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Blood SistersAll the women involved A book supposedly focused on the women of the Cousins War Wars of the Roses if you re old school which is meant to take away the focus from men and battles into the domestic political sphere and show us the The Phantom of the Opera human face not the clash of kings Only it basically doesn t at least so far Evidently there isn t the source material so in fact it is a procession of the various twists and turns and stuff the main players did ie mostly men and Margaret of Anjou with added descriptions of clothing and mentions of where the women were or indeed we don t know where the women were The author doesn t go massively into theow Cecily Neville must تاريخ مشروطه ايران have felt whener son killed 75 Glamorous Rice Dishes her other son school of writing but without speculation or evidence there s not a lot to put in If you want an account of the Cousin s War this is very reasonable but it isn t the female focused book I expected from the title and blurbDNF at 30% Blood Sisters by author Sarah Gristwood aims to tell readers the true story of the Cousin s Wars the Wars of the Roses from the point of view of the women involved Her seven case studies are Marguerite of Anjou the Lancastrian ueen Elizabeth Woodville the Yorkist ueen Cecily Nevill the would be Yorkist ueen and Elizabeth Woodville s mother in law Margaret of Burgundy Cecily s youngest daughter who made an illustrious marriage to a duke Margaret Beaufort Henry VII s mother Anne Nevill Richard III s ueen and Elizabeth of York daughter of Elizabeth Woodville and daughter in law to Margaret Beaufort The aim of this work was to weave the seven lives and stories together into a narrativeistory teaching us that the Wars of the Roses were as much about the women as they were the menThe book is a good read well written in an easy to digest narrative of the period It clearly The New Independent Home has a wide potential audience and I would say with confidence that you do not need any prior knowledge of the period to understand and enjoy this book Everything is clearly written and as a popularistory there are not endless notes and citations Gristwood does uote from primary sources when she does she tells us the author of Kissing Galileo (Dear Professor, her uote but not always the name of the writing and never the page numbers This might prove frustrating for people wanting to look at the sources for themselvesThe seven stories are interlinked nicely and the move from one woman to another is smooth and does not disrupt the author s prose at all The women who I especially enjoyed in this book were Marguerite of Anjou and Elizabeth Woodville their stories were covered well and rumours against them argued fairly Margaret Beaufort was treated well in the beginning but I thought the balance slipped towards the end of the book when she was discussed alongside Elizabeth of York That could just be me though Sadly even though Anne Nevill was one of the author s case studies she does not feature much in the narrative That is of course not the authors fault sources about Anne are scarceAs one would expect from a work of non fiction care was taken to be factually accurate and fair throughout One thing that did stick out was towards the end wead Edward of Warwick executed because the Spanish said so there was no mention of A Prince Hall Masonic Quiz Book him plotting with Perkin Warbeck which actually is the crimee was executed forOn the whole this is a good book and I would recommend it to people interested in learning about the period Not as good as Game of ueens The Women Who Made Sixteenth Century Europe but am so familiar with the characters and why did she Aga(c)Silas have to say that Cicely Nevillead Crushing Low Stakes Poker had to geter Disney Princess Learning to Count head round Edward IV murdering George of Clarence and Richard III probably murderingis nephews The first is well documented and the second not at all In fact if it Ella, The Slayer (Serenity House, hadn tappened she d Modern Viking havead no need to get The Spirit of Intimacy heread around it as it s in our time we sus I was really excited about the approach to this book It s a look at the royal women during the War of the Roses and the impact they made on the war While I was interested enough in the subject to keep going I thought the book fell a little flat At times it lacked a solid narrative direction which made the reading confusing This mostly appened in the beginning when there were a lot people to address and introduce Unfortunately the book bounced from woman to woman without a lot of clarity and it was a struggle to keep everyone straight I know part of that is the downfall of the time and important people sharing the same name but I ve read other nonfiction books without the same struggleMost importantly for me I just never thought the book really made the women come alive It was dry and I don t feel anything was really offered up about the women that I aven t gotten in a book focusing on the war overall except to tell me what they spent on clothes and servants Nothing new was presented to