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Arty Sigurdur li agrees to pay a Visit To The Blackmailer But Before He to the blackmailer but before he speak to her he surprises an attack on the woman by an unknown assailant Sigurdur is now in a difficult situation as he tries to remain involved in the police investigation without revealing the reasons for his presence at the murder sceneMeanwhile an elderly man has been taken prisoner and had placed over his head a leather mask fixed with a spike similar to those used leather mask fixed with a spike similar to those used Icelandic farmers to ill their animals It is clear that a disturbed individual is extracting revenge for past misdemeanoursSuch is Indridason s skill as a writer that the elevation of Sigurdur li As A Central Character Worked a central character worked well Instead of once focusing on the the fertility problems experienced by him and Bergth ra we see instead the toll that it has taken on their relationship and the separate paths they are now following The emphasis on the personal seemed to chime in with the plot Sigurdur is pressurised by a personal acuaintance to investigate a blackmail plot and when things start to disintegrate this friend unfairly blames Sigurdur for coming to the attention of the policeAlthough the blackmail plot is related to husband and wife swapping parties thankfully this isn t at the centre of the book Instead the focus is on the greed of bankers and those in associated professions at the height of the economic boom As the author makes clear it is not only the selfishness of the bankers that is to blame for the spiralling debt situation but the archaic Icelandic laws which fail to provide a legal structure to address financial abuseThe book was as usual an engrossing read and although the relevance of the man. Ntemporaries leaving him bitter and resentful one of his old friends asks him to pay an unofficial visit to a couple of blackmailers He readily agrees only to arrive to find one of the pair lying in a pool of blood When the victim dies in hospital Sigurdur Oli is faced with I wasn t impressed with Jar City mainly I found the pace too slow for my taste but I could no longer continue to ignore Indridason found the pace too slow for my taste but I could no longer continue to ignore Arnaldur Indridason Inspector Erlandur s exceptionally good reviews by my GR Friends Inspector Erlandur is otherwise occupied here so the action falls to Inspector Sigurdur Oli Sigurdur Is Approached By An Old School Friend To Sigurdur is approached by an old school friend to retrieve some pictures for a friend that is apparently a victim in a blackmail scheme Sigurdur agrees to help but by not reporting the blackmail scheme originally he must now solve the complex mystery encompassing international banking murder and blackmail to stay above water himself Indridason weaves this very elegant and complex novel with a potential revenge Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, killing by a child abuse victim Sigurdur is a lonely disappointed man in general but I liked him because h The last book by Arnaldur Indridason Outrage saw the usual protagonist of the series detective Erlunder disappear for an extended leave of absence and the investigation taken up by his female colleague Elinborg I enjoyed the book but missed the character of Erlunder so was slightly apprehensive when I noticed he had not yet returned for Black Skies This time the central police figure is Sigurdur linown in previous books mainly for his attempts to become a parent with his partner Bergth raAlthough written in 2009 the book is set in 2005 at the height of Icelandic economic boom Sigurdur li attends a high school reunion and notes with dismay that most of his contemporaries have become rich from the country s economic success However the friend of one his classmates is being blackmailed after he and his wife were photographed at a swingers A suspected blackmailer is found murdered in this gripping crime story from the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger winner Arnaldur Indridason Detective Sigurdur Oli is in trouble After a school reunion exposes the chasm between his life and those of his much successful co.

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Smijurija u mjerama keep repeat offenders off the streets As readers of Indridason willnow these are themes that crop up again and again in his writing Since I reserve 1 rating for books I hate this gets 2 Huge disappointment and total waste of time I bought this book before I had a falling out with the author s works and it took me a long time before I picked it up I wish took me a long time before I picked it up I wish hadn t I wish I d just let it go unread It is bleak depressing and boring from start to finish There is not a likeable character in sight There is nothing wrong with the plotting and the theme child pornography is importa In this tenth book in the Inspector Erldendur series a different member of the investigative team Detective li looks into the murder of a woman who engages in wife swapping activities The book can be read as a standaloneThough nominally an Inspector Erlendur novel the detective in this book is his team member Sigurdur liIn Reykjav Iceland Detective Sigurdur li is approached for a favor by his friend Patrekur It seems that Patrekur s sister in law and her husband have engaged in a spot of wife swappingand are being blackmailed by another swinger couple Lina and Ebbi Patrekur asks Sigurdar li to pressure the blackmailers to back off and to get the incriminating photos of his relativesSigurdur li goes to the blackmailing couple s house at the exact moment Lina is being viciously attacked with a baseball bat and fatally injure. Nvestigating a murder without revealing his own reasons for being present at the murder scene Moving from the villas of Reykjavik's banking elite to a sordid basement flat Black Skies is a superb story of greed pride and murder from one of Europe's most successful crime write. .

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