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Not want to put it down until the completion of the book This was the nd to Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas end all thank you for allowing me toxperience this book and to write about it honestly Holy Moly this book was of the charts hot It gave you so many things to try to wrap your head around you didn t know if you were coming or going Amanda is one word is hot I loved how you described her and all her dirty details I can t wait to read about her Hot sexy steamy and without a doubt The Magic Rolling Pin enjoyable This is so worth the read5 stars for sure I voluntarily reviewed this book as an Advanced Reader s Copy Hotrotica that definitely pushes the boundariesWARNING content and language is Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, extremely graphic sexual androtic including non consensual forced sex Please be mindful of thisI have very recently taken an interest in contemporary romance and Not Without a Fight erotica fiction Dylan Cross s name came up in various places when I was looking for authors to read This was the first book I read of Dylan s As I stated at the beginning of my review this book had veryxtreme Garden Bouquets and Beyond explicit sexual content various levels of sexualncounters and situations and the physical and sexual relations were on a wide spectrum of what would be acceptable in societal norms I had never read a book with this much rotica and in that regard it took me a little bit to settle in and get comfortable It was hot rotica that definitely pushed the boundaries Understand this is a work of FICTION I knew Dylan Cross hot The Management Bible erotica that definitely pushed the boundaries Understand this is a work of FICTION I knew Dylan Cross other Amanda books but I had not read them ahead of this decided to read it as a standalone and it was perfectly fine to do so Amanda s Birthday isxactly that The Story And Events story and Zu schnell events her birthday Unfortunately it was notxactly the birthday she thought it would be uick overview to frame this storySome time before her birthday Amanda was caught servicing the cable man by her husband s best friend Craig Craig agreed not to tell Amanda s husband Mark of her indiscretion on. Sed when Craig brings a date to the party With relief Amanda realizes that her tenure as a sex slave is over Or is itEnter Lisa Mark's bouncy blonde secretary who has designs on him and on Amanda herself Add in a lie detector game I love this book by Dylan Cross It really opened My Eyes To A Different Type Of Story Telling What eyes to a different type of story telling What rideThis is the final book in the series and it doesn t disappoint Amanda finally takes back her charge in full force WOWThis is one freaking crazy story lineI don t like cheating stories at all but once I started reading I had to suck it up all the way to the Sleepless (Bird of Stone, endIt was most definitely a crazy journey An interesting conclusion to the Amanda series It isn t as dark as the previous books in the series but it is still very intense The book works well as a stand alone giving Amanda a Birthday party that she will never forget and indeed never planned on havingThis book is very heavy on therotica it is definitely an Adult themed book and is not for the faint of heart This is the 3 book in this series and is still a dark read that will have u feeling different motions through out this book this is a must read and will have your motions all over this book this book is beautiful written and you can feel the motions coming off the pages This is the 3rd and final book in the Amanda series I have been following Amanda since she was a short story in one of Dylan s collections Amanda s Birthday is much lighter than the previous ditions but don t worry Amanda is still used ven on her birthday I liked this book because the scenes were different still hot but I did not feel as bad for her in this book as I did in Amanda s Descent and Amanda s Assignment I will wait for after the release because I do not wantr to give anything away I can t wait for the paperback to give anything away I can t wait for the paperback add to my collection I fall in into hate with Craig reading this series and I ll be damned it this one makes me want to throw him into the pits of hell lol This book was so twisted and sexy that very page I was yelling and gasping in surprise waiting to find out what surprises were in store for Amanda This was a fast and intense book that made me. It's Amanda's partyher husband has invited several guests including his best friend unaware that Craig has been blackmailing Amanda for the past year The curvy redhead anticipating another afternoon of degrading debauchery is surpri.

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One condition she would be Craig s sex slave whenever wherever and with whomever he wanted Feeling like she had no other option she agreed When Amanda s birthday comes around the night other option she agreed When Amanda s birthday comes around the night husband had set up did not go uite as planned What was supposed to be her celebration very uickly turns into anything but That I Don T Want To Give Away Any Of I don t want to give away any of Yummy Supper events and details because they were all interconnected and relevant but needless to say I uickly saw the deal Amanda made with Craig the sex deranged devil I could not stop flipping the pages Dylan Cross you opened myyes to this level of rotica you made me open my mind to a lot of things I honestly didn t think possible I thought it was masterfully written incredibly well thoughtIMPRESSIVE I don t have much to compare it to yet but I do know I will buy and read of your work Yes it was graphic Yes it was xtreme Yes it was dirty and dirty and dirtierYES It was all of those things And I STAYED Dylan Cross you can write I connected I felt the characters the situations I was moved You had my Deep Listening emotions by a thread but still didn t let me come unraveled I was so invested For an author to find the level of commitment and connection you did with anxtremely novice and naive rotica reader like myself I think speaks volumes about who you are as a writer and author I didn t want to turn away I stayed ngaged and you held me there the ntire read Thank you for your lessons and open mindedness in this genre I am loving and learning so much about Ill be honest this was my first book in this series i was given it as an arc but in no way did that Affect My Feelings On my feelings on It was darker then most rotica books ive ver read I found myself torn between being turned on and feeling sorry for the main character on her birthday It was an odd feeling for sure The actual storyline and book were well written and i think i will read the first books as to learn of the back story. One horribly awry an intensive birthday bondage session and one raunchy inappropriate gift after another suffice to say it will be a party that the humiliated housewife will never forget And before it's overshe'll cry if she wants Amandas Birthday

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