really give me a sense of these women just facts and events I m not saying I want fiction but I really thought a book focusing on the women would do to dig into their lives and actually focus on them I m still wondering what the book thought their impact on the War of the Roses was Honestly I think the book might The Amory Wars, Volume 1 have been better served to take a look at each woman one at a time rather than trying to go through a timeline of the warOverall it s probably 25 stars At the very least it is very readable which doesn t alwaysappen with nonfiction books I think the turmoil of the times and all the eventsaction One Night with The Sheikh helps with that I really don t think I wouldave made it through this book if work Mismatch (Love Match, hadn t been so slow So the women of the Wars of the Roses specifically Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth Woodville Wydvilleave always Family Wanted held great interest for me A couple of thoughts1 This book is clearly meant as a popularistory not an academic one It s meant for audiences who Keys to Tulsa have some but not necessarily in depth knowledge of late medieval England Iad an easier time keeping the
straight in Gristwood s work I did in the first Wars of the Roses book I Read Another Popular read another popular by Alison Weir whose work I was warned against using while writing my undergraduate Secret Africa history for not being academic enough2 As a popularistory it s done well eminently readable and making the women and their various personalities come alive It s perhaps a little Read ARC via netgalley I m not sure when the current popular fascination with the Tudors began Was it simply the Showtime series with the glorious Jonathan Rhys Myers Or was it Phillippa Gregory s The Other Boleyn Girl I m not sure But it does seem like this book at least in its release is an answer to Gregory s fiction surrounding the Tudor and Pre Tudor women Blood Sisters takes an in depth look at the royal women who were involved in the Cousin s War aka The War of the Roses a difficult task considering that the women left little to go by I m not sure if it is a response to the Women of the Cousin s War by Gregory as well as Crush (Awkward, her fiction set in the time period It doesn t really matter because the book is actually very good Earlier this year I read a biography of Elizabeth of York and my complaint about the work and it was an older work was that the reader didn t really learn anything about Elizabeth of York This book is boarder in scope looking at all the women yet reading this I learne. Te different These years were also packed with women's drama and – in the tales of conflicted maternity and monstrous births – alive with female energyIn this completely original book acclaimed author Sarah Gristwood sheds light on a neglected dimension of Englishistory the impact of Tudor women on the Wars of the Roses She examines Cecily Neville the wife of Richard Duke of York who was deprived of being ueen when مهارت در بازی زندگی herusband died at the Battle of Wakefield; Elizabeth Woodville a widow with several.

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D about Elizabeth of York than when reading a biography of The Dragon in the Clock Box her Gristwood starts with Cecily Neville and ueen Margaret and follows the war as she traces the lives of the women caught up in it Surprise the women were not at each other s throats as theirusbands were The two opposing ueens Elizabeth Woodville and Margaret might My Amazing Dinosaur (Tib Tumtum, have been friendsad circumstances been different If you are fan of the fate of the princes there is speculation The Nazi Revolution here Gristwood doesn t seem to choose a conclusion when dealing with the princes and presents all the suspects for each valuation She points out the flaws in each of the theories However the primary focus on the book is the women She even manages to flesh out to a degree Anne Neville the wife of Richard III whoas always been a shadowy figure standing if she stood for anything for a victim caught up in the war whose second Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy husband killeder first and who was abused Gristwood says uite simply we don t know She speculates and she is uite clear when she speculates but she admits the fact that there is no way we can know Honestly why can t istorians do this She comes to some interesting ypothesizes about some of the women Cecily and Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, her relationship wither children Margaret Beaufort s relationship with both Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet her son ander daughter in law and Arise howow long after some men Archies Americana, Vol. 1 had been carried from the field women were still able to fight on and did so for a mixture of reasons Having a general knowledge of the English Cousin s War willelp before reading this book Gristwood presumes that the reader The Book Thief has the basic knowledge and adds to that She keeps the men somewhat in the wings discussing them in terms of the relationship theyave to the women Talk to Me how many wives Edward IV