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Assassin Found Lost Shifters #28

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Tiger shifter who is an assassin Rico is looking for a place to find shelter cause he piss to many people and other assassin are after shelter cause he piss to many people and other assassin are after so he decided to find a safe haven Which happen to be Mitchell coalition for he heard that is the perfect place and also they are in need of Assassin Which Bring Him Face To Face With Shane Fangirl which bring him face to face with Shane fangirl to see if he has what it takes to be apart of his team At the same time Eros is having a hard time because he is a lynx which is at the bottom of the feline line cause they see them as house cat then wild feline and because of that he is always put down Until he meet Rico and know that this might be the one for him but is not to sure that Rico would want a lynx for a mate Will they be together or will prejudice keep them apartI like the story but I feel that it was lacking The action was too short the romance was sappy but fast and I feel that Rico would be of a solider then assassin Cause compare to Shane which I was so happy when he play a part of this story he has nothing on him beside skill but other then that I don t see him assassin material As for Eros he was cute and sweet and I nderstand his self esteem problem but I feel that he character could be but I ll leave it at thatThis book gets a 4 stars because it was to short for my taste and not enough character development as well as the couple being in deep with each other like some of the other story I have a soft spot for the assassins at the feline coalition How can I not when Shane is my very favorite psychotic crazy leopard shifter. Rifting around with no real home when he hears that Mitchell’s coalition is looking for assassins Left with no real options Rico decides to see what the coalition has to offer Eros is just a Lynx shifter and has never found a place in the coalition Since he’s. This was super cute but I wish both characters had been fleshed out a bit There s some inconsistency in terms of Eros One minute he s an outcast wonly Jacyn for a friend bc he s a Lynx shifter we even see him sitting all by himself in the cafeteria and being worried that being seen whim will negatively affect Rico s rep the next view spoiler there s an entire cafeteria full of people celebrating his mating Rico and he s being told he s one of the most popular people among the patients in the infirmary and his co workers He S Either An Outcast Or He S either an outcast or s can t be hide spoiler That Cover love it For those familiar both hide spoiler That Cover love it For those familiar the series and author there s nothing surprising here Just your typical addition to the series Nothing horrible yet not mind blowing either Young weak abused nderappreciated sub CheckBig strong dangerous misunderstood Alpha CheckInstalove CheckAlpha helps sub realise his true awesomenessSub helps Alpha find his soft suishy side CheckFormula sex with the obligatory Mine thrown in CheckInjurykidnappinginsert reason to publicly declare love here CheckSub grows a pair and with his hero by his side flips off the haters CheckBlissful co habitation CheckThis is the last published book in this series and I feel like I ve already read it 26 times Why am I continuing to do this to myself My OCD won and I read this one My therapist is trying to teach me that I really DON T have to read the entire series just because I liked the first several This story is about Eros a lynx shifter who work in the infirmary and Rico This edition is no longer available The republished edition is now #29Sometimes you have to go back home in order to find your future no matter how painful your past may be Raised by a cruel master Tiger shifter Rico now works as a freelance assassin He’s just And assassin on the planet But Assassin Found the twenty ninth book in the Lost Shifters series is about Rico Now Rico is another assassin I can love grins And why not He s super hot a tiger shifter a loner with a snarky tude and some serious skills Well and Shane vouches for himLife as a freelance assassin has gotten a little too hot for Rico lately so he answers the call Shane put hot for Rico lately so he answers the call Shane put for killers Rico is than a little surprised by the feline coalition as it s definitely not what he expected it to be Meeting Eros a young sexy lynx who works in the infirmary just puts a big bow on Rico s decision to join the coalitionEros just knows that Rico won t ever look at him twice None of the felines have anything good to say about the lynx What se is an animal who is only slightly larger than a house cat Rico has his work cut out for him convincing Eros that he wants him permanentlyI totally and completely fell for Eros He just wormed his way into my heart and Rico s I loved seeing him finally acknowledging his worth not just to the coalition but to himself as well This was a great addition to the series and Rico is a match with Shane in their snarky killing manner Excellent I needed another assassin to loveNOTE This book was provided by CJ Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews book was provided by CJ Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews are getting shorter and shorter Why do I keep wasting good reading time Not to mention these are way to pricey for such short reads This series has become a jo Tell me again why I keep reading this series Perhaps it s time to move on. So small he can’t be a soldier and that makes him feel like he’s inadeuate Then one day he meets the new assassin and Eros feels an instant attraction Will Rico be able to see past the Lynx and recognize the real man behind Or is Eros doomed to be alone foreve.

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