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Ged to pack a nice amount f tension into a small amount The Life of Saint Philip Neri of pages an enjoyable short storyThe phrase saving the best until last definitely applies here I ve never actually heardf Rhyannon Byrd so I wasn t sure what to expect from her story Set in the 1800s it tells f warrior Rhys who has been assigned along with his troupe f soldiers to protect Alia and her father Since his assignment began Rhys has admired Alia from afar since knowing that he can never have her But a deadly betrayal changes all f their worlds upside down and Rhys and Alia must work together to save her father s critical work A riveting read filled with believable chemistry simmering between Rhys and Alia I definitely want to read further books from this authorVERDICTDespite my skepticism for the most part I enjoyed this book I did feel particularly with the first two stories that they would have worked better fleshed ut with som This book contains four small novels and since i ve already written a review I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 on the firstne Divine Beginnings which you can find HERE I won t write another review The Whistle Pig of itI liked these novelsr less I felt that they could really have been turned in to something something deeper The s Curse kept talking about an Island that made me very confused because everything that happent in this short novel was founded from everything that happen t n that Island I felt left ut and that is very very amateur you should NEVER make a reader feel left ut like that I give The s Curse 2 stars because I would love to know what happened n that IslandThen we have Voodoo which I really liked while reading it I thought It was something extra and I wanted to know what would happen later which I never will because there is no follow up book but now thinking back I have to admit that everything happen t way to fast Edge Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things of Craving was a bitf a joke the lead male character was just so funny and not in the good way funny no I just could not hold myself from laughing at this character the character never laugh s never smiles always mean and grim etc etc but A Stepdaughter In Heat of course the innocent girl has to fall for this stone but heyh nono the guy is not a bottle f negativity after all he actually likes her and want her body And the girl is not so innocent after all very demanding This was like a fantasy very very very short Four very different tales tales brought together which made for interesting reading Supernatural SeductionMy favourite f the tales was the third Voodoo by Maggie Shayne It was very creepy and really got to me it was subtle and gentle and than a little terrifyingI least liked the last Rufus one Edgef Craving by Rhyannon Byrd The story didn t flow right to me And Didn T Seem didn t seem passionate as the previous three Divine Beginnings nly haven t read the rest4 starsGood uick read makes me interested in reading the rest f the books Well this was a fast read Usually short stories mean i would read it really fast and i was taking the train most You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series of the time to uni which mean an hour each way reading though normally Twined In Divine Beginnings Healer Aine must chose between treating an enigmatic enemyr letting him die whilst The ’s Curse could kill the passion that Nola and vampire warrior Zane share To. I really enjoyed these short stories all f them approach the angle f paranormal romance from a different and Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice original aspect they are entertaining and they leave their reader wantingf the story They are skillfully written in the sence that after so few pages the reader is engaged enough with the characters to feel sympathy and to care about what happens to them I think the erotica "Does Not Detract From The Story Only It Hightens The " not detract from the story nly it hightens the passion for eash ther so it is not sorded The Cowboys or seedy in anyway Reviewed for wwwbookchickcitycom Divine Darkness is a compilationf short stories from four popular authors in the paranormal romance genre There has been a trend for compilations Sins of Treachery of this nature for a while and for the most part I ve avoided them There s a sceptical partf me that thinks that they re a bit f a marketing ploy I also ften struggle with short stories and find myself wanting a bit detail and depthBut I took my sceptical hat My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City off and sat back to enjoy my reading I ve read books by twof the authors before Gena Showalter and Maggie Shayne but not the ther two So this gave me a chance to see if I would enjoy the

other two author 
