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brow banter to somewhat superior echelon of his Trail of Secrets detective s social milieu It ain t old school aristocratic like Lord Peter Wimsey but it s public school enough unsurprising since his creator was a perpetual Student at Oxford JIM Stewart The titles roll off the pages almost as replete as the whimsical jokes You need aictionary for this series plus a smattering of French German Italian and Latin Yet you would think that such a clearly erudite writer would know that nor comes with neither not or It s not merely a matter of taste nor preferenceAnd How to Train a Cowboy do we like Sir John I can t help comparing him to PD James s Dalgliesh who is probably my favourite of the modernetective heroes of the whodunnit I liked Dalgliesh s urbanity and so I rather like Appleby s He has a similar air of increasing intolerance as he grows older He was reflecting that he seemed to become not less censorious as he grew older p15 the mark of a confident man closing in his world having shed the mildly One Special Moment degrading veneer of forced social nicety necessary in a very public profession with senior people in law and government or any profession really One can at least here euateJust preecimalisation we have half crowns florins and shillings which A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain draws the novel nearer to my heart Judith s personality is also nicely painted and the relationship of the Applebys sound and likeable It is an urbane stroll through a couple ofays of the local gentry finding themselves bored post retirement It has a certain amount of charmThe accumulation of clues Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, depends upon having a very clear map fixed in your mind mess up the left and rights and your bearings go completely like wanderingown a lane in the The Mommy Makeover dark Naturally having built some sort of map in your mind once you realise certain facts later onon t fit with it that in fact it should be reversed you are loathe to make all that adjustment whereas it is essential if you are to work at least some of it out And it is a simple matter of mirroring your image of the mapNot an especially complex puzzle nor indeed with any excitement But it was so nicely written and I felt comfortable with the Applebys that I enjoyed it I intend to read of his too I ve never read or listened to any of of his too I ve never read or listened to any of Innes books but I was very pleasantly surprised It was a lovely trip back to the country English house mystery with a slightly modern English The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives detective a retired police inspector I m not sure if this type of life ever really existed but I like to think so In fact if I get to pick what I want heaven to be like it would be the typical English villageThough English village life was not uite as typically bucolic as it is in other books I highly recommend to fans of Ngaio Marsh Agatha Christie et al and I plan to start reading the others in the series. O an end but just as Appleby is leaving they find aead man electrocuted in the son et lumiŠre box which had been installed in the ground.
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read Appleby At Allington Inspector Appleby Mysteries

Appleby At Allington Inspector Appleby MysteriesOne of the better Inspector Appleby mystery series I always enjoy a good mystery Appleby at Allington by Michael Innes read October 2013A very English whodunit it reminded me of PD James Insp Dalgliish series especially the earlier ones very First Blood different to the Scandinavian whodunit genre No high tension here no scruffy police all very proper But still an enjoyable read This one is a traditional puzzler in many respects aside from the intrusion of the electrical light show that is the son et lumiere one can easily see the whole thing transposed into the interbellum era of the golden age And yet in a way it isn t uite While there are a fair number of characters it never seems as though than a couple are flagged as potential suspects There seems to be a bit emphasis on how the crime was committed or even whether a crime was committed at all than on who committed it which is fair I think since the plot rather establishes that once you know how it wasone you will know who The Palliser Novels did itI would have liked to have gotten to know some of the other characters better in particular Hope Allington and Tristram Travis There is someelicious banter involving Travis and Hope gives an immediate impression of being an intriguingly original character with unexpected strength Meanwhile Hope s sisters Faith and Charity along with their respective spouses come across as comedic relief necessarily a little flat but entertaining nonetheless And yet none of them except maybe Travis really crosses the line to becoming a credible suspect We never really see enough of themI Men And Gods In Mongolia do get that perhaps this isn t the focus of the plot there is an idea that Appleby is being manipulated into something and that is the real mystery so than the mysteriouseaths that occur along the way The story is interested in Appleby s reaction to events and how they seem to be gently guiding him into a trapThe puzzle was pretty fair and I even found it uite original Some of the motivation seemed to come out of the blue admittedly but as I said the focus is really on the method I Hunter Killer (Pike Logan did not solve this before theenouement I was unsurprised by the reveal of WHO but I id find myself intrigued by the reveal of HOW Eh it passed the time uintessential English upper class country house mystery sleuthing classical references ialogue village types and upper class twits abound Holiday entertainment I had never read a Michael Innes JIM Stewart s pseudonym previously Prior to his The Friend Zone death in 1994 he authored 33 Sir John Appleby mysteries This book was about 23rds of the way through the series Theeconstruction of events was nicely constructed with subtle guidance throughout the book to the solution The book cover also includes a neat pre sage to the conduct of the crime but I missed it till the end The. Sir John Appleby Flying Scotsman Manual dines one evening at Allington Park the Georgian home of his acuaintance Owain Allington who is new to the area His curios. Investigators included the retired Inspector Appleby but also his wife They functioned a bit like Nick and Nora Charles as well as Asta Dashiell Hammett with Judith Appleby giving insights all along Myifficulty with the book involved the writing I am a sucker for a rhythm to a sentence where syllables flow into words into sentences Not that I Alpha (Shifters, demand poetry but rather than a smooth rides over rolling hills Innes structures provides a bumpy trip over a MacAdam highway But after all Stewart is Scottish and so maybe MacAdam travels should be expected Chief Inspector Appleby is retired and living in Dream Manor the house belonging to his wife s aristocratic family As part of the life of a retired gentleman he is expected to get to know his neighbors And one such neighbor is Olwain Allington owner of a stately estate In a curious twist of economic fortunes Allington used to belong to the Allington family for centuries then passed into the possession of the Osbornes and has only very recently been bought back by the current Allington a retired scientist So Applebyines with Allington and the evening s entertainment includes a visit to the control tower of a son et lumiere installation where Appleby Whalerider discovers a corpse This turns out to belong to a mentally impaired local with a strong interest in electricity Soeath by misadventure It would appear so but Appleby can t shake an unc When Cromwell went around indecorously levelling aristocratic piles many of the unfortunate occupants buried their family heirlooms for later retrieval living in hope of the Restoration Some however Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex did not survive to truffle it up and talk still persisted into the presentay the middle twentieth century that secret burials of treasure lay beneath the great oaks of Allington It at the bottom of the lakeThus the gently sardonic tone of Appleby visiting Allington Park is set It seems that nothing seriously close to the bone could happen in such a refinedly amused gathering whether at the son et lumi re nor at the village f te held back to back on the estate But back to back eaths seemingly by misadventure accompany each joyful gathering And Owain Allington having regained his family estate after back eaths seemingly by misadventure accompany each joyful gathering And Owain Allington having regained his family estate after of absence rather than making a nice profit all for charity of course is now incurring significant lossesA son et lumi re is a sound and light show It was now incurring significant lossesA son et lumi re a sound and light show It was up to Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, display Allington s castle lake and house Sir John visiting his newly ensconced neighbour that evening was largely only inconvenienced But Lady Judith his wife thought that now he was retired he was in need of a project intellectually stimulating than keeping the thrushes out of the fruit bushes and the moles off the crouet lawn When a second body turns up with a mystery he iseeply involved for he Sweetland discovered itYes ther. Ity is aroused when Allington mentions his nephew and heir to the estate Martin Allington whose name Appleby recognises The evening comes

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