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Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, eD at So after reading four volumes I will not be continuing this series I find the changes in the layout from chapter to chapter to be uite confusing you have to spend the first page figuring out if you are reading right to left from top to bottom or top to bottom then left to right Additionally I feel as if there are too many characters to follow Finally it is really hard to figure out the ages of the various characters asveryone looks the same age It could have had potential it just needed a little focus There were uite a few funny ones here My faves were the coffee shop the Theme Park And The Daruma park and the daruma as big a fan of the teacher hijinks as the students So far volume 2 is my favorite of these bizarre sketch series While I thought the last volume was the best yet this one was a step back specially if you re a fan of the anime The vast majority of this volume is stuff that was adapted for the small screen and it s just personally not my favorite content While Nichijou isn t a big feel good as characters Are The Of Jokes the butt of jokes of the time there s usually a cute moment or two throughout but these particular stories all caught our characters at their worst with not a lot of levity to nd their chaptersThe unadapted content is pretty sparse one being a strip with no spoken dialogueThere were two things I liked about this volume though It xplained what the deal is with the Daruma s one painted ye with a translator s note and there s a page or two of Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue extra content in the book with additional little tidbits you won t find in the book like the name of Mai s catOverall not my favorite volume While I do think there were better panels towards thend it still fell flat Also Eh chan says Whaaaat in this translation so Eh I don t like that change much here. Ole pohtinut ikö olisi jo aika Älä jää tietämättömäksi vaan lue Arkea Sarjaa joka on kuin luotu juuri sinull. .
Ah well it had to happen an unfortunately crappy book from Keiichi Arawi my favourite new creator The fourth volume of Nichijou Doesn T Have Nearly doesn t have nearly amount of fun sketches that I ve gotten used to reading in this series I laughed at the teacher in love with that I ve gotten used to reading in this series I laughed at the teacher in love with other teacher and the repeating gag The poor hapless principal is still funny this time not only did his toupee fall off but also his false teeth The best characters the Professor Nano and Mr Sakamoto didn t really have any great scenes but the Professor is just so cute And it s interesting to see Nano has a nemesis now the school s science teacher who wants to study her Otherwise a lot of the stuff here just fell flat The word chain drawing the fantasy realm still the worst part of this series the baffling GoSoccer club and the blossoming romance between one of the girl s and Sasahara all so meh Nichijou Volume 4 is a very weak addition to the series but hopefully this is just a blip and the uality will pick back up again soon The theme park chapter with Yukko s lost wallet is the best vereverever I am continuing to njoy this funnycomedic manga series My favorite so far is the building story between the guidance counselor at the school and the teacher Mr Takasaki The daily lives of these characters that are filled with randomness humor and silly moments really does help bring some smiles and laughter to my days A really funny book with not that many translation issues Some jokes just don t work due to the language barrier though Another great volume Good series but this book was a bit boring compared to the rest of the series Nichijou is one of those manga series that I just look forward toIt is also a series which has humour that is hit and miss Some jokes work fine for me some jokes just get ol. Tehoaako unilääke robotteihin Kuinka prinsessan saa nauramaan Millainen laji jalkapallo shoogi oikein on Entä mitä. D For instance in this one I was just annoyed with the professor s childish things Yes I know she is a child but it seems she never does grow up Instead she does the most stupid things blames it on others hurts people s feelings and in overall she is the least favourite of all my charactersLuckily the rest of the volume was great There are some recurring jokes or things that go on through the whole volume I love that It makes the jokes ven better because afterwards you can still laugh when you see for instance a crow and then think back to what happened when those showed up And of course There Are Just Things That are just things that ongoing in Gone (Gone, every book like Mio s love for Sasahara though I still can t see why she likes him or Yukko s continued stupidityThis time we also had the science teacher going after Nano and all the hilarity thatnsues because of the stuff she tries to get Nano This is then also followed by several sketches where 1 student gets into trouble both times the same guy poor fella and another goes to find a teacher only to get x reaction about itI also saw several parts that I still recognised from the anime and it was a lot of fun to see them again in this volume Like the Threads Of The Shroud espresso and how Yukko just got so confused at it allWe have a big cast of characters and I always love to seeach of them get a bit of the spotlight All Seated on the Ground even if it is only a small partThe art is also still very fitting for this kind of manga At times it is silly at times it is detailed You never know what you will get with NichijouI have to givextra points to the cover Nichijou sure does have funny covers which hint very closely to the content of the volumeAll in all I can t wait for the next volume to come out And I would recommend this series manga and anime to Untitled. everyoneReview first poste. Tapahtuikaan sisäpihalla Jos olet joskus pohtinut näitä kysymyksiä tämä kirja on tarkoitettu juuri sinulle Jost. .

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Arki 4 Nichijou #4

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