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Y detailed picture of the administration of A Priory Struggling To Make Ends Meet priory struggling to make ends meet much of the time The writers speak of good times as well as bad a year when ends meet for much of the time The writers speak of good times as well as bad a year when was so much beech mast in the Chilterns that the priory's pigs grazed there all winter We learn too of the priory's dealings with the town and the uneasy relations between the prior and the leading citizens and of the priory's slow financial decline during the latter alf of the thirteenth century It is a rich text full of minutely observed detail as well as of great istorical events; if it is uneven and THE WORK OF MANY HANDS RATHER work of many ands rather of one writer with a broad view of istory it is nonetheless one of the best of the many such annals written in English monasteries at this period on which knowledge of the thirteenth century often depends.

Annals of Dunstable PrioryThe priory at Dunstable was founded by I and was a ouse of Augustinian canons; it stood in close proximity to the royal at Dunstable also founded by Henry I and used regularly in the twelfth century by is successors In 1204 the ouse was given to the canons by John though English kings down to Edward III stayed there at intervals royal and baronial tournaments were freuently eld Troys here Its chronicle reflects this connection with national affairs and at the same time provides a detailedistory of the town and priory It was begun by the prior Richard de Morins who was employed by king John on diplomatic missions and by the church in legal and administrative matters Knights Templar in Britain he attended the Fourth Lateran Council in Paris in 1215 Duringis abbacy which lasted from 1202 to 1242 the priory suffered during.

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The French invasion of 1215 and the chronicle the priory mixes important political news with the local problems that the chronicle of the priory mixes political news with the local problems that its administrators At its best its narrative is vivid and well informed as in the account of the siege of Bedford in 1224 The annals were continued with the same mixture of local and national information after Morins' death and seem to Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, have been written up year by year shortly after the events described The chronicle gives one of the fullest accounts of the Barons' War of Edward I's reign including material from official documents and is generally very accurate The writer is very strongly in favour of the barons led by Simon de Montfort whome regards as a ero and even a martyr During years of crisis national affairs predominate; but at other times the chronicle gives a remarkabl.

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