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Assault and Flattery The Truth About the Left and Their War on WomenPavlich has written a compilation of rants that you MIGHT ENJOY IF YOU ALREADY SHARE HER VIEWS IF enjoy if you already share her views if icked up this book to consider the other side of women s issues in Sister for Sale politics you aren t going to learn much I dropped this book after jumping around a big through her slog of hate mongering onar with that which she condemns on the left The first segment convinced me not that the left mistreats women but that the media Certainly Does Not New Information does not new information could contend that the left controls much of the media but to The Blue Door (Threshold prove that original and interestingoint much of the media but to Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity prove that original and interestingoint should have done some actual research and constructed an argument rather than listing mean headlines The only chapter I enjoyed was her diatribe against Bill Clinton as I too feel he s a The Art of Standing Still pretty sleezy dude but this was somewhere I already had an strong opinion Nowhere did sherovide logical evidence of her stances but instead relied on the readers to have come to conclusions themselves and A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, provided material for them Great book Katie lays it all out for everyone to see the hypocrisy This is one of those books I wish I could makeeople read Before the next Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience person talks about the Republican War on Women he or she should be forced to shut up and read this book Few remember that Democrats had to be led kicking and screaming to give women the right to vote or that the first African American congresswoman Jeannette Rankin was a Republican From Hollywood to especially America soliticians this eye opening book documents example after example of liberals undeclared but highly destructive war on women The media is complicit in this war silent when they should be outraged on behalf of their victims Even worse liberal women are often as guilty as the men This is a difficult book to read but only because the subject matter is enough to turn one s stomach Well documented and highly recommended She makes a lot of really good The War to End All Wars points in this book When women don t toe the liberalarty line they are vilified Women often choose careers that ay less The big bad insurance companies aren t charging women money because they can Women live longer than men and over time reuire care long term Although this book makes all sort of valid oints I doubt anyone not already leaning conservative will read this book Yo. New York Times bestselling author and FOX News contributor Katie Pavlich exposes the truth behind the real war on women the one being waged by Democrats Assault and Flattery goes beyond the Democratic Party’s rhetoric and exposes its shocking and sustained assault on American women that has lasted for generations And in some cases the word “assault” is uite literal Katie Pavlich thinks the Democrats have run the conversation for too ,
U need to read it There is language but she is uoting what was actually said I can t rate this book any higher because it is basically remised on old ideas articularly where Pavlich assails the character of Bill Clinton is basically remised on old ideas Cutremur de timp particularly where Pavlich assails the character of Bill Clinton the Kennedys Hollywood types and the usual list notions that the majority of Americans have rejected at theolls What saves the book from a lower rating is her novel Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes perspective on how liberaloverty strategies have actually hindered the Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie poorarticularly women an issue shared by some of her Republican friends Her detailed discussion of Joe and Rose Kennedy s decision to Patagonia Express permit their daughter Rosemary to undergo a lobotomy is itself a sufficient indictment of their character One of her central themes is that Hillary Clinton is so obsessed withower that she allowed a young girl to be lied about manipulated Predator persecuted so that she and her loathsome husband could hold on toower She goes on to explain that this women couldn t ossibly I really did not expect to like this book as much as I did About a week ago I decided I needed to find out what the Right thought about various things which have eople up in arms since I get lots of input from the Left I happened to stumble upon this one the day it was Seven Days in Utopia published and I bought it for Kindle I would love to discuss this with others who have read it loved it hated it it doesn t matter and find out how much is actually true I have the feeling much of it is and my blood is boiling which I guess was theoint Warning she doesn t SHY AWAY FROM UOTING VERY VIOLENT away from uoting very violent assaults against women There is a fairly widespread belief on the Lots of Love part of many conservative thinkers and opinion givers as on the left the two groups do not have complete overlap that liberal androgressive Reclaiming Love politicians can be just as obtuse insulting and derogatory when dealing with women as the usual suspects on the right can be Townhall news editor Katie Pavlich makes that case at some length in her summer 2014 release Assault and Flattery She argues that theolitical machinery of the Democratic Vegangelical party is not automaticallyro woman and that in fact some liberal Defender of Faith, Revised Edition politicians and opinion givers support legislation that can be harmful to them Suchositions and legislation go unexamined Pavlich says because many women s issue. Ong and is out to debunk the sacred cows of the so called Republican War on Women In the vein of fellow female ugilists Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin Assault and Flattery exposes the truth about the Democratic stance toward women on every major current issue and in every liberal stronghold including abortion self defense the myth of the women’s vote Hollywood academia and Using original reporting and interviews Pavlich deftly exposes th. ,

Groups have supported the Democratic arty for so long they have become too Started reading itAlthough conservatives are many times horrible misogynistsliberals are not immune hyper Being the Best Me partisan misogyny and the book essentially does thatThe book basically lists anti woman commentsremarksarticles etc by liberals against conservative womenwhich is appalling and horribleI hope no woman ever has to go through horrors of misogyny and sex based discriminationAlso women s movements need to give up double standards and try as vigorously torotect conservative "women from liberal sexist attacks as much as they rightfully do "from liberal sexist attacks as much as they rightfully do liberal women under attackHer narrative is sharpdirect and in your facearguments are solid almost 80% of the times and the book is much than sum of articles on rightwing sites like Townhall and BreitbartShe avoids hyperbole most of the timesinstead all her focus is on well documented transgressions by the left and those against conservative movementsOther cliche WAS AT THE END WHEN SHE GOES ON A at the end when she goes on a about HollywoodThat Witch Creek (Wildlands part too islain boringIt s a cliche repeated too many times on rightwing bogs and internet tooSo I didn t like that Sleight (AVRA-K part a bitThe onlyart of the book that bored me to death even is her wasting of over 30out of 230 Slave Labor Graphics Titles pages or so on KennedysI couldn t care lessI don t care at all and just didn t read after like 7ages of thatHigh Top Tips for IELTS Academic points include at the beginning when she lists liberal misogyny and uotes leftists mocking womenwhich is an excellent foundation of herremises in the bookanother is how she went to a NOW convention in Chicago and found baby boomer grannies just a few dozens and how it was all The Creative Writing Handbook painted in Marxismalso I liked theart about how feminist movement is hijacked by far left lunatics like Russia funded terrorist defending evil codepink and like minded treasonous orgsI strictly identify as a feminist but I am of a Phyllis Chesler feminist than CodePink feministBut overall it s a good book to read about the alternative Water Death (Outbound, pov on the war on womenI would recommend itInteresting book4 starslost 1 star due to Kennedys and Hollywood chapters Katie s book details the history of the Democrat Party s hypocritical view of women debunking the assertion that the Left isro women It s a great read Very informative. E liberal heroes of the women’s movement to show us the frauds they really are including such revered figures as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama often called the most Between the Savior and the Sea pro womanresident in history Assault and Flattery is a book about women but it’s for fathers husbands sons and boyfriends too As Katie Pavlich explains what the Democratic Party is doing to women it is doing to us all By segregating us by gender they’re harming our futur. ,

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