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Animal MagnetismE interesting and I want some details about the guy Not all about the guy I just expect the scenes to be eual guy and girl Is that too much And omg the term wet folds please stop using that it seriously grosses me out Anyway the first forty percent was great but now that the sex is going I m losing interest and it feels like it s just dragging along now And the timeline is really jumpy That s distracting It jumps days and sometimes it skips three days ahead a short random scene and skips four days and its just Like huh Really

and sex in 
sex in couples small guest bathroom Again really Why WTF Gross Not sexy at all Everyone S A MODEL IN THIS TOWN a model in this town the guys are super sexy studs with smooth tongues that make girls wet their panties so much the fabric disintegrates And the girls are all curvy and dress like they should be in designer magazines I have never been in a small town like that and it s hard to like a story when no one seems real I get it the MCs have to be stunningly perfect but can t there be a few side characters that are just normal Eh the clich you almost died and now I now I love you Dull The good old pull out method a favorite by teen moms everywhere But it s okay because she likes being reckless Uh there are other things you can get from a slut the manslut besides just pregnant ya now By the time it got to the big emotion. Daho all her life Pilot for hire Brady Miller is just passing through But he soon has Lilah abandoning her instincts and giving in to a pr.

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Al ending I didn t if Brady left or Not The Sex Had Ruined My Enjoyment Of The Story sex had ruined my enjoyment of the story I was just read for it to be over The ending sucked view spoiler first it was just so cliche I ept rolling my eyes at all the sappy lines Then he decides he will eep visiting L between jobs So what he sees her every coup months What s he going to do when he s around the world and horny He showed absolutely no control over his libido so I can t even see This As A Hfn Hide as a hfn hide DNF around 30%Cocky hero Annoying heroine Thanks but no thanksI finally came to realize that this author s writing style didn t work for me whatsoever And this book was not to my taste either I honestly couldn t warm up to the heroine Lilah There was something about her that really got on my nerves It seemed like she tried to be funny but it came out weird forced and fake insteadThe final straw that made me decide to uit reading this one was that Lilah deliberately pretended not to now that Twinkles wasn t Brady s dog It s unacceptable and very disgusting to use an animal as a pawn in someone s game Wasn t she the least bit concerned about this little dog Oh please and this was a woman who owned and operated a Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files kennel To tell you the truth I was under the impression that she was an animal lover But after seeing what she did all I can say is HELL TO THE NO ArghI m out. Imal desireIt's Brady's nature to resist being tied down but there's something about Lilah and her menagerie thateeps him coming back fo. .
Sexy pilot for hire aka doesn t stay anywhere for very long hero Brady goes to the small town of Sunshine to visit his foster brothers and meets the spunky sensitive she cries for weeks when she places pets in new homes heroine with a heart of gold Will he stick around this time Will she finally get a break and overcome the ghosts of her past Actually that sounds interesting than it is Will anything EVER happen in this bookWell the answer to the last uestion isNo There is no plot here to the last uestion isNo There is no plot here book is all character driven Which is fine when the characters are interesting and unfortunat 5 UACK MEW ARF STARS It was my first Jill Shalvis book and I loved itShe had me at uack page 3 This was one of the funniest and charming read I had in a long time I definitely missed out for so long but the good news is that I have lots of good times reading all her books ahead of me I really liked this It was so cute and charming That s really the only way I can describe it Then the sex started And it way I can describe it Then the sex started And it like it s all the same It s all about her He pleasures her with his mouth before they do it s all about her He pleasures her with his mouth before they do it only times she s even touched his penis was during first sex scene when she rolled a condom on him Then they do it in same position Boring And the scenes always from her pov Maybe because the target audience is womenAs a gay man I found it too simple and repetitive to Read Jill Shalvis's blogs and other content on the Penguin CommunityCo owner of the town's only ennel Lilah Young has lived in Sunshine .

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