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T tale of the ties that bind love lost and found the power of friendship and the devastation of war that hooked power of friendship and the devastation of war that hooked in from the very first page and ept me gleefully turning the pages late into the nightIt s impossible not to fall under Katie Flynn s magical spell and A Summer Promise is sure to delight her legion of devoted fans and win her lots of new ones who will soon not be able to get enough of her involving intriguing and mesmerizing historical sagas have read this a few times loved it Enjoyed this as much as all the others I ve read Looking for another now Not one of her best Good read I enjoyed the book although I thought it was a little slow starting it got me gripped a uarter of the way through To my mind not as good as Katie usually writes first half I found boring almost decided not to finish it but plodded on and it did pick up a bit as I went along but not a book I would read again I really enjoy reading books set in this era and this book was no exception Recommended Another one of Katie Flynn in this era and this book was no exception Recommended Another one of Katie Flynn slow starters The beginning drags a little so could be shorter but the second half is fine A good read over all Most enjoyableI really enjoyed this book the characters were great It would be nice to read a follow to it so we now what happens next Another nice warming story by Katie Flynn a story of friendship from early years into adulthood and the war the trials and tribulations of their lives as they try to stay in touch with each other culminating in a happy ending as only Katie can create. Ything changesAs the four go their separate ways Maddy joins the ATS where she is recruited for one of the most dangerous jobs a woman could do in wartime the Ack Ack sites All four face dangers as the war worsens but when Tom is terribly injured Maddy’s world falls apart. .
Ncreasing reliance and dependence upon the O Halloran family who had moved into Larkspur to help run the farm while she is away Maddy soon throws herself into doing the most dangerous job a woman can do in wartime working in the ack ack sites Despite the constant peril she faces every day Maddy has never uite managed to forget about the boy who had stolen her heart all those years ago Yet she nows that Tom s feelings for her will always be strictly platonicMaddy is not the only one who is

Risking Her Life For Her 
her life for her Although Marigold had found working in the ack ack sites far too strenuous Alice had become a nurse in Egypt and Tom had joined up and is facing the enemy on the front joined up and is facing the enemy on the front on a daily basis With the war seemingly endless the four friends soon realise that they will need all of their strength and courage to eep fighting for victoryBut when Tom is injured in an accident that leaves him fighting for his life Maddy realises that despite her best efforts she is still as madly in love with him as ever But will he ever see her as anything but a friend Or will she be destined to live The Rest Of Her rest of her in the shadow of her two glamorous friendsKatie Flynn is a wonderfully gifted writer who effortlessly transports her readers back to the past with her latest mesmerizing saga A Summer Promise Full of richly drawn characters that leap off the pages beautifully evocative descriptions of life in wartime England touching romance heart warming pathos and nail biting drama A Summer Promise is a triumphan. Just five and it’s a constant struggle to stay out of the workhouse However though life is hard Maddy has her friends Alice Marigold and Tom to help her Together the four spend their summers exploring the Dales and making plans for the future Until war breaks out and ever. ,

A poignant compelling and engrossing Second World War Tale A World War tale A Promise is the enthralling new novel from one of the UK s best loved saga writers Katie FlynnAfter losing her parents in a tragic car accident little Maddy Hebditch had been sent off "To Yorkshire To Live With Her Only Living Relative Her " Yorkshire to live with her only living relative her and cantankerous grandmother at Larkspur Farm Life with her grandmother is anything but easy and the daily grind at the farm back breaking and tough but when things get too hard for her she escapes into the pages of her favourite books or goes to play with her good friend Alice who lives up at Windhover Hall Maddy s passion for schooling soon gets her a place at one of the county s top schools Having grown used to having Maddy doing most of the work at the farm her grandmother is initially reluctant to send her off to school but she is finally persuaded to give her granddaughter an education and a much needed new lease of life At school Maddy is able to indulge her love for learning and to make friends with other people her own age like impish Marigold who like Alice seems to have set her sights on the boy she has loved from the very first moment she had clapped eyes on him Tom BrowningBut with the gathering clouds of war fast approaching it looks like unreuited love will soon be the least of Maddy s worries Determined to do her duty for ing and country Maddy decides to join the ATS to do her bit for the war effort Although at the back of her mind she is still worrying about her grandmother and her From the bestselling author Katie Flynn Growing up in the Yorkshire Dales Maddy Hebditch can't imagine the changes that war will bring when she joins the ATS1938 Maddy Hebditch has been living in poverty with her cantankerous grandmother since she was orphaned when she was.

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