two author writing styles stories I ve wanted to pick up a PC Cast book in particular for a whileThe first story f the book is a PC Cast book in particular for a whileThe first story Whos Next? Guess Who! of the book is PC Cast and isbviously from ne f her developed series It tells Papi's Gift of a healer who ends up falling for an enemy soldier It has a fantasy setting and not having read anyf the ther books I wasn t fully aware f the rules Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories or backgroundf the story It did feel a bit rushed with the characters meeting グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] onne day and falling in love in the next That being said however the story intrigued me I very much liked the two leads and wanted to learn about them and the setting captured my imagination As a conseuence the first book f this series is now n my wish listThe second is Gena Showalter s we meet a sultry vampire Zane who is being held captive by a tribe f supernatural women They have captured a group f powerful men and then begin to battle to decide who will mate with whom in The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within order to produce the strongest children But Zane has a long lost love Nola who is being punished and exists invisible to everyone she cannly watch as Zane is tortured Nola needs to break her curse in rder to save both herself and the man she loves This book is a light paranormal romance written very much in the style Gena Showalter is known for and fans will enjoy even if the scenes f the women fighting File Under: Arson over the men did make me cringe a littleMaggie Shayne writes the third story named Voodoo The name says it all it is a talef voodoo magic Holidaying with her sister in New Orleans Tessa becomes plagued by strange dreams and fascinated by their handsome tour guide But as the dreams turn to hauntings and her fascination with the handsome guide leads her to do some research into the local history Tessa discovers something about herself she could never have imagined The second two stories Wicked Sense of the book are certainly better than the first Maggie Shayne mana. Enter a world where darkness rules and love must stand the testsf war Join four favourite paranormal authors including bestseller P C Cast n a deadly journey where love and survival are inter. ,
M sleeping which was goodI must say some developments had me going WHAT then at ther times i literally started giggling chuckling manically laughing Powerless Against You on the train at the way some things were written I considered buying the book yes it was a library book and i m still considering it Onef my favourites was definitely The s Curse which had it s fair shares f laughter and smiles There are some parts in 3 f the 4 stories that makes me wonder Umwhat was the age recommended for this book audience again really it seemed tooahem adult for a young audience which i m assuming starts at 13 0 Heaven Forbid All the stories were very well thought ut and the supernatural theme included was very alluring In stead Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training ofnly traditional supernatural creatures there were a few The Texan Meets His Match others thrown in there which made things very interesting There are similarities between stories which made me ask Did someone purposely edit it to be like this But that doesn t really matterThis is a good fast read though i d prefer thelder half f the Young Adult readers to read it The fighting seems to be glossed ver at times and thers are SLIGHTLY explicitOnto the next library book I must Say That After Reading that after reading anthology f paranormal seduction stories my favorites were Maggie and Rhyannon The book is headlined by PC Cast but that was my least favorite f all the storiesPC "contributes a story about a healer in a mythical land who falls for a hybrid vampire slash demon " a story about a healer in a mythical land who falls for a hybrid vampire slash demon started ff just fine but then she veered back her annoying present day crap where the lead characters find themselves Blue Guide New York old and grey in some hick city in the USA Her books would work alot better if she just left the characters in the mythical land Gena s ghost vampire story was a bore all the way throughI love love love Maggie She has a wayf putting you right in the scene and building a wonderful story f timeless love that will leave you breathless for They saved the best for last Only found Edge f Craving by R Byrd worth the read i loved this book all four Monsieur de Saint-George: Virtuoso, Swordsman, Revolutionary: A Legendary Life Rediscovered of these stories are great reads and definitely worth reading highly recommend this book This book is epicly laughable I m uite sure what it is about it but I just COULD NOT take it seriously I liked the s curseneiyt was the best Garden of The Gods ofut them all but I believe there s really nly so many times you can use the word cock n a pageDivine beginnings COULD have been epic if it was a long story but sadly the author just suished it in thus ruining the awesomenessVoodoo wasn t that bad pretty clean and not a bad plot but it was kinda laughable stillEdge The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now of craving now thats a laugh it wasne fo those stories where the author was like HmmI wanna write sex scenes hI need a plot toodamn so there was this weedy kid f a plot jamed in between all the sexual thoughts and scenes So in short NO don t read this unless your in the mood for bad writing The most laughable thing is that it s avertised as a YOUNG ADULT novel Laugh with me people I mean come Musical Mathematics: On the Art and Science of Acoustic Instruments on THAT cannot be YA far too many dirty though and scenes. Ying with New Orleans Voodoo leaves Tessa haunted by a sinfully sexy man whilst last scionf the dragon clan Rhys is tormented by his desire for Alia as he struggles to fight the Edge f Cravin. ,

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