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Day of RageGood novel I recommend this book to everyone I can t review this book cant seem to get it on my kindle to read where is at john henry sixkiller is sent to the town of purgatory read where is at john henry sixkiller is sent to the town of purgatory a friend of his boss asks him to send someoneto help guard 75 thousand dollars of gold bullion when he gets to town he has A RUN IN WITH TWO OF BILLY RAE GIL run in with two of billy rae Gil boys when billy rae thinks he is there for the same reason john henry decides to play it that way and join his gang so he knows what they are up to so he can stop them Great book For years I wouldn t read a Johnstone book because I didn t ike the covers He has this series called the Mountain Man in which the covers use weapons that are not from the mountain man era I was sure the books were schlock if they couldn t get the cover art correct turns out I was wrong Johnstone is great This is a good western tale of John Henry Sixkiller by the Johnstone Clan It s a bit complicated than most Johnstone Clan books with far developed side characters This is second in this series and both have far plot development and far attention to setting Overall this story of second in this series and both have far plot development and far attention to setting Overall this story of bad guys and banks is one of the better entries in the entire Johnstone Clan Reine Mädchensache librarySeems to me the dialogue though other wise written well for reading was a bit dogged with aack of authenticity to the timesBottom Animal Babies line I recommend this book John Henry Sixkiller is asked by hi. The Greatest Western Writers Of The 21st CenturyInto aawless town rode a hero named John Henry Sixkiller Only William W Johnstone with J A Johnstone could tell a tale of violence and vengeance so real so raw it outdoes the egends of Old West justice that inspired it On The American Frontier History Is Written By BulletsIt was the. .

S boss Judge Parker to help an old friend in the New Mexico Territory As a U S Marshal his authority would be good there Three big gold mines in the area were being plagued by a bandit qasas-ul-quran leader named Billy Ray Gil and his gangThey were planning to bring threearge oads down from their mines to be picked up by Wells Fargo 75000 in bullion at one shot A tempting target for GilJohn Henry s job would be to protect it He arrives in the town of Purgatory Sometimes you have to wonder where the marketing people who suggest book cover copy get *their ideas On the back of Day of Rage I am told that *ideas On the back of Day of Rage I am told that am reading a work by the greatest WESTERN WRITER OF THE 21ST CENTURY writer of the 21st century don t know if that title belongs to William W Johnstone whose death in 2004 means that he did indeed publish westerns in the 21st century or to J A Johnstone who took over writing his uncle s characters after having spent many years retyping his manuscripts and helping on research And either way since we re just now past a dozen years into that century calling the race for the greatest may be a ittle premature Day of Rage is the second entry in the Sixkiller US Marshal series which have all been written by JA Johnstone They relate the Dead-End Road Mysteries life of John Henry Sixkiller a man of mixed CherokeeEuropean heritage who is both a tribalawman in the tribe s Indian Territory district and a United States Deputy Marshal In Day John. Re for the taking 75000 in gold bullion the combined payrolls of three productive gold mines just waiting to be stolen from under the noses of a bickering sheriff and city marshal Billy Ray Gil and his band of kill crazy outlaws have a plan to do it too that is until Sixkiller comes to town Hiding his badge to conceal his identity ,

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Henry is asked by his friend a judge to head west and help three mine owners guard their gold shipments from a clever and brutal outlaw eader John Henry s reputation carries a Valors Measure lot of weight in Indian Territory and western Arkansas but neitherawman nor outlaw knows him out west That could be to his advantage or it could get him killed Day of Rage is a standard Western story of the uick shooting uick thinking awman facing down considerably greater odds than is best for one s health J A Johnstone s style acks the kind of polish that might bring it up a few rungs but it s a meat and potatoes read that doesn t promise than it delivers that doesn t promise than it delivers are plenty of possibilities in a tale of a Native American Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan lawman in the old West and if Johnstone doesn t take much of aook at them here there s a chance he may do so with experience Original available here Great series Always enjoy a Johnstone
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W Johnstone JA Johnstone written a book with suspense adventure and a وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله little romance always wanting to see what was on the next page I would recommend this book to all of my friends William W Johnstone is a shore nuff gunsling writer I thoroughly enjoyed Day of Rage One of those books you hate to see end Full of action intrigue and humor I can t wait to get into another of the author s works As a matter of fact I am on the computer now searching for another Johnston thriller. S a US marshal Sixkiller goes undercover to smoke out the culprits before they strike But in this town full of twoegged rattlesnakes deadly surprises Fiend lurk behind every saloon door To keep from being bitten Sixkiller will have toay a few traps of his own Lucky for him what this town Voice of Conscience lacks inaw it makes up for in guns and dynami. .

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