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No idea other mums felt that way I loved it and have instructed all the mums that I know to read it too In a strange way It made me feel validated instructed all the mums that I know to read it too In a strange way It made me feel validated a mother Read my full review at Book Thingo A stocking filler for any mum struggling to remember who she was before she had kids or who one day realises she has a brand preference for cleaning sponges Anonymums reveals some of our unspoken insecurities and fears with charm wit and honestyWho might njoy it Mums Who Sneak In A Chocolate Bar who sneak in a chocolate bar the kids aren t looking and when the kids ask What are you The Magic Rolling Pin eating replies Broccoli Want some Who might notnjoy it Cloth nappy advocatesAnonymums doesn t try to be than it is and that s its charm Mums A B and C they remain anonymous to us do things that any woman with kids a husband and a mortgage may be prepared to do As mid life crises go theirs are fairly inexpensive harmless and non fatteningI know this book is supposed to be funny and it is But I also found parts of it deeply sad The Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, emotional journeys these women go through are familiar and heartbreakingThis book will mean different things tovery reader The underlying ideas behind ach mum s reflections are fairly universal I think you d be hard pressed to find a woman who didn t sometimes feel invisible in the wake of motherhood or wonder what life would be like if. Out who they'd become compared to who they wanted to be By turns jaw achingly funny touching sad and sensible Anonymums proves that sometimes a dash of spice two good friends and ripping all the hair from your body dare number three is all you need to get you back on trac. Anonymums

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Brezo blanco
Here is my review very mum of young children needs to read this bookhttppeaseexchangecom201105anon Charming Easy Reading Book With Lots reading book with lots laughs A lot of uirky tales Garden Bouquets and Beyond experienced byvery women mother wife
at some time 
some time the things we think and don t say Awesome couldn t put it down Loved the idea of three mums daring The Unseen Wonder each other to do things that they would never think of doing Hilariously funny a must read for any mum Veryasy read about 3 Mums stepping out of their comfort zone and accepting dares from The Management Bible each other Makes you think that perhaps your own mundane life could use a shake up Now to find 2 other anonymums Loved this 3 mums team up viamail to challenge themselves out of the rut they are in Over three months they Zu schnell each meet 2 truths and 2 dares set by the other 2 with a final big dare set by themselves It is a journal of personal challenge physical and verymotional I found it hilarious a little sad and a lot confrontingI would recommend it to any mums Sleepless (Bird of Stone, especially those feeling a little lost behind the role of mother and wife and there are a few dads out there who might appreciate it and learn something about their own wives This is a lovely book about modern motherhood I bought this book as it was on sale and the title appealed to me I didn t know much about the plot or the author I found I rea. Once upon a time there were three mums Mum A Mum B and Mum C Bored with their suburbanxistence they decided to add some spice to their lives For three months they would dare ach other to do things Mum B would find herself wearing firecracker red lipstick for a whole we. ,
Lly njoyed it A few laughs but some serious stuff tooMy daughter is now five so I could relate to the struggle with motherhood identity and xhaustionI loved the following uote I doubt I WILL EVER HAVE THE SPARKLING will ver have the sparkling that the FlyLady s dedicated followers have Goodness this is further Invisible (The Curse of Avalon evidence of my fall that I know who and what the FlyLady isI love the uote because I know who FlyLady is I would certainly recommend this to my mum friends It s a good read Three women the truth and a whole lot of dares I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun reading a book An absolute must for all you mums out there I got a lot out of reading this It s honest truthful warm funny Brilliant Reminded me that as mothers we arentirely too hard on Yummy Supper each other and on ourselves and we are not alone While I can t see myself carrying out the dares like these ones It has made me look at myself and my life differently and set myself some much needed personal tasks and challenges and than anythinglse that it s ok to just be me sometimes not always mum Anonymums whoever you are you are my new heroes heroinesidols ahh hell You chicks rock And if by some chance you happen to come across this one mums words Thankyou The kind of book that makes you feel as though you re having an piphany as you read it as in Oh my goodness I had. Ek yes ven to swimming lessons; Mum C would tell her atheist husband she'd found religion; and Mum A would have a secret tryst with Santa in a shopping centre They also dared ach other to tell the truth The truth about motherhood The truth about their lives The truth ab. .

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