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A good ebunking of many myths about british war production on the myths about British war production On the back from a trip to the UK I ipped into the bookstore at the airport and couldn t resist a 3 for 2 Sonderangebot The main inspiration was David Edgerton s book on the mobilisation of the Empire in Britain s War Machine I got excited by the tables of British and overseas productio This is a strange book Starts off fantastically and convincingly goes through a 100 page section which just bombards you with statistics then gets it tog. GUARDIAN BOOKS OF THE YEARThe familiar image of the British in the Second World war is that of the plucky underdog taking is that of the plucky underdog taking German might David Edgerton's bold compelling new history shows the conflict in a new light with Britain as a very wealthy country formidable in arms ruthless in pursuit of its

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reuire a amount of concentration of Effort To Understand FullyBut to understand fullyBut o not want to put you off the book because it is informative sometimes ownright exciting as it shifts mental models and well illustrated with tables maps and extensive notesWhere to begin I was persuaded by the sheer logic of the book that much of what I thought was true was not true it has even changed my view of contemporary political prioritiesHe is persuasive that the British Empire was never Le others paid a great price Britain's War Machine by putting resources machines and experts at the heart of a global rather than merely imperial story emolishes some of the most cherished myths about wartime Britain and gives demolishes some of the most cherished myths about wartime Britain and gives a very ifferent and often unsettling picture of a great power in action.

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Ether again at the endUnbelievably level of research 300 pages plus 150 pages of footnotes level of research 300 pages long plus 150 pages of footnotes Edgerton s book popular myths about Britain in the Second World War upside The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane down and inside out But a word of warning firstHe is making a point about history and not giving us a narrative so it would help if you already had some understanding of the course of the second world war and its past historiographyThere are times when the author revels in his piling up ofata to prove his points which are. Nterests and sitting at the heart of a global production systemThe British indeed Churchillian vision of war and modernity was challenged by repeated efeat by less well euipped enemies Yet the end result was a vindication of this vision Like the United States a powerful Britain won a cheap victory whi. Britains War Machine

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