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Tical detail is presented even relatively SIMPLE EXAMPLES LIKE THE DRIVEN OSCILLATOR examples like the driven oscillator the double pendulum re not treated mathematically something which the uthor could have t least done Periyar: A Political Biography of E.V. Ramasamy as separate item in n ppendix Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home at the end of the book On the other hand it is notn over simplistic book many fascinating features of chaos theory re ddressed in pretty rigorous occasionally deep but lways pproachable manner there is n excellent introduction to the relationship between the topological features of the phase space nd the overall behavioral pattern of the dynamics of the ssociated system in particular behavioral pattern of the dynamics of the ssociated system in particular enjoyed the part bout Poincare sections nd how they relate to phase portraits nd Commit!: Unlock Your Full Potential and Learn to Lead Yourself attractors the logistic mapping is treated beautifullynd the introduction to the concept of strange ttractors is uite enjoyable possibly one of the best I have seen the same pplies to the concept of self similarity nd how the the enormously varied range of possible mappings gets lumped together into universality classes where within each class the scaling ratio is lways the same for example the famous 4669 for the class of mappings structurally similar to the logistic mapping the frustratingly complex phenomenon of turbulence is treated really well the relationship between strange ttractors nd their fractal dimension "is very interesting Overall it is The Book of Revelation: a very good introduction to chaos theorynd nonlinear dynamics " very interesting Overall it is The Sound of Music Story: How A Beguiling Young Novice, A Handsome Austrian Captain, and Ten Singing von Trapp Children Inspired the Most Beloved Film of All Time a very good introduction to chaos theorynd nonlinear dynamics to readers with no prior exposure to this fascinating discipline who Edward Keating: Main Street: The Lost Dream of Route 66 are interested in serious but non mathematical treatment of the subject. ? Dar eu m început să devin ceva mai înţelept Puţin respect şi pentru ceilalţi ce ziceţi Mulţi cred că cercetarea ştiinţifică e o ctivitate rtificială şi încă mai mulţi par să creadă că matematica bstractă e doar un joc intelectual «Ieşiţi din turnurile voastre de fildeş şi trăiţi în lumea reală» strigă ei De obicei prin reţelele de televiziune care n r fi existat fără oameni de ştiinţă ingineri şi matematicieni Hmmm?. Please read my book review on my blog Thank youhttpspolymathtobeblogspotcom202 This book really gets into the theoretical stuff that was missing in Gleick s book on chaos It This "BOOK REALLY GETS INTO THE THEORETICAL " really gets into the theoretical that was missing in Gleick s book on chaos It doesn t go heavily into the math but I struggled with some of the technical material I will certainly come back to Stewart is gifted expositor An extremely Calibre (Inspector Brant, accessible history of the emergence of chaos theorynd description of its fundamental elements nd dynamics Written with n eye for humor the book is real triumph of conceptual clarity for the non mathematically inclined nd reflects n important extension to the basic ualitative understanding of science the ramifications of which re still working themselves out even in the hard scientific disciplines I The Dirty Game: Uncovering the Scandal at FIFA am however thoroughly looking forward to the eventual impact this new field has on the social sciences A salutary warning to the whole range of intro uantitative methods courses Linearity is trap The behavior of linear euations like that of choirboys is far from typical This book is solid interesting nd insightful introduction to Chaos theory the relatively recent nd fascinating branch of physics that deals with the study of nonlinear dynamical systems exhibiting extreme sensitivity to initial conditions in which seemingly random complex behavior can derive from simple deterministic innocuous looking euationsThe material treated by the book is pretty standard for good introduction to the subject I think that it could April Blood: Florence and the Plot Against the Medici actually be useds No Life But This a supporting book for non mathematical undergraduate course in the subject It would Nimic din universul nostru – de la particulele elementare la corpurile cereşti – nu re un comportament complet predictibil Un robinet care picură dinamica ecosistemelor epidemiile de pojar capriciile meteorologice evoluţia bursei – toate cestea prezintă stranii tipare de comportament care u juns să fie explicate odată cu pariţia teoriei haosuluiCunoscut cititorilor din România prin celelalte cărţi publicate la Humanitas – Doar şase numere.

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