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0 Dangerous Games11 Midwinter Nightingale12 The Witch of ClatteringshawsA few notes Is Underground is the American NAME FOR THE BRITISH ORIGINAL IS for the British original Is Dangerous Games was few notes Is Underground is the American name for the British original Is Similarly Dangerous Games was published in Britain as Limbo Lodge The Wolves of Willoughby Chase features two characters that recur but the two oung heroines do not The Stolen Lake is the point at which the chronology becomes somewhat complicated as it is the sixth book but chronicles events that occur in between Night Birds on Nantucket 3 and The Cuckoo Tree 5 Is Underground or Is and Cold Shoulder Road both feature Is Twite cousin to the main heroine Dido They occur alongside the other books cousin to the main heroine Dido They occur alongside the other books their position in the series is not chronologically relevant Dangerous Games Limbo Lodge is another title that backtracks in the chronology Although not technically part of the series Aiken s Midnight Is a Place does occur in the same alternative timeline and is set in Blastburn the same imaginary city that features in the other books view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler Lies deceptions treasonous plots mistaken identity hot air balloons wolves at the door stowaways and completely indecipherable dialect How could Hai nhà you go wrong I completely loved this even though it took me a bit to get into it once it gets going though it s hard to put down Why do I still love this book enough to stay up re reading it for at least the fifth timeThe whole series has a uniue distinct style of prose and storytelling It s ageless and timeless Simon is one of my favorite characters ever I just like how everything is just a bit off from the very beginning and then BAM danger and conspiracyEach book in the series can be read as a stand alone This is the order though0 The Whispering Simon a minor character in Black Hearts in Battersea but one who clearly took over Aiken s heart leaves Yorkshire for London where he can study painting However after arriving in London at the home of the Twite family he is mystified by the disappearance of his mentor Dr Field No one admits to having seen Dr Field but there are hints he has been at the Twites in addition to the letter he sent Simon urging him to come stay with him there Simon enrolls at the art academy as planned and obtains a job nearby and is happy to be reunited with Sophie an orphan he knewears before who is now employed by the eccentric but warm hearted Duke and Duchess of Battersea How Simon seeks his fortune in London while navigating the danger posed by Hanoverian plotters is very satisfying historical fictio. Erous run ins In a time and place where villains do nothing halfway Simon is faced with wild wolves poisoned pies kidnapping and a wrecked ship This is a cleverly contrived tale of intrigue and misadventure. ,

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Urprises along the way Highly entertaining I love these books It s hard to explain because they are so very weird the language is old fashioned plausibility is left at the door coincidence abounds I mean it even has the old orphan kid is really a great person even though very disadvantaged in upbringing but oh wow it turns out he s really a duke trope twice I usually hate that but I don a duke trope twice I usually hate that but I don get an overwhelmig feeling of classism from Aiken I mean her very best character Dido is a poor child and though many of the villains are not wealthy some of the book s kindest and most lovely are tooSo Dido Dido TwiteI LOVE HER I forgot how much of a brat she is at the beginning of this book but soon she starts to win our heart with her guttermouth her loneliness her spunk and her uick wit of course she and her uick wit Of course she even better in the next one This second volume in the Wolves Chronicles follows the adventures of Simon the goose boy who journeys to London from the Willoughby estate intent on studying art and becoming a great painter Nothing is uite as he expected however and as he makes friends in places high and low Simon soon finds himself at the center of a dastardly Hanoverian plotA humorously convoluted Victorian melodrama complete with plots assassination attempts kidnappings shipwrecks hidden identities secret societies and hot air balloon escapes Black Heart in Battersea also has the distinction of introducing into the pages of children s literature one of its most distinctive heroines The incomparable Dido Twite with her awful language defiant manner and appearance like a molting sparrow cannot boast a very auspicious debut but she carries within her the seeds of all those ualities that most matter in Aiken s world bravery loyalty and love In a word she has heartIt is my good fortune to own a copy of the original American edition of this book which is illustrated by Robin Jacues whose work is perhaps best known from Ruth Manning Sanders folktale collections It seems a real shame to me that these illustrations have been omitted from later editionsAddendum Because the reading order of this series is somewhat complicated I have included this handy guide which is organized by publication date and which I recommend to prospective readers of the series rather than the one offered here on GoodreadsReading Order for the Series1 The Wolves of Willoughby Chase2 Black Hearts in Battersea3 Nightbirds on Nantucket4 The Whispering Mountain5 The Cuckoo Tree6 The Stolen Lake7 Dido and Pa8 Is Underground9 Cold Shoulder Road1. H caper to overthrow the good King James and the Duke and Duchess of Battersea With the help of his friend Sophie and the resourceful waif Dido Simon narrowly escapes a series of madcap close calls and dang.

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4 and 12 stars Young Simon from Wolves goes off to London to learn to paint He plans to live with his friend Dr Field but when the boy arrives in the city the doctor has vanished without a trace Breathless non stop adventure from the first page Black Hearts is the seuel to Wolves of Willoughby Chase A delightful mixture of Charles Dickens Jane Austen and Robert Louis Stevenson I don t know why I never read this series when first discovered Aiken s alternate history London in Midnight Is Place but I m enjoying it now It s a uick read not dark by my standards though bad things do happen they are tempered with humor and it was easy to gloss over any historical contexts that I was clueless about it s summer after all and I didn t want to make myself think too much I thoroughly enjoyed the story I do wonder about something at the end which I thought was shoved aside rather uickly in all the other happenings but I m hoping that it will be addressed in the next book With his heart set on becoming an artist Simon heads for London to make his fortune But prowling wolves and mysterious goings on are rife in the city and Simon s new lodgings with the very odd Twite family don t improve matters Uncovering a plot to kill the King Simon is kidnapped and it seems his hopes of victory may be dashedThis is Ms Aiken s second volume in the Wolves Chronicles and while it s uite interesting the plot didn t really grab my attention like the first one The Wolves of Willoughby Chase The story plods along in a rambling sort of way and I found myself wishing the author would just get with it The Twite family are amusing but even their carryings on didn t hold family are amusing but even their silly carryings on didn t hold attention for long All in all an interesting but flawed book This was a fast paced fun and exciting mysteryadventure story It finds Simon from the Wolves of Willoughby Chase heading to London to study painting at the invitation of Dr Field but on reaching there not only is there no sign of Dr Field no one at his lodgings seems to have heard of him Simon starts his classes finds a job and reconnects with his friend Sophie while on the sidelines continuing to investigate the disappearance of Dr Field He is helped by the rather unattractive at the start Dido Twite who proves herself uite an asset as we go on What transpires is a deep and fairly well planned plot and a secret that holds the key to the entire mystery One pretty much guesses the secret some way in but that didn t make the book any the less interesting for me There were also still some Simon the foundling from The Wolves of Willoughby Chase arrives in London to meet an old friend and pursue the study of painting Instead he finds himself unwittingly in the middle of a wicked crew's fiendis. ,

Black Hearts in Battersea

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