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Doves with the the blue and grey bars changed to shades of brown it appears From the pictures ou couldn t mistake one for the otherWe so often think of our birds the ones we see but forget that the birds who disappear during winter do not dig homes in river mud but have a second home in some other country and conservation has to involve those second homes as well Burkino Faso and the European turtledove When reading Steve Burrows A Pitying of Doves A Birder Murder Mystery I became convinced he was using writer s software like Scrivener or Dramatica Pro What drilled it home to me that somewhere in this creation an artificial intelligence was prompting some of the narrative was the repetitive nature of some of the character development Danny Maik the closest thing to a partner our lead detective Domenic JeJeune has likes Motown How do we know because it is referenced over and over and over sometimes incongruously as in when it is brought up at a work meeting I imagine a popup window that jumps into place when Maik s name comes up in a new chapter with a reminder to deepen the character by mentioning his love of Motown Did we mention he loves Motown How about some Stevie Wonder lyrics Frankly it drove me nutsOther character dev A Birder Murder Mystery 2This neatly constructed series is uite original intertwining drove me nutsOther character dev A Birder Murder Mystery 2This neatly constructed series is uite original intertwining with the classic whodunit and doing so in an entertaining way This second book is a smart and absorbing read With some series Hummer you need to read the novel I found A Pitying of Doves the second in the DCI Domenic Jejeune series much of a satisfying read than the first book A Siege of Bitterns Thankou Steve Burrows The character development was thoroughly enjoyable The relationships between Jejeune and his Sergeant Danny Maik along with his superior DCS Shepherd and subordinates Lauren Stanley and Tony Holland were fleshed out The plot involving a bird sanctuary deaths and stolen turtledoves is complex with many side characters such as a Mexican diplomat whose personal agendas clashedWe even saw some struggles between Jejeune and his journalist partner Lindy Hey and began to learn some of Jejeune s back storyHowever I again found the angst that Jejeune has between his profession and what might have become a research career in ornithology was dwelt upon too often and by too many people second book in the too many people Second book in the murder mystery series and I have enjoyed both of them a great deal This second installment feels solid now that the stage is set and the main characters have been introduced I like the main character Domenic Jejeune despite the fact that he is difficult to get to know maybe even because he is elusiveThis is another muddy mystery uite literally as a van has to be hauled out of a marsh The landscape of Norfolk is very much a character in these books and I m glad that I have visited there and can picture some of the locations uite clearly This could also be an excuse to go back of course and reacuaint myself with this lovely birdy part of the world for as Jejeune notes birders do like to retrace their steps Of course the case hinges on the doves of the title but in an intelligent way not just a kitschy way Burrows delves into real conservation issues to provide the clues for his detective I was fooled for a little while thinking thoughts about Passenger Pigeons and cloning a red herring which I am pretty sure Burrows intended If he didn t it worked anywayI don t think there s a birder out there who hasn t wondered at some point whether she could turn the hobby into a source of income We all flirt with the idea of how wonderful it would be to escape our current employment treadmill to spend every day in the field Jejeune may be a fabulous detective who can t shut his mind off just because his superior asks him to but he longs for a change in vocation Obviously since there is a third book he hasn t found an escape just et That is also typical field work doesn t pay very well and being a tour leader has its own kind of drudgerySecondary characters are asserting themselves a bit this time around and Jejeune s relationship with Lindy assumes greater importance Is she going to be able to stick with this uiet obsessed man for the long haul Any of us who have dated birder men freuently ask ourselves the same uestion A solid second book recommended for those who enjoy both mysteries and birding. Lptors only seems to be leading him farther from the truth Meanwhile Jejeune is discovering that diplomatic co operation and diplomatic pressure go hand in handWith two careers hanging in the balance the stakes have never been higher for Inspector Jejeune And this time even bringing a killer to justice may not provide the closure he’s looking .

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F Inspector Domenic Jejeune is as absorbing and intelligent as its predecessor Inspector Jejeune originally from Canada now lives in a small coastal town in England He is oddly cursed in his brilliance as a detective he d much prefer to be bird watching However in his brilliance as a detective he d much prefer to be bird watching However earned national recognition on an earlier case he faces a steady demand for his servicesA Pitying of Doves has a multi layered plot It begins with the murder of an odd pair a grad student who runs a small bird sanctuary and a senior attach with the Mexican Consulate This immediately sends the investigation in several directions There s the grad student s untrustworthy PhD adviser the campaign run out of the sanctuary to convince local farmers to set aside land for bird habitat reducing their production and profits the widow and son of the reclusive collector of doves originally from Mexico members of the Mexican Consulate British politicians concerned with avoiding international slights than with uncovering the murderer a small time thief the former superior officer of one of the sergeants on the case who severed time in Afghanistan and the unsteady local woman who insists the sanctuary has stolen birds given to her by her husbandJejeune as always is tight lipped and highly rational There s good reason for any course his investigation takes but that reason is almost always a complete unknown for those who work with him The reader who has slightly information than Jejeune s investigative team still is faced with a multitude of uestions as the book progressesThe novel also offers an interesting secondary plot The grad student had been doing field work in northern Africa studying doves Now that she s been killed the position is open and Jejeune would love nothing than to leave police work for a chance to work as a field biologistIf ou re a fan of mystery novels with rich characterization and complex plots put A Pitying of Doves at the top of our summer reading list In Steve Burrows s A Pitying of Doves the 2nd installment in the Birder Murder Mystery series this interesting caper title would keep ou at the seat and make The Alcohol Experiment you want to find out It all started out for Chief Inspector Domenic JeJeune of the Norfolk Regiment of the RCMP when they received a call about a double murder in a bird sanctuary for doves For Domenic who s a fellow birder as a hobby they came to investigate the scene of the crime in Norfolk They looked for clues in the sanctuary and the identities of the bodies to one Mexican consulate and the fellow college student at a local university If one murder wasn t enough they had two on their lands when it led them to find about the super species of doves and the owner of them Piece by piece Inspector JeJeune would find out why and how they ve gotten there and who wanted to kill them while he tried not to let his birding hobby get the best of him to look for clues The closer they get to the truth the it unravels before him and his team when they get closer to danger with every new lead along the way including one of their own suspects being murdered He would do everything in his power to stop at nothing before his putting his career and his life on the line to have it done This is a top rate police procedural with an interesting angle a Canadian detective bird conservationist transplanted to the Norfolk Coast of England where the theft of 2 turtledoves and a double murder keep this guy very very busy A great read There is internal dialogue in these stories thanou usually get in mysteries You hear from everyone too not just one person and ou have to remain alert when the narrator shifts The characters are good although when the author has to tell ou on every third page how brilliant the detective is one has to wonder I like Domenic Jejeune and think he is very lucky to have two great interests in his life He s also very lucky to have LindyThe stories are written with bird conservation in mind but ou don t have to be a birder to enjoy these portrayals of Norfolk The Norfolk tourist board should pay Mr Burrows a subsidy for the work he is doing because is descriptions make the county almost irresistible to a traveler I searched for Sorocco doves and European turtledoves and discovered that the Sorocco dove is a uite beautiful bird with a fluffy orangey breast uite different from the turtledoves which are somewhat like rock. Irector’s death has opened up a full time research position studying birds hasn’t eluded Jejeune either Could this be the escape from policing that the celebrated detective has been seeking Even if it is Jejeune knows he owes it to the victims to solve the case first But a trail that weaves from embittered aviary owners to suspicious bird scu. A Pitying of Doves Birder Murder Mystery #2

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