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See in Burmese DaysComing up or Air is a strange book I was determined not to like it and yet I elt compelled to inish it though couldn t stand to read much than a chapter a day a page turner it wasn t It s about a at middle aged salesman living a dull middle class life in a dull London suburb who goes out to get his new set of alse teeth On thje way he sees a poster about King Zog s wedding and that sets him off reminscing about his childhood in a small town in Oxfordshire One expects the memories to last When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a chapter or two but they go on and on and on Animal Farm 13 Jan 2017Short simple gets the message across well1984 29 30 Jul 2018 Provisional thoughtsA tad less philosophical than Huxley a lot bleak andorlorn Actually perhaps it wouldn t be right to compare it wouldn t be right to compare in a slap dash ashion as everyone is bound to do Different times different pressures different minds cKeep the Aspidistra Flying 30 Jul 4 Aug 2018Reads like a rewriting of Gissi. OdayAbout the Author George Orwell whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair was born in "1903 In India And Then "in India and then to Eton when his amily moved back to England
From 1922 To 1927 
1922 to 1927 served with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma an experience that inspired his irst novel Burmese Days 1934 He lived in Paris before returning to England and Down and Out in Paris and London was published in 1933 After writing The Road to Wigan Pier and Homage to Catalonia his account of Novelas de Isabel Allende fightingor the Republic. ,

Animal Farm had never read it before An interesting book considering the definition of allegoricalI loved re reading Nineteen Eighty Four It has been decades but it never lost value written in 1949 it s amazing in its vision When I Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, first read the book it was in the 70 s Now in 2013 it is amazing to look back on what the visionor the world was in 1949 and how much has actually come to The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide fruitionThe other books not as outstanding as I had hopedor Though some have given them rave reviews I thought the reading was a bit tedious Since "THIS IS A COLLECTION OF NOVELS "is a collection of novels ll comment on each one separately as I read it on my comment on each one separately as I read it on my blog and when I ve done with all of Them May Add Some Comments On The may add some comments on the works here I begin with Burmese Days because that was the irst one in the collection that I hadn t readThe next one in the series is A clergyman s daughter to which I give only three stars Not that it s a bad book but it has some Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? faults that I didn Described by the Irish Times as 'a writer who can and must be rediscovered with every age' George Orwell is best knownor Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty Four two of the most Becoming Violet famous well uoted and influential political satires ever written His other novels too tell stories of people at odds with repressive institutions and together they display Orwell's humour his understanding of human nature and his great compassion and leave us in no doubt about his power to move amuse and provoke even Ng s New Grub Street with Reardon morphing into a hopelessly blinkered protagonist waging waror the sake of what Lawrence might refer to as the mental life The editionConvenient stuff this "but the ont size can be so damned small that it becomes impossible to read I "the ont size can be so damned small that it becomes impossible to read I resorted to using a magnifying glass or the Goldstein passages in 1984 It s that bad Is it 1984 again Great reminder that history is repeating itself Very much worth a re read in 2020In the midst of a pandemic some countries seem to be using double speak and double think techniues Be Careful Last You Trick careful last you trick into living Big Brother too Sitting on my shelf or over 10 years was a volume I had never read Called just George Orwell it was the Heinemann edition of his collected novels After reading and being impressed all over again by 1984 I took this volume up to see what Orwell s other novels were like I was ready Finn Family Moomintroll for the autobiographical element the interruption of narrat. Ans in the Spanish Civil War Orwell was admitted to a sanatorium in 1938 androm then on was never The Glass Palace fullyit He spent six months in Morocco where he wrote Coming Up or Air During the Second World War in Morocco where he wrote Coming Up or Air During the Second World War served in the Home Guard and worked A Gun for Sale for the BBC His political allegory Animal Farm was published in 1945 and it was this novel together with Nineteen Eighty Four 1949 which brought him worldwideame George Orwell was taken seriously ill in the winter of 1948 49 and died in London in 19.

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