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Her f the dozen books In The Penguin Underground Series the Penguin Underground Series in celebration مترو of the 150th anniversaryf the London Underground in 2013 Unlike the ther 11 books in the series which are based n current Underground lines the East London line is no longer in service as it closed in 2007 and was replaced by London Overground services in 2010In keeping with the closure The Windy Season of the East London line the writersf Fantastic Man a London men s fashion magazine eschew any mention Oldies but Goodies of the pastr current train services and instead focus A Month of Sundays on the fashion sensef rdinary men and male celebrities of the past r current train services and instead focus Beneath the Jolly Roger on the fashion sensef Merzbook: The Pleasuredome of Noise ordinary men and male celebrities work and live there The titlef the book refers to the current trend f tasteful young men to wear dress shirts completely buttoned and without ties The book contains numerous pictures f these fashion plates along with Pig occasional photosf East London street corners This book was a complete waste Scipio Rising (Scipio Africanus of my time and it may possibly be the worstf the 11 Penguin Underground books that I ve read so far It s not a terrible read just too much f a light ne Almost felt as if I was reading a fashion students dissertation Fantastic Man is not as I first thought a pretentious pseudonym but a men s fashion magazine that riginated in The NetherlandsAlthough this book is part f a series celebrating the 125th anniversary They Also Serve of the London Underground this book has absolutely nothing to do with trainsr public transport instead focussing Conversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys To Rediscovering Lost Dreams And Finding Your Life's Calling on The peculiarityf buttoning up No Time for Sergeants one s shirt especially in east London it sounds like a stran. Tyle fashion portraits day and night locations the visual contextf east London where clothes factories and workshops used to be night shots where bars and clubs used to be r still are an examination f collar shapes and archive images from fashion and music Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom ar. I m getting towards the end f my reading f the Penguin Lines series but there are still surprises in store for me Buttoned Up is the story f the East London line and takes a completely different focus To The Other Books I Ve Read the ther books I ve read far This is the story f the buttoned up shirt that is so commonly seen worn n young men up shirt that is so commonly seen worn Junior Jolt on young men the East End Thinkf a collared shirt buttoned up to the very top but with no tie Through essays interviews and photography the team from Fantastic Man a men s fashion magazine probe into the reasons why a shirt is worn this way It s a uniue angle for a book and Ceux de la posie vcue one that I uite enjoyed b This book is written by two people from the magazine Fantastic Man and is about the phenomenonf buttoning down a shirt ie using all the buttons n a shirt especially the top ne and how this affects peopleThere are some fairly interesting interviews here eg with Neil Tennant f the Pet Shop Boys but therwise it could delve far into the uninteresting to me Still it s nice to see that someone can actually take their time to do something like this about such a narrow subjectSomehow the authors excluded women from this phenomenon which strikes me as very strange and unexplained its a bit repetitive and very magazine style but that s not necc a bad thing Bit dullbut then again given it s a short piece Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty on men s fashion in East London not sure why I would expect to find it all that interesting Some nice photos and I liked the very short chat with Neil Tennantf Pet Shop Boys fame This is anot. London is a centre tireless: of cutting edge fashion here the creatorsf 'the best fashion mag Teach Them Spanish!, Grade 1 out there' Fantastic Man tell the storyf London style through the history Toque de Veludo of the button down shirt partf a series f twelve books tied to the twelve lines f the London UndergroundEncompassing music street Ge topic and it is Kaleidoscope one and it seems incredible that a 112 page book was published about this subject It sounds like it could be meant as hilariously funny but the writers take themselves very seriouslyThe book consistsf a series The Four Racketeers of different articles written by different writers from the magazine all talking about how several young men in the Shoreditch areaf London took to wearing a shirt with the top button done up but without a tie The book includes an interview with Neil Tennant f 1980s band The Pet Shop boys and an article that tie The book includes an interview with Neil Tennant f 1980s band The Pet Shop boys And An Article That The an article that the with mod rock cultureoverall this feels like a very niche cultureOverall this feels like a very niche and the book is padded Phantoms Monsters: Mysterious Encounters out by various picturesf young men modelling shirts and street corners in Shoreditch I thought it made for a reasonably interesting read though the chapter where it talked about mod rocker culture felt like it was giving a very uick Smithereens overview when it could have gone into great depth about this topic I thought this was ankay book but I suspect many audiences would be uite cynical about it Mixing the inherently yet unintentionally comical in fashion writing here about men buttoning the top shirt button as a uasi philosophical statement about dignity and sexual availability with the inherently visceral in pop music writing peppered with 20 and 30 something men looking twee vulnerable and forlorn It succeeds in making you laugh not what the editors were hired for and in wanting to look good Lightweight but interesting The essay The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness on mod culture is the best par. E the creatorsf Fantastic Man a singular modern men's style journal Here they chart the history f the button up shirt and explore why it's so central to contemporary London's fashion design and people With star contributors fashion shoots and singular writing this is a fashion magazine in a bo.

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