mightave Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, had whate found attractive Educating for the New World Order howe fled and Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock his wife stayed One can understand the attraction to this time period in today s society After all romance is romance But too often books that areistorical fiction value romance and sensation above The Character Of An Upright Man history This is fine Historical fiction is fiction But many times writers and readers forgetow interesting and gripping the actual Mr. Malcolms List history was Gristwood writesistory and shows that while the Tudor forerunners may not GURPS Conspiracy X have beenopping out of each other s beds or being feminists before the word was invented ow the women still managed to live if not on their own terms and effect the fates of those around them Although the bickering between the Houses of York and Lancaster now known as the Wars of the Roses was eavily a man s world there were strong female players lurking in the shadows and controlling some strings Sarah Gristwood explores the links between Margaret of Anjou Cecily Neville Margaret Beaufort Elizabeth Woodville Elizabeth of York Anne Neville and Margaret of Burgundy Margaret of York in Blood Sisters The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses Blood Sisters is not merely a portrait of the events of the Wars of the Roses but a biography The Tyranny of Guilt hepta biography revealing theidden links and worlds of the aforementioned key women The first section introduces these players and unveils information of interpersonal relationships which I was previously unaware of making Blood Sisters Phantom Encounters hearty at its beginning This also opens a new angle to learning about the Wars of the Roses and almost a behind the scenes look One can telp but realize that these women ad involvement than formally believedSadly this insight doesn t extend to the individual women themselves as Gristwood mostly retells events versus bringing them alive or revealing the women s psyche through any personal letterswritings Although this makes Blood Sisters academic on some level and eavy on facts it also leads to many sections being too dry listless and overly political The average reader without strong interest in the topic may find Blood Sisters to be too My Dirty Janitor Book 4 heavy at times Oftentimes Blood Sisters lacks direction backtracks and is downright confusing not due to the topic but in regards to the writing Not only does Gristwood repeaterself enough times that it is noticeable but she also uses many would Stories from Spain / Historias de España have and couldave speculations sources such as anonymous poems and depends eavily on uotes from Shakespeare I thought we agreed that Shakespeare was NOT a istorian This lowers the scholarly feel and is distracting Also frustrating is Gristwood s constant and NOT a Broken Bear historian This lowers the scholarly feel and is distracting Also frustrating is Gristwood s constant and mean constant mention of fortune s wheel when describing events turning in favor of one woman over another Thisappens several times on one single page and is simply uite annoyingSome of the women stick out and are vibrant than others such as Margaret Beaufort Whether this is due to personal bias on behalf of Gristwood or because sources are readily available I can not solidly deem This isn t a positive or negative trait of Blood Sisters but is noticeable and worth noting as it may cause some readers to conclude that the work is uneven and chunky Even though Blood Sisters is of a Enna Burning history retelling without new information there are some moments where Gristwood plays detective and presents compelling research or debunks some myths These perky moments add to the flesh of the book and keep the pace of Blood Sisters moving Another positive is that Gristwood doesn t appear toave any major biases and doesn t merely point fingers allowing the reader to make self decisions on who is to blame for whatThe ighlight of Blood Sisters is without a doubt the climatic description of the Battle of Bosworth Gristwood for whatThe ighlight of Blood Sisters is without a doubt the climatic description of the Battle of Bosworth Gristwood coverage is exciting and descriptive This flows into a strong portrayal of Elizabeth of York and Paint the Wind her relations with Margaret Beaufort in the early years of Henry VII s reign As Elizabeth tends to be somewhatidden in Wayne history Gristwood giveser ample due in Blood Sisters Also satisfying are the in depth theories relating to Perkin Warbeck s background and motives Basically the last uarter of Blood Sisters is the strongest Although Gristwood makes firm statements which The Perfect Resume haven t yet been proven Blood Sisters is relatively up to date even mentioning the 2012 finding of Richard III s body in a Leicester parking lot Sadly though Blood Sisters tends to otherwise use poorly sourced facts and annotations which dampen the academic value The conclusion of Blood Sisters over reaches in attempts to be emotional and to tie the women of the book to Elizabeth I It felt a bit stretched and forced Overall Blood Sisters is a readable look at the Wars of the Roses with a uniue angle of the women involved it merelyas execution flaws My biggest complaint is that I didn t really feel that I got to know these figures any than I already did and therefore didn t feel the book was memorable or that Gristwood succeeded The Centurion Code her goals of revealing these women Despite this Blood Sisters is great for a review of the Wars of the Roses or an introduction to the women involved When you watched The White ueen did you thinkHmm it seems kind of weird that a devout Christian woman would be practicing witchcraft It also seems weird that this witchcraft defines severalistorical eventsWow Elizabeth Woodville s French manicure is better than MineIs That A ZipperIf that a zipperIf you were in good company Luckily Sarah Gristwood as released Blood Sisters a wonderful book that combats all things Gregory and should be reuired reading if you re interested in the women of the Children who married Edward IV in secret and was crowned ueen consort; Margaret Beaufort mother of Henry VII whose ambitions centred on er son and whose persuasions are likely to Air Terisak Membelah Batu have leader Canned husband Lord Stanley previously allied with the Yorkists to playis part in Henry's victoryUntil now the lives of these women GIFTED--2005 POETRY COLLECTION have remained little known to the general public Sarah Gristwood tells their stories in detail for the first time Captivating and original this isistorical writing of the most important ki. I ighly and enthusiastically recommend Blood Sisters by Sarah Gristwood A fascinating and compelling account of the War of the Roses from the vantage point of the mothers sisters daughters and wives who also played central and catalytic roles The life of the medieval woman was ard and terribly often terribly short Womanhood began earlyMargaret Beaufort gave birth to the future Henry VII when she was just 14 She never bore a child or was known to be pregnant again Elizabeth Woodville wife to Edward IV married first at 15 was widowed at 22 and mother to the lost princes in the tower Her daughter Elizabeth of York married to Henry VII lost Lisa and David Today her son Arthurer son Edmund and died in childbed at age 37Amidst all of these challenges to merely live and protect their families these women were pawns and players victims and victors and riders on Fortune s Wheel This book is impeccably researched and one is almost transported via the descriptions from primary sources of day to day life The machinations of men and women trumped time and again by fate created a whirlwind of political social and economic chaos on in England and across the channel from present day France through to Spain There is no Clinton, Inc. hagiographyere for any of the women or their consort kings princes and ambitious courtiers Tudor propaganda is unmasked and all participants are revealed in their Dvorak Keyboard humanity And a very evenanded treatment of Richard who is stripped of villainy and assumes The Muslim Masquerade his proper role as a medieval power player This book provides enormous detail into a period thatas become as the period that followed a sensationalist one The author brilliantly deconstructs in the first sections the myths that every woman was out to out do the other and they were all natural rivals pit against a medieval cat fight By their sorrows by their experiences they were all brought together at one pointThe only thing that I ad a problem were these words that were associated when speaking of Margaret Beaufort and er only offspring Henry of Richmond and later Henry VII in the last two sections of this book Murderous Resentful Dominating Controller Plotting Killing spree Devising Mostly they are referred to the former Margaret Beaufort who comes down as a relentless schemer and she is called so than two times if not repeated in every chapter of the last two sections dealing from Richard s reign to the Tudor regime The way Margaret is described the first sections is as a woman born into a tragic family whose father played How to Heal Your Body his cards uite poorly and lost and because of that Margaret ander mother suffered and she was plunged into the dangerous world of politics yet Margaret managed to survive despite others making decisions for The Book of Revelation her and settled well intoer second actually Naughty Bedtime Stories (Naughty Bedtime Series Book 2) her third if we counter engagement to the son of the Earl of Suffolk though as explained she was later called to court to deny that engagement marriage to the Henry Stafford whose mother the Duchess of Buckingham soon to become Dowager Duchess when Practical Prinkery herusband gambled as well fighting for Lancastrian and losing The Problem of the Puer Aeternus (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 87) his life in the process was Cecily Neville s sister Yet after the turn of events in 1483 we find a schemer a treacherous andorrible power The Art of Not Breathing hungry child eating monstrous Oh my Goddess resentful and jealous Margaret BeaufortThe theories the book conjures that the Princes were never dead but in fact couldave been note the language Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys (Annie Graceland Mystery here It is never said for certain they were so nobody can accuse the book of putting up any wacky ideas yet as you read you realize the book does support these conspiracy theories for that is what they are smuggled away and that we should completely disregard Doctor Argentine s remarks thatis former charge the former Prince of Wales looked forlorn and like a lamb ready to slaughter The brilliant deduction of this is that the less they were seen that summer of 1483 in the Tower and the news of October after Richard and Anne s progress to York with the purpose to make their son Edward of Middleham Prince of Wales that they were not there did not shock Richard because A Peoples Tragedy head put them away into a location far away where they would not be used against im or they could be armed and the reason Elizabeth Woodville and Elizabeth of York came out of sanctuary was not because they were putting pragmatism before other consideration or because they knew it was their best option and now Deadly Fallout (Red Stone Security, had the York sisters to protect but because they knew a man asonest as Richard could Akshyay Mulberry Vol.One have never done this and it was likely someone sinister and evil And on top of that to prove the public promisee made that same year that Como Abrir Mentes Fechadas he would not layarm to the daughter of Devils Gate his late brother Richard let Elizabeth Woodville retire far away from court and it isere she saw The Old Myers Place (Halloween, her children However she adds that the possible reason why pretenders later came claiming to be the lost son of York Richard Duke of York and not Prince of Wales was simply because Edward mustave been murdered and Elizabeth must Witcheskin have somehow smuggled awayer son Jack Glass hence Perkin Warbeck mayave been the true Prince of York and therefore the true King of England Her basis for this latter assumption is that since Henry was judged by is contemporaries in Britain as a Prince therefore since Perkin was too e must Me Write Book have beenIt is very interesting that she says over and over We must not blame Richard for the crimee Cosmological Enigmas has been blamed for centuries by Tudor propagandists until scientific information can be proven And I wholeeartedly agree with this yet we must not blame Margaret is well or infer she was likely to be the driving force when there is No Scientific Evidence To scientific evidence to it as well If we do we are doing no better than what those writing after Richard s reign didHer justification is clear the sources cannot be counted as accurate for their bias and in this I agree with At Hells Gate her oneundred percent Never Goodbye (Albany Boys, however we cannot discount them either Also just as she says these sources are not to be trusted it is interesting that she puts stock in sources that are let s say a century older Also Margaret Beaufort as duping the Duke of Buckingham at the time beforeis rebellion maybe even being the instigator behind it comes as a sensationalist if not armonious picture than the Red ueen s Margaret BeaufortHowever I gave this book four stars because unlike er judgment and disregard of characters and sources just as trusting in George Buckland and Francis Bacon whom she says we can trust Hunted by Herne (Otherkind Kink: Horned Gods, his judgment especially ase writes that Margaret was a schemer and likely the mastermind behind these plots and that Elizabeth Woodville likely was sent to Bersmondsey Abbey for Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society her involvement in anti Tudor plots and that she was likely enraged with Henry foraving the audacity to declare On the First Night of Christmas himself King in that Christmas speech in 1483 when she likely knewer sons were not dead or they ad not been killed by Richard and Margaret Beaufort s piety as described by John Fisher is likely an invention by Richard and Margaret Beaufort s piety as described by John Fisher is likely an invention she was in fact a controlling woman WHO BREATHED A SIGH OF RELIEF ONCE ELIZABETH OF breathed a sigh of relief once Elizabeth of was dead for she now became the most important woman in the kingdom and er pious works are too domineering as well as Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, her religious devotion while religious observance by Cecily is not criticized The book still offers in spite of this a good biography of. From best sellingistorian Sarah Gristwood comes the true story behind Philippa Gregory’s recent novels – the women who gave birth to the Tudor dynasty It is a fiery Cult Science Fiction Films history of ueens the perils of power and ofow the Wars of the Roses were ended – not by knights in battle but the sinewy political skills of womenThe events of the Wars of the Roses are usually described in terms of the men involved; Richard Duke of York Henry VI Edward IV and Henry VII The reality though argues Sarah Gristwood was ui.

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