beth wants to be a manga artist But her mother is unrelenting in the matter andisowns Beth when Beth tells her that she is going to pursue this as a career Sadly her mother gets into a wreck and breaks a rib Bethany rushes to her side and luckily mother finally sees things her The Palliser Novels daughter s way Meanwhile Christie is making up with Matt and trying to keep his annoying ex out of the picture Luckily Devil Ex Emily is not so bad in this volume and admitsefeat offering Matt and Christie her blessing Christie and Bethany Men And Gods In Mongolia do land a mangaeal with MangaPop and both are over the moon about it MangaPop is obviously TokyoPop as the picture of Steady Beat on their booth clearly says TokyoPop Derek returns in this volumewith his pregnant fiancee Maria Maria mentions that her pregnancy was unplanned It makes me wonder if Derek raped Maria like he tried to rape Christie in Vol1 One last note I must say that I loved that Christie was cosplaying as Sailor Moon While they called her Asahi from Sailing Moon the reference was blantly obvious Best manga series I have read this year With two anime conventions under her belt Christie knows exactly what to expect at the Yatta Anime Convention Even her artistpartner Bethany feels like a pro at the con especially with her Hunter Killer (Pike Logan drawing on the official convention t shirts Still both girls are in for a few surprises in Dramacon Volume 3 2007 the final installment in Svetlana Chmakova s super awesome seriesChristie and Matt might finally be ready to connect as than friends Matt s girlfriend is out of the picture and Christie is out of excuses to not try and make their relationship work But after two years of avoiding each other andenying their feelings will these two be able to figure everything out before the convention is overWhile Christie knows exactly what she s getting into at the convention Bethany is completely surprised when she finds out her mother plans on Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, dropping by the convention center How will her mother react when she finds out that Bethany is at a comic convention working as of all things a comic artistThis year s convention might be a chance for the girls to realize a lot of theirreams if they can make it through all the con The Friend Zone drama firstAt this point I think we ve already established that People say the best way to cure a crush on someone is get to know them Will Matt and Christie's love survive their firstateNow college students Christie and Bethany are bac. ,

Love Dramacon and think it s brilliant *That said I still wish this final installment had gone a bit ifferently Compared to the first *said I still wish this final installment had gone a bit ifferently Compared to the first volumes Christie and Matt got very little screen time Instead much of the comic focused on Bethany s relationship with her mother and her own fledgling romance While this story thread is very Alpha (Shifters, dramatic and compelling Iid start the series with Christie and I would have liked to spend time on her character at the end of itDramacon Volume 3 changes focus rather Whalerider dramatically in comparison to the first two books in the series as with the focus on Bethany and with much of the focus moving away from the actual convention That said this is still a great culmination to a much loved series Christie and Matt resolve most of their relationship problems once and for all Bethany finally reveals her love of art to her motherBy the end of the book there is a sense that whatever these characters encounter in the future they ll be okay Because they have each other That s a nice lesson to learn and one that this manga conveys very well Dramacon was almost always cheerful and exuberant so it was nice to see the series end on an optimistic high note because the characterseserved nothing less as a sendoff HOW DID THIS DO EVERYTHING I WANTEDI love manga SO MUCH Funny and amazing last manga of the seriesThis was a very nice last manga I am glad we got to see Matt a lot than in the last volume The romance was just so cute I finished this one really uickly maybe to uickly I also enjoyed Bethany s story a lot when she is finally ready to reveal her love for art to her mother I am thankful for the ending but still wish there was a fourth volume after The short story at the end from the point of view of Matt was so cute a bit cheesy maybe but it made me smile so much55 I ecided to finally pick this series up after I met Svetlana at a convention as one of my Featured Artists I really enjoyed this view of the life of a convention artist I feel sad its only a 3 volume set but on the other hand short means i can actually pick it up and finish it great art Great Humor One Thread Holding humor one thread holding all my books together is often the humor if you haven t noticed Overall Rating C Synopsis from Tokyopop Dramacon is a romantic ramedy about a romance that blooms over the course of several years at an anime conventionChristie is a budding writer who is attending an anime convention for the first time in her life She and her artist boyfriend Derek get a table in the artist alley to promote a self published ashcan comic that she wrote and he rewDerek is a little too taken with the attention all the female cosplayers Are Paying Him Which Upsets Christie And Forces Her To paying him which upsets Christie and forces her to with the player side of Derek that she had ignored up until now Things uickly become complicated especially after she bumps into Matt a handsome but shy cosplayerSvetlana Chmakova s Dramacon plumbs the epths of the emotional attachments that spring up in the superheated world of fan conventions topics near and Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, dear to the hearts of all true otaku Normally I try to write my own K to pimp their comic at the Yattacon and Bethany is glowing with pride because heresigns are on every T shirt at the con But while Christie is thrilled to be back hanging. .

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