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Momma and the Meaning of Life

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Being a psychiatristpsychotherapist myself I really appreciate this book A great feat of story telling while being loyal to the theoretical frame work of therapy and patients confidentiality Touching on existential themes of everyday life the author approaches them with relative ease and make breakthroughs of therapy and interpretation seem very simple contrary to a very harsh reality Yalom s writing of his therapy cases is really addicting to me and uite rewarding He writes in such a clear manner and isn t afraid of pointing his critical vision It was about a year and a half ago when I first walked into the office of a gentle aging psychotherapist seeking his guidance wisdom and general comfort as if it was a grotesue pilgrimageA girl in her early twenties just trying to make sense of the world and the retired healer worked together for a period of ten weeks in the fall picking apart her anxiety and severe epression her confusing Memoir of a Misfit dreams that flit around the room restless even in her sleep Every single session I left cryingeep heavy tears but always always lighter for having let them flow for having let him take part of that weight off of me We Looking for the Toffees didn t agree in everything I for one vehementlyisagree with much of Freudian psychology and the part of its teachings that trace so many unrelated things to sexuality but nevertheless I feel like had it not been for him his unuestioned acceptance and his gentle prodding that then allowed me to feel even just that little bit lighter and start work on my own once he showed me howIt was our next to last session I believe when I first expressed my worry over the end of our short relationship and it was then that he recommended this book to me and it was a mere couple of months ago when I started working my first job as a bookstore employee that I actually found this book Immediately probably even from my first salary I bought a copy that oddly felt significant powerful than most books most likely because of those associations to my healer It took me about a month to muster the courage and start actually reading itLet me just say that this book is as powerful as I felt it was going to be probably not because of the writing itself not necessarily but because as someone who went through the process of therapy herself I recognized a lot of myself and a lot of that my therapist told me in each story Be it the fear o growing up the rejection of mortality or Raising Gods Girl defiance masking aeep insecurity the stories speak of lessons learnt and to be learned in a way much easily The Gulag Handbook digestible and much entertaining thanry medical text and while it stirred many an emotion in me again I can only recommend it to anyone who has an interest in psychology who has gone through therapy themselves or is contemplating seeking a psychologist if not for any real reason then just to feel a little less alone Haiku ReviewSix Yalom storiesEntertain and educateLast one kind of weird Such a good collection of essays about people in psychotherapy coming to terms with loss The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion death relationships mortality Lots of valuable insight by Yalom who s ever present vulnerable thinking even when analysing a cursed cat in an imagined taleedit Packed with wisdom of having lived so many years as aoctor and an excellent teacher in the school of life and full of inspiration I had to restrain myself from tears several times reading this wonderful book It is frankly hard not to give the author five stars I wish there were stars to give him I am enjoying the book and making notes to myself in my journal in Arabic for the benefit of the Arabic speaking people and they should give credit here to #The Excellent Jewish Teacher He #excellent Jewish teacher he that has a heart that encompasses the whole universe I always really enjoy reading Yalom s case studies of therapy they simultaneously teach the therapeutic process whilst also being great stories in themselves As a newly ualified psychotherapist full of self Will in the World doubt I also really appreciate his honesty and sharing of his own anxieties that heoesn t always know what he s June Fourth Elegies doing no two patientsclients are the same and it s a constant learning process This is a varied collection of stories all touching on existential them I explain to my patients that abused children often find it hard toisentangle themselves from their ysfunctional families whereas children grow away from good loving parents with far less conflict After all isn t that the task of a good parent to enable the child to leave home I have a strange relationship with Yalom On one hand I find there s a lot of truth in his stories on the other hand he s kind of a pain to read as I find his writing style fairly tiresome The patients from his anecdotes are often than not extremely unlikable and frustrating people at least to me they are however once I get to the end I almo. 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The point she made on holding eye contact struck a hidden chord in me Really truly with all of my heart I was awestruck that someone I ll never meet could escribe something within me so precisely with one phrase It s like this article conveyed where I fully understood the power of words and their ability to bring about a strange sort of comfort through shared experienceIt was worth saving this insightful revealing painful book to read at the right time though the hours passed all too uickly with this to consume Of course not all the stories were revolutionary but each contained something wholesome and uniuely kind that made for a healing and enriching reading experienceI Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, do have to note though that the last two storiesissatisfied me in comparison to the preceding tales mainly because it wasn t with Yalom as the therapist rather a random and fictional Dr Lash inserted with no prior introduction The only thing that Ask the Past doctor made me realize was the fact that having Irvin D Yalom in our story was a central point in the therapist patient interactions Before the out of nowhere insert of Dr Lash I was under the impression that the patients were the ones that made the story so worthy But after reading Dr Lash s average therapy with his patients it made me appreciate and look at Yalom s approach through new eyes Dr Lash feels like the therapist you meet in real life whereas Irvin D Yalom is the one you want to read about in books the therapist that challenges your thought process and goes out of his way to make sure you re both on the same page It just goes to show that sometimes you got to see the bad to know that the good is underappreciated But it still threw me off that we Riding Class (Saddle Club, didn t receive a warning that the story was fictional until the afterword at the very end A little heads up that we were about to explore the boundary between fiction and nonfiction would ve been much appreciated before I got into the story feeling confused as to who this Ernest Lash was On a positive note the shortest tale talking to his mother s ghost in hisream and the longest tale Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, describing Irene s raw grief and laments is where I feel this collection really flourishes I got answers to a uestions Iidn t even know I had It s what I hoped Yalom s writing would evoke out of me as it Different Class did in his previous collection He has my everlasting admiration in the Nonfiction areaLastly the central theme ofisentangling reams and trying to make sense of them through analyzing every corner was an added bonus for me Note I m an Affiliate If you re interested in buying Momma and the Meaning of Life just click on the image below to go through my link I ll make a small commission Support creators you love Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with Ko ficombookspoils This is my favourite book by Dr Irv Yalom He is a wonderful writer and teller of stories but there are many books I enjoy for those reasons what istinguishes this author I enjoy reading Dr Yalom because of the philosophical elements he wraps around the real life stories of his patients He makes their problems #Not Only Easily Understandable But #only easily understandable but sympathise you identify with their angstEach chapter is a story of therapy that begins with his identification with his patient as being all of us in it together and ends with the solving of an existential problem and an easing if not a cure of the problem that led the person to Yalom in the first place He Goldilocks the Three Bears doesn t promise cures his role is to help the person see clearly their problem and how they can move forward from it He listens and brings himself and his life to his patients and his booksOne of the reasons I like Yalom so much is that he makes sense He addresses issues that we all will have to confront in our lives As an existentialist heoesn t hark back to the ark meanderings #OF FREUD OR THE ARCHETYPES OF JUNG HE DEALS #Freud or the archetypes of Jung He eals the here and now the as we are Contrasting with him is another modern therapist Dr M Scott Peck another story telling author but one who analyses people and their problems from a spiritual point of view specifically from a strongly Christian viewpoint He firmly believes in the existence of evil and the Socialist Realism devil His last bookealt with an exorcism he performed which has to be uniue among practising psychiatrists I believe that from a viewpoint in the I Look Up To... Michelle Obama distant future we will probably look back on today s religions as uaint and interesting myths and folklore much as weo the various Egyptian Roman and Greek cults but the existential problems will still be with us in the same ways as they are today Birth Doctor Extraño death love children friendship hatredisease and lack of resources will always be sources of problems The insights gained from reading Yalom s talk solutions to his patients problems are eually timeless and universal and that s why I like reading his books so much. 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St always feel glad I had the patience to follow through The stories stay with me for a good while after reading them I randomly find myself thinking about the characters and their situations Recently I ve been thinking a lot about Yalom s titular story in Love s Executioner particularly this one line I keep circling back to Perhaps the function of the obsession was simply to provide intimacy it bonded her to another but not to a real person to a fantasy So wanting to bask again in the author s wisdom I took the plunge and started Momma and the Meaning of Life In six enthralling storiesrawn from his own clinical experience Irvin D Yalom once again proves himself an intrepid explorer of the human psyche as he guides his patients and himself toward transformation With elouent Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, detail and sharp eyed observation Yalom introduces us to a memorable cast of characters Drifting through hisreams and trampling through his thoughts are Paula Yalom s courtesan of Hunters Heart death Myrna whose eavesdropping gives new meaning to patient confidentiality Magnolia into whose ample lap Yalom longs to pour his own sorrows even as he strives to ease hers and Momma ill tempered overpowering and suffocating her son with both love andisapprovalI knew I Menneskefluene (K2 d picked the right time to read this when it opened up with the titular story Momma and the Meaning of Life recounting aream of Irvin Yalom Nazi Gold discussing with his late mother Exploringreams and the message behind them is my Achilles heel What took my breath away was their earnest conversation about motherhood by making him understand that his mother is human and him not seeing her as such by upholding too many unrealistic expectations is hurting both of them The way I what Go ahead You started say it I know what you re going to say What am I going to say No Oyvin you say it If I tell you you ll change it It s the way you Mr Majeika and the School Inspector don t listen to me The way you talk about things youon t know anything about Listen to you I Selected Poems don t listen to you Tell me Oyvin you listen to me Do you know about me You re right Momma Neither of us has been good at listening to the other Not me Oyvin I listened good I listened to the silence every night when I came home from the store and youon t bother to come upstairs from your study room You on t even say hello You on t ask me if I had a hard Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 day How could I listen when youidn t talk to me Oh what last lines She knows how to hold her argument the final comment completely shifted my perspectiveAnd as I continued my reading of the tales in this collection I came to realize that his grief for his mother lies at the heart of the following stories The strong willed women that followed all with a formidable presence left a lasting impact on meI took many notes of the conversations shared throughout my reading because it not only made me think and try to understand my own life but certain phrases were too important to me to be entrusted to memory I think these stories are so readable and therapeutic to me because as Yalom put it Perhaps they had benefited from spectator therapy watching someone else work effectively in therapy often primes a patient for good therapeutic work in the future As well as this line that captures it all Most of all I had shown them that there is no such thing as a boring or empty patient or group Within every patient and within every clinical situation lies "the chrysalis of a rich human rama The art of psychotherapy lies in activating that rama Each story featuring a "chrysalis of a rich human The Train Robbers drama The art of psychotherapy lies in activating thatrama Each story featuring a and multifaceted woman that reverberates off the page had something show stopping to say From Paula s grandiose faith through her terminal illness in Travels with Paula I remember once telling you that a compromise cannot exist alone it breeds and before long you have lost what you most No Reason To Die dearly believe to Irene s grief stricken state of loss and rage where I took to heart hereeply specific point about connecting with people I felt a little off kilter in the best of ways when I read it When I started seeing you I was not going to take the risk of losing someone important to me again I couldn t go through that So I had only two choices As she so often Naked Risk (Shatterproof did Irene stopped as though I should be able toivine the rest of her statement Although I idn t want to prompt her it was best for now #to keep the flow going And those two choices were Well not to let you matter to me but #keep the flow going And those two choices were Well not to let you matter to me but was impossible Or not to see you as a real person with a narrative A narrative Yes a life narrative proceeding from a beginning to an end I want to keep you outside of time Today as usual you walked into my office and straight to your chair without looking at me You always avoid my eyes That what you mean by outside of time She nodded Looking at you would make you too real And real people have to ie Now you ve got it My head reeled. 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