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Reat characters solid plot and hot LOVE SCENES WHAT ELSE DO I scenes What lse do I A decent Christmas read but overall it didn t work well nough for me to give it 4 stars Often in a Blaze the sex overwhelms the plot but here just the reverse happens If the mystery was interesting that might still work but I found it Rather Dull It Was dull It was in a plodding police procedural manner now let s go interview witness X that suashed any xcitement right out of it And as for the sex there were only 2 sex scenes in the Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, entire book Not what Ixpect from a Blaze There were some nice kissing scenes several in fact and hot But it started to feel like the author tossed one in whenever the plot got bogged down Overall this was of a damp suib than a Blaze Adorable procedural whodunnit spiced with a lovelust at first sight over a legendary diamond That s the plot What makes me give it 4 stars It s like 3 34 stars but I rounded up the number Two very compelling leads Fiona is competent level headed professional in her job goes after what she wants and knows her limitations DC is strong level headed professional in his job goes after what he wants and knows his limitations It s cheesy but they complete Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, each other The plot is not accessory to the story instead it s used to showcase the leads strengths and weaknesses I liked this one a lot 3 stars Contemporary Romance. To bring lovers together Well they might not have the stone but Fiona and DC aren't having any trouble getting together invery sexual position possibleBut it's only a holiday fling right It is unless Fiona's Christmas Male can convince her he's the gift that keep.

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part of Uniformly Hot miniseries but you don t have to read any of the previous books because the books in this miniseries aren t connected to Gone for Soldiers each other In fact Christmas Male is loosely connected to 2 other books Twin Temptation and Twin Seduction from the The Wrong Bed miniseries Confusing Not really because you don t have to read those 2 booksitherAs the story opens Washington DC Police Lieutenant Fiona Gallagher is at the National Gallery wondering what she s doing at the Hotshot P.I. exhibition of the legendary Rubinov Diamond Legend says that the brilliant blue diamond has the power to bring true lovers together but no nonsense Fiona just rolls heryes at the romantic myth until her yes stop rolling and her gaze lands on a tall dark haired broad shouldered man in an officer s uniform across the Rubinov Diamond Her heart skips a beat and she s pretty sure HIS DOES THE SAME OH MY COULD THE LEGEND does the same Oh my could the legend trueArmy Captain DC Campbell has been injured in his last tour of duty in Ira and now runs the military police unit at Fort McNair He s bored and doesn t know if he wants to sign up for another 5 years in the army when January 15 rolls around since his leg will never get to 100% mobility again and he ll nd up being transferred to a desk job at the Pentagon So when he finds himself strongly attracted to this beautiful unknown Subject Captain D C Campbell Military PoliceCurrent Status A little boredbut not for longMission Getting his hands on a priceless stolen diamondObstacle Trying to keep his hands off his sexy new partner Fiona GallagherFiona has never been into Christmas Having grown. Oman at the Rubinov Diamon Exhibition he blames his boredom and restlessnessDC and Fiona part ways at the Moonlight and Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical, exhibition withoutxchanging words but fate intervenes and they meet again when someone tries and almost succeeds to steal the Rubinov Diamond Fiona takes the case and as the diamond was found in the hands of a young Private who happens to be stationed at Fort McNair DC joins the investigation Sparks fly instantly and there s no denying the attraction between them so they gladly cave But they don t forget they have an investigation to run and they re surprised at how well they match not only personally but professionally too Is this the real thing or is it just an infatuation that will Duty to Protect end when the investigation is overThis was a very good read with a tight plot I really liked the way Ms Summers allowed the readers to followach step of DC and Fiona s investigation and it was interesting to see how they connected the dots and solved the case DC and Fiona were realistic down to arth and nice characters who Fiona were realistic down to arth and nice characters who Kates Vow each other and the dynamics of their relationship worked pretty well There was no doubt in my mind that they were good together butven so the HEA felt rushed to me It was too much too soon That s the only reason this book didn t arn a 5 star rating for meAll in all this was one of the best H Blaze novels I ve read Up in a series of foster homes she has no use for Santaat least until she meets the hottie St Nick delivers just in time for the holidays Captain D C CampbellTechnically they're supposed to be working together to find a stolen diamond one reported to have the power. Christmas Male

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