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D plot a classic locked door mystery lots of suspects with motives opportunity I felt like it rambled a little bit though Like this could ve suspects with motives opportunity I felt like it rambled a little bit though Like this could ve wrapped up a lot sooner than it was I wasn t bored just a littledisinterested after awhile particularly in the first third of the book Cleta s antics got annoying after awhile Also some of the names Pish Lush Cleta Lauda were just a tad bit over the top Lauda I kept reading as Latuda which is a medication for bi polar depression and Cleta I kept reading as Cletus And seriously Pish All I can think #Of Is Sean Connery Having #is Sean Connery having go the bathroom xcushe me i to go the bathroom Excushe me I to take a pish It distracts me from the story Maybe it s just me and I realize that authors have to protect themselves from accidentally using the name of an actual person in a story but when there are names I think are stupid in a story it kind of turns me off But that s pretty much the only criticisms I have of this book Like I said I m completely hooked on this series and can t wait for the next to come out I finally got back to this series and I think this book was my favorite so far despite Merry having to deal with a couple of very nasty people in it one of which Fates (Fates, ended up dead Unfortunately the other one worked in town but there was news of hopefully something in the works coming along in another book that concerned this person I m always hopeful of having them leave when a hateful person is in a book lol I hadn t guessed the killer and reallynjoyed the way that the person was flushed out sort of like in an old mystery movie with all the suspects thereMy favorite character has always been sweet Pish Merry s financial adviser who s been than an adviser He s been like a father to her and Merry loves him with all her heart I know that Pish would love to see her keep the castle and be able to restore of it There were a lot of small changes among some of the characters but as the series progresses I can see that they ve grown and have to move on This is another series that isn t all about the murder It s about the people in it and those that they care for I love how the whole mystery has always been Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, explained completely at thend and the nding in this book is super nice Muffin baker xtraordinaire Merry Wynter is back and still trying to sell Wynter Castle a castle she inherited from an uncle she barely knew In the meantime she has to OBaby earn a living and baking muffins isn t cutting it So she rents out rooms in her castle and takes in a group of seniors she calls The Legion of Horrible Ladies As you can guess these are not the nicest people One in particular Cleta Sanson is cruel toveryone including Merry She can t understand why the group lets Cleta in their circle in the first place but she s stuck with them for several weeks and must make the best of it Then Cleta is found murdered at the castle The list of suspects is limited to the residents of the castle There s no way Merry is going to sit back uietly while a murderer runs loose in her homeMerry also finds herself and attracted to the local sheriff Although still not over the death of her husband Nerds eight years ago she s willing to give a new relationship a try However will her interference in the investigation put a damper on their romance before itven startsThis is the third book in the series and Merry Wynter has become a stronger character with Zack (Areion Fury MC each book Her potential romance is building slowly but realistically She s someone readers can truly care about She s surrounded by someccentric characters some zany some just really strange and some downright meanMix the crazy cast of characters with humor mystery and romance and you have a delightful story that will keep you captivated for hours It s a page turner I m anxiously counting the minutes until book 4 is releasedFTC Disclosure The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way All opinions Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, expressed are my own Books one and two in this series were completely delightful Getting to know Merry and be with her as she adjusts to life at Wynter Castle But muffin I mean nothing prepared me for The Legion Of Horrible Ladies in DEATH OF AN ENGLISH MUFFIN Fantastic Merry had no Death of an English Muffin book 3 in the Merry Muffin Mystery series returns us to Wynter Castle American castle where we catch up with Merry Wynter and her colorful circle of friends Merry has taken the suggestion of a dear friend and rented out rooms in her inherited castle to severallderly society ladies in order to help finance the much needed restoration of the building and grounds How much trouble could they be. Dough so she decides to take in renters The idea pans out and Merry's able to find a handful of tenants ager to live in a real castle The only problem is most of them are crumby tea swilling old biddiesThe Legion of Horrible Ladies as Merry calls them is led by the terribly nasty and fabulously wealthy Cleta Sanson. Death Of An English Muffin is the third book in The Merry Muffin SeriesMerry Wynter Has Been Trying To Come Merry Muffin seriesMerry Wynter has been trying to come with something to get some cash flow going to spruce up the old castle she has inherited from her Uncle so that she can put it on the market to sell Finally her good friend Pish has come up with the idea of renting out some rooms Pish s aunt Lush and three of her friends have moved in to the castle Things are not as Merry had hoped and she refers to the lderly ladies as the Legion of Horrible Ladies The most outspoken of the group is Cleta Sanson Taxi ins Glück everyoneven the other guests can t stand her She has ven alienated some of the residents of Autumn Vale and residents at Golden Acres a retirement community So it surprises no one when Cleta s body is found in a bathroomNow Merry with

help of Pish and her friend Shilo set to do a little investigating of their own to catch the murderer before the castle becomes known as a death trap The supporting cast will provide the readers with a few chuckles too Emerald and Juniper may not be the most competent mployees but they do provide some funny time And Lizzie and Alcina a couple of local teenagers are back and are once again are an Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas enjoyable duo A wonderful series and I will be watching for the next book in the seriesRecipes are also included I reallynjoyed this book Merry is hosting a group of The Magic Rolling Pin elderly women as she continues to try and figure out what to do with Wynter castle Cleta is one miserable lady who is mean toveryone Merry tries to arrange Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, events to keep them amused combining them with thelderly from the home At one such Not Without a Fight event the mystery begins Merry is determined to find who has done this in her home to one of her guests My only problem was the repeated uestioning of who invited Cleta Then again Merryven mentions that she keeps asking it because no one will answer so this was a minor drawback for me Some of the usual town people are back I love Doc he Garden Bouquets and Beyond even gave me a laugh out loud moment The mystery wasxcellent and kept me guessing until the The Unseen Wonder end and was wellxplained I love that Merry doesn t do stupid things to The Management Bible endanger herself and love that her relationship with Virgil is growing but not too fast This series has such a potential for growth in so many ways that it will stay fresh Between the town seeming to grow and come to life and some of the minor characters growing I m sure we will see Autumn Vale flourish There is also thextra bonus of some yummy sounding recipes to try I will definitely continue on with series I received an advanced copy of this book and this review and opinions are my own My first foray into a Victoria Hamilton Cozy Mystery Death of an English Muffin is actually the third in the Merry Muffin Mystery series And I m hooked I need to go back and read the first two in the series so I m all caught up But ven having not read the first two I was hooked by the story and the characters from the very beginning Merry Wynter has inherited a castle in upstate New York so as she is working to fix it up she takes in renters whom she has dubbed the Legion of Horrible Ladies One of the legion the nastiest of the group is murdered so Merry and her band of misfits set out to solve whodunit so she can get back to business as usualThe author has a great voice for writing Cozies my favorite type of read The characters are ngaging and just kooky Sleepless (Bird of Stone, enough to keep it interesting While it s somewhat of a long book and at times it felt like nothing much was happening with the mystery I was still drawn into the world of Wynter Castle The setting description not to mention that the main character is always baking muffins makes me want to stay there andxperience the castle people and village firsthand It s a very ngaging story and the mystery takes several twists and turns with plenty of red herrings along the way I was actually very surprised to find out who the culprit was This is a must read for Cozy fans I received this book from the author in xchange for a fair and honest review 4 12 Stars I have to admit I am totally hooked on this series I really like Merry and I love the location This book is the best of the series by far there wasn t really anything I didn t like about it Merry Wynter gets sucked into hosting The Legion Of Horrible Ladies in her castle for six months when friend Pish s little old auntie Lush wtf is with the names in this family comes to stay and brings her friends including a mean and vicious old lady named Cleta Someone finishes off Cleta in the bathroom and Merry sets out to figure out who did it with the help of hunky sheriff Virgil This one had a really goo. From the national bestselling author of Muffin but Murder baker Merry Wynter returns with a fresh tray of muffins and a case that has authorities stumpedThey say one's home is one's castle but when it comes to Wynter Castle Merry would like it to belong to someone lse But until a buyer bites she could use some xtra.

Summary Death of an English Muffin Merry Muffin Mystery #3

Unfortunately for Merry and friends They Find Out All Too find out all too just how much as they struggle daily with managing The Legion of Horrible Ladies reuests complaints and suabbles When one of the ladies is murdered in Merry s beloved castle she sets her mind to finding the guilty party and reclaiming her home I have now read all three installments of this series by Victoria Hamilton and while I Invisible (The Curse of Avalon enjoyedach of them I feel that this is the best to date The story is well paced and the mystery Yummy Supper elements were uite good As the series has progressed it seems that Ms Hamilton has found Merry s voice and I am growing to like this character and herver xpanding circle of friends with ach book One minor issue I had with the first book in this series and to a lesser Deep Listening extent the second was that the dialog could sometimes sound a little stilted just my opinion and could get a little over the topven for characters who are supposed to be somewhat flamboyant again my just my opinion I did not find that to be the case here at all and I felt that the characters xpressed themselves beautifully I njoyed the return of favorite characters from the previous books but I was sorry that we didn t see very much of Shilo in this book though I suspect that there may be going on with her in future installments I hope so The progression of relationships seems natural and the characters are continuing to Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature evolve in interesting ways We see here just as in real life sometimes first impressions don t do a person justice and sometimes they are dead on In short this is a strongntry in a very good series I hope it is not too long before we get to see Merry Muffin Mysteries Please Note I received a complimentary advance review copy of this book in Lara and the Gray Mare (Hoofbeats: Lara and the Gray Mare, exchange for my honest opinion 4 starsIf a woman screams in the forest and no one hears her does she feel any better It makes a hell of an opening lineAnother sly referenceRobert Frost would have loved my forests The woods were lovely dark and deep but I had promises to keep The Legion of Horrible Ladies the women Merry has been hoodwinked into renting rooms to for a few months cause a lot of trouble for the heroine but lots of laughter for reader Injoy this series so much and it s mostly because the author is so great with the charactersFor Trajan example Merry s description of CletaI ll start with Cleta also known as the thorn in my side a perpetual grim reminder of how someone you find irritating can become through constantxposure the Reason You No Longer Enjoy Living I d suggest that you read the books of the series in order although Bunnys Book Club Goes to School each is a standalone mystery there is a continuing story from book to book that would be spoiled by reading them out of order A strong cozy mystery for me must contain a complex mystery with a mean victim a group of solid core characters a bevy of potential culprits who are tied together in a fascinating manner and anasily visible and charming locale The third book in the Merry Muffin Mystery series by Victoria Hamilton Death of an English Muffin has all that and I give this one 45 muffins I mean starsThe VillainA nasty old woman visiting the castle with her friends is killed Cleta had some of the most offensive for a cozy and ruthless dialog I ve The Peculiar Pig ever seen She s a miserable lady who takes her frustrations out onveryone Cherry Ingram else and therefore she deserved to be the one to die in this book Readers will love seeing her get her just dessertsThe Core CharactersMerry is awesome She s a realistic and smart woman who is trying to figure out her path Sometimes she pushes too hard others she backs away in appropriate measures I like her character a lot and she makes me want to find my own castle to renovate Her friends are growing and she s building connections among the people in Autumn Vale In the last book I worried she didn t have better ties but they are growing I like the budding friendship relationship with Sheriff Virgil tooThe SuspectsCleta s fellow 80 something gals from New York City came with her Friends or frenemies for than 50 years they hold secrets over one another and use them to get whatever they want Which one is lying Which one is telling the truth Why are they all so bitter Oh those high society biddies need to be taken down a notch or two and Merry is just the gal to do itThe SettingAutumn Vale is in upstate New York It s a gorgeous and inspiring village I love the landscape the castle and the small town feel To see the rivalries with neighbor cities is also amusing I feel immediately transported to itAll in all this series is developing strongly I recommend it for most cozy readers I can t wait to pick up the next on. The abrasive Englishwoman keepsveryone whipped into a frenzy until she meets an The Mermaids Shoes embarrassingnd behind a locked door Evidence reveals that Cleta was murdered yet no one is privy to how the deed was done Merry knows she must uickly find the killer before another of her guests gets greasedINCLUDES DELICIOUS RECIPES. ,

Death of an English Muffin Merry Muffin Mystery #3

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