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If I had to choose one spiritual book just one only oneit would be this one Nisargadatta points to the truth with such clarity I have been reading this book for eight or nine years picking #it up now and then and reading it for a week or two then taking something else #up now and then and reading it for a week or two then taking something else I began reading it when my first meditation teacher Larry Rosenberg told me uite casually when we were in a bookstore that it was a great book and great it is It is a series of dialogues with an Indian man an ordinary householder who is enlightened I don t know what that word means but I do know that Sri Nisargadatta sees the world much diffently than I do People came to him from all over the world with their uestions their concerns their complaints and he responded in most unusual ways Sometimes I have no idea what he s talking about and sometimes he startles me with his simple good sense The book is often uite funny because people are struggling so much and become uite angry as he tells them they don t have to do that Having read it through once it s 550 pages I will now read it through again I l probably be reading it for the rest of my ife It s endlessly interesting and endlessy boring both It s indescribable wwwdavidguyorg A complete mindfk of the best kind This one really tickled my pineal glandIt is ike entering a dark room the best kind This one really tickled my pineal glandIt is ike entering a dark room see nothing you may touch but you do not see no like entering a dark room You see nothing you may touch but you do not see no no outlines The window opens and the room is flooded with ight Colors and shapes come into being The window is the giver of Brooklyn's Song light but not the source of it The sun is the source Similarly matter isike the dark room conscious. Aham Brahmasmi Hindi Translation of I Am That I Am That hailed as a 'modern spiritual classic' is a collection of the timeless teachings of Sri Nisdargadatta Maharaj one of the greatest sages of India It is a testament to the uniueness of the seer's ife and work Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj was a teac. ,

Aham Brahmasmi Hindi translation of I Am ThatHey radiate ight and peacewith no intention or knowledge taking nothing as their own they are neither proud nor do they crave for reputation They are just unable to desire anything for themselves not even the joy of helping others knowing that God is good they are at peace not everyone can read are at peace Not everyone can read book Even after half a century of its publication perhaps only a handful of people around the globe has reached the state necessary to read this book I feel ike we #are a secret brotherhood Adios amigos brothers and sisters If I had #a secret brotherhood Adios amigos brothers and sisters If I had pick one book to take to a desert island I Am That would be it I ve read it numerous times and still find inspiration and guidance from it The excellent translation by Maurice Frydman makes I Am That eminently readable It is filled with so many pearls of wisdom that I underlined practically the whole bookIncidentally you can find the complete book online here You cannot go wrong with this book though my edition is much older worn and tattered from travels with me including India I had the good fortune to meet Nisargadatta in his home in Mumbai when it was still Bombay many years ago and hear him talk I never will forget his kind presencehe was absolutely present This book is for every spiritual seeker who wants to stop seeking
was that rare being who as he taught He was what he taught I will be reading and re reading this book over and over for an indefinite period of time Sri Nisaragadatta is interviewed by a westerner and his answers are as clear as crystal about why people suffer and how we can find peace within ourselves in chao. Human suffering and the ending of suffering It was his mission to guide the individual to an understanding of his true nature and timelessness of being He taught that mind must recognize and penetrate it's own state of being not 'being this or that here or there then and now' but just timeless bei. .

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Ness the window flooding matter with sensations and perceptions and the supreme Is The Sun The Source the sun the source both matter and of Family of Her Dreams light The window may be closed or open but the sun shines all the I was 18 the first time I bought I AM THAT but I was 39 before I was able to read it For this reason I thought I might give aittle advice about how to keep company with this book a very beautiful and peculiar one and unlike any otherYou will find your own way as many others have before you After all this is the favorite book of many of the strangest people you will ever meet In fact there appear to be a significant number of people who do nothing except read this book and then accost strangers in caf s to Have read several times over the years each time it is a different book Oram I different Meditation is a SATTVIC activity and aims at complete elimination of TAMAS inertia and RAJAS motivity Pure SATTVA harmony is perfect freddom from sloth and restlessnessThe SATTVA is pure and strong always It s its own goal It manifests spontaneosly and effortlessly when things are eft to themselves are not interfered with not shunned or wanted or conceptualized but just experienced in full awarness Such awarness itself is SATTVA it does not make use of things and people it fulfills themConsciousness is power be aware of what need to be done and it will be done Only keep alert and uiet Once you reach your destination and know your real nature your exstence becmoes a blessing to all You may not know nor will the world know yet the help irradiates There are people in the world who do good them everybody Her who did not propound any ideology or religion but gently unwrapped the mystery of selfHis message is simple direct and yet sublime I Am that preserves his dialogues with the followers who came from around the world seeking guidance in destroying false identities The sage's sole concern was with